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  • Well, at least __________ didn't happen.
  • Something good BETTER come of this!
  • I expect there to be a reward coming of this!
  • Well, at least it wasn't a __________.
  • I am grateful that it was not a ______________.
  • Better than ___________ (happening).
  • At least it's better than ____________.

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Ah, will definitely work on that.

No, if u compare these things to what could habe neen worse, you are INVITING them. Say maybe instead, next time wouldn't ut be nice if... happens instead. Those are the doors u want to crack open to allow.

Yeah, but I would be saying it out of lack.

Jesse, stand back and look at your above comments. You are visualizing how things could have been worse and feeling kind of lucky they were not. This is still a negative perception of the events. Can you identify a situation that happened where you felt really bad, but now think of it again. Think of it as if it happened to someone else. Can you see anything positive in that situation? Even if it's a small seemingly insignificant thing?

Some people are saying some of those statements may conjure negative thoughts, but the *only* important thing here is which statements provide relief for you. If those statements, in a certain context, provide emotional relief for you, then clearly it's a good step.

and yes, sometimes negative statements do provide relief.

Astro, what is relief? If the comment makes you feel a little better, is a little better good or is it a little less bad? I'm just saying grab the bull by the horns and turn it around. We have the ability to greatly improve our lives, we should not settle. LOA,  we attract the same energy we put out..Put out strong positive energy when ever possible.

Just to add a little more to the explanation. I'm not saying any other approaches are wrong, I just have this extreme passion to act when I feel the passion. For many years I set back and waited for the good to come to me and I did get some good things but it was just OK. After reading the Secret, I tried adding manifestation to my meditation. I then learned to reach out when I was inspired. The more I did, the more energy I got back. It's wasn't work, it wasn't drudgery, it was like a self charging battery. The more I did, the more I wanted to do and the more ideas just kept flowing into my brain.

This is my way and I do push it in hopes others can feel this passion too.

Relief is an improvement of your vibrational standpoint. I sound like Abe fanboy, but they do talk about this a lot, and it does have merit. Its utility stems from the fact that making a giant vibrational or emotional leap from a negative state to a happy state is difficult, while making one incrementally is easier. So, for example, it could involve making negative statements that make you feel better, then gradually easing into positive statements.  But if you can confidently focus on your passion, or positivity, then by all means can skip the 'training wheels' :D

Astro, I do agree many times "Small steps" are easier for some. After many years of doing this and gaining confidence in the process, the "Small steps" are just to slow. It's like building up your muscles. At first you carry 25 pound blocks one at a time. After you have exercised for a while, you realize you can carry 4 blocks at the same time and do the task in one quarter of the time. You look back and ask yourself, why did I waste so much time before?

Yes Rogare i agree!!

Pretty good idea. It makes you realise that although your current situation isn't good, it could be a whole lot worse, and it makes you realise that the present isn't as bad as you think it is. Best not to dwell on this though. Get off the subject of how worse it could be, quickly, before you start drawing that into your life. Realise that you have created the present reality, then give thanks for the ideal solution. Affirm that IT'S ALL TURNING OUT IN A GLORIOUS WAY. 



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