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Has anyone here used the Law of Attraction to feel at least 10 years younger or more? Since I'm 28 years old and I want to LOOK and FEEL 18 again. I want to attract people around 18-22 year age range to hang out with, be friends with, socialize and have a social life.

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They are full of anti-oxidants, so they will help with skin muscles and toning, complexion and pigmentation. The Vitamins in them will also help your metabolism, fat burning and will help your internal organs to work well, avoiding the sickness which can be a feature of old age.

Yes I know a lot about health as I mentioned above I use to research all the time but since discovering LOA I thought everything including your weight and skin were created by your beliefs which is why I never bothered reading them anymore. I am going to start making smoothies and make use of that smoothie maker I have haha :P

While it is true that beliefs determine experience, it is equally true that experience determines beliefs, because beliefs cannot exist "IN A VACUMN"! It is also important to be able to discriminate between limiting beliefs and EMPOWERING beliefs. Believing that drinking water and eating fruits and veggies with anti-oxidants will help you stay younger is an empowering belief, because it is something that easy for virtually everyone to do. It also is something that brings positive changes if you believe it.

Thanks Garth ... :)

I agree 100% with Sir Neil.

Yes, I would like to know more too.  I have been told I look that age I want to stay forever. I think if you feel younger you look younger.  Would like to know more too :D

I am 30 years young ♥  I look and feel 30 years young♥

I've never done this before, but I imagine it would be fun! If I were going to do this, I would probably start out by making a list of memories that I have of myself doing when I was that age. Then I would probably visualize myself at that age doing the things I used to do, with the people I used to hang around. And then when I Was finished with that, I Would probably try to stay in that same mentality and be that way in real life. I imagine you would start to feel younger over time and then even maybe look younger eventually!

I'd (I know this might sound silly but)... a couple of times both me and my ex hubby literally forgot our ages and one time I said something and he said something like "Oh, you reminded me my real age, sometimes I forget and think I'm younger" and I had that a few times too I'd think "I'm X years old...oh wait hang on I'm actually Y."

I would absolutely LOVE to have that again i would love to somehow convince my brain I'm 10 years or yes 18 years younger than my biological age.

Also, I'd love to know as the kitchen is often hogged by the others...all the yummy ways to eat fruit and vegetables that dont' involve long cooking times...thanks!

I have this subliminal by Eldon Taylor which is called Wealth, Health and Fountain of Youth, and affirmations about youth are kind of funny -like "I remember my youth". Why would I want to do that, what does that have to do with me wanting to feel youthfully energetic? I feel so much better now, that I know, how to create my joy deliberately, and I love myself so much more. While I would like to be able to eat anything like before (and not to have digestion problems), I would never trade my life now with that in my teens or twenties. I want energy and health, but not other parts of those times, and not even looks as I appreciate changes and process of life. Our culture worships youth, but every age is amazing and rich in its own way.

 That cd inspired me to make my own subliminals. :)

Hey, I'm 26 years old n people who met me for the first time, they thought that I was 15,16,18,19,21, and 24. So at least there was still someone who thought I was 15 which meant I looked 11 years younger. I look younger than my real age. Even when I hang out with my younger friends n I'm the oldest, my friend told me that I looked the youngest. I also look innocent as well. Almost all my exes were younger than me but they looked older physically than me n more mature. I don't know why this happens but as I remember, when I was kid, I was very spoiled with my grandmom bcause she really loved me. So I realized that being a kid was very fun than being adult bcause if had been kid, I could have been just spoiled to my grandmom. N it was good being kid bcause no burden like adults. So I thought that I didn't want to grow up on that time. So may be that's why I look much younger than my real age.

Sometimes I look my age and sometimes I look younger and even sound younger. 

But, in online dating you have to put your age - I hate that and I hate when speed dating things have restrictions though I'm glad I got to try out one with no restrictions just to see what it was like! - and also there is one woman at work who now for the SECOND time has referred to my age, point being when someone ELSE refers to current age, (and I guess this sort of applies to anything you are wanting to manifest, really) what's the best way to handle it? 


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