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If I remove my attention from the things I want, I end up feeling negative. If I focus on the things I want, I end up feeling negative. Whatever I try to do to have better feeling thoughts, I just end up feeling negative. I may feel good for 3 days after getting back up, but then I will start feeling unconciously hopeless and it just doesn't feel easy. What if I just decide to re emerge into non physical to finally feel all the good I've been trying to reach for? I'm tired of playing this game. The only time I feel good is when I meditate and I can't sit in my bed for 12+ hours meditating.

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Yes, it's a habit. Today something clicked, and I told myself if this body is all I have in the now I will embrace it without fear, and sure, I dropped some fears of catching glimpses of myself and instead I went "I like the way I look" but not justified on what I actually see, I dont know how to explain it. This gave me peace, but still, I have no need of looking in the mirror every time. As one of Brian Freedman's post says, it's not the action but the feeling, so there's no established abc method to manifest, but making peace with what I have now sure makes me feel better. Thank you for that.

I've read several success stories of people altering their appearance by not focusing on their current one and ignoring the mirror, but I'm sure they were at peace even if they did.

Have you heard of Carol Hansen Grey.  She has a wonderful process she teaches called Lighten up.  I’d recommend googling it.  She basically has you do two things.  One time you look in a mirror and your naked and you look at each part of your body and verbally thank it and acknowledge it for what it does for you.  The second part you loving strong each part of your body (2nd part is done on a daily basis) but you again acknowledge nad praise your body.  It took me ages to do Part 1 and it was soo amazing the transformation I felt when I finally got round to doing it.  Subconscious sometimes just needs to hear the words of praise and love (even if you don’t believe it verbalizing it is so powerful). 

Now I’m also not talking about obsessing over looking in the mirror but simply being able to look in the mirror and be at peace with your amazing body.  Its not about doing non stop mirror talk (and Louise Hay has a wonderful book on mirror talk with some beautiful meditations).  I have had some amazing experiences with my body since I stopped judging it and really thanked it and acknowledge it for the wonderful and beautiful creation that it is and I have also changed appearance countless times.  Sometimes I can appear tall and slim and othertimes short and fat.  The thing is I’m not attached to any particular way of looking so my body frequently shifts into whatever form is needed. 

Super interesting! Thanks for sharing! I feel very peaceful today, I stumbled upon a topic called the feeling method by someone on the appearance group, and they basically recommend to feel everything without supressing it, and then moving on. I realized, thoughts can be ignored but feelings must be acknowledged. So if I feel bad about anything, I will let the thought go and sit with the emotion and cherish it.

You mentioned you were a model! I feel curiosity about this, since it's my absolute desire to be extremely photogenic and do some modeling for nice brands, just thinking about it makes me feel full of life!!!!! I want to fel that thrill of seeing my body somewhere and thinking holy shitt I look like a snack! :D Sorry not sorry but my soul wants it!!

I want to add, I'm talking sexy beefy model not haute couture :D

Yes I was a model, but even “model” can mean a variety of different things.  I had pictures in catalogues, but did more runway than anything else (it was my passion moreso than catalogue shoots).  Now being photogenic is interesting.  Some of my pals who were the most draw dropping photogenic people in pictures didn’t look like that in real life.  Somehow the camera transformed them.  So it may be a gift you already have LOL.  Also I noticed that some of the most beautiful women I know, don’t even feel beautiful (it’s a strange paradox) despite everyone around them telling them how stunning and gorgeous they are.  Now with brands, it’s a short lived life – very few models remain to one brand nowadays for longer than 6-12 months (at a time).  They get replaced regularly – so that’s important to recognize first off as it means that it may not be what you think it will.  Also photoshoots are not as glamourous as they look.  Sometimes you have to wait around and have hair, makeup done, and the shoot is rushed (depending on the experience of the photographer).  I’ve done some shoots in 10-15 minutes which felt rushed which produced a catalogue photo and others where we did hours on a beach in heat with thousands of photos taken and it wasn’t till the last hour that one catalogue worthy one was produced.  Besides nowadays everything is photoshoped (to speed things up). 

Hahaha exactly what i said with that quote above, laughter may really be the key.

As She I believe, would say. You are here to experience and you absolutely wanted to be here!

@Magical Love

To be honest I'm not into fashion but I'd love some concept photography, or simpy poses in underwear or shirtless, or in basic clothing (Btw I'm a male) Or if modelling for brands isn't what I'm looking for then I want the freedom and excitement of having local photographers use me for their projects :D

By the way, since Monday I've been telling myself "I like how I look" when I catch glimpses of myself and I feel much more peace.

Not everyone is (into fashion) even modelling wise.  Concept photography well that’s quite artistic and creative.  It’s a goal at least.  Like I say, modelling for bands isn’t all its cracked up to be.  It may be worthwhile actually reaching out to local photographers and seeing if there are any opportunities for you (never hurts to ask and it’s a step towards your goal!). 

Cool re “I like how I look”.  Its so amazing.  Sometimes verbally acknowledging ourselves with such statements really can create some amazing changes.  Louise Hay used to get people to verbally tell themselves that they loved themselves, they really loved them.  It sounds like a strange concept, and its not easy to be able to say that to yourself verbally sometimes (often a sign that we need to do it) but it can be life changing!

I want to remind myself of not jumping into action out of desperation, comparing myself to others or listening to their criticism. Yes, I want my clothes to fit great, and have fun choosing my clothes, amd having that V slender and ripped shape, but I'm convinced that jumping into action as I did 2 years ago is not the way. And even if I did the best of workouts to manifest the ideal body shape, I would still be saying "I want a longer neck, longer legs, etc etc" just as I was saying back when I worked out, so my work will be internal and not patching my insecurities :)


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