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If I remove my attention from the things I want, I end up feeling negative. If I focus on the things I want, I end up feeling negative. Whatever I try to do to have better feeling thoughts, I just end up feeling negative. I may feel good for 3 days after getting back up, but then I will start feeling unconciously hopeless and it just doesn't feel easy. What if I just decide to re emerge into non physical to finally feel all the good I've been trying to reach for? I'm tired of playing this game. The only time I feel good is when I meditate and I can't sit in my bed for 12+ hours meditating.

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Well rather than focus on the things you "want" why not instead practice focusing on the things you are grateful for.  You see the issue with focusing on what you "want" is usually we actually focus on the lack of it rather than the having of it or the being of it and so we end up feeling worse.  The trouble with this is its kind of catch 22 in that we try to surpress the negative and end up feeling more negative (and our focus is actually on the negative) and volia we get more negativity.  

Now returning to the non physical may not actually solve your issues but magnify them in a way for you to deal with.  At least being in body here and now you can create some wonderful changes and enjoy physicality (and you were probably waiting a long time to get into physical body - do you really want to waste this opportunity?

For me, gratitude is the place I often try to go to as often as possible, because its a way of refocusing and then often times when I practice gratitude the things I desire start showing up magically (and often in ways I couldn't even have imagined).  Great re your meditation and how fantastic that you feel good when you do this, but meditation doesn't have to only be when you are sitting in bed, the whole of life can be a wonderful meditation if you are willing to just observe things without judgment and doubt etc (easier said than done I know!) but its highly possible for you and anyone.  

Don't give up yet, change is probably right around the corner.  When I often want to throw in the towel is usually when I'm on the cusp of creating some fantastic changes and they follow shortly thereafter.  

Hi, thank you so much for your kind reply. I've been doing much better these past 2 weeks. The truth is, feeling good about anything or appreciating something is feeling good relative to everything, it's quite a catch! As abraham said, choose the disc not the subject. 

I now meditate 2 times a day instead of just one and WOW, I'm much more aware and optimistic throughout the day. I've been having a lot of synchronicities and I've been soothing myself. I no longer get angry at things that usually triggered me. I'll remind myself to be patient and enjoy anything at reach, I may not see the manifestations yet but they are a sure thing and I can always find any way to translate those vibrations even if it's something unrelated! Fun fun fun present present present UNFOLDING

Thanks for always replying to my topics 

No problem, and I'm glad you are feeling better.  Many people mistakeningly believe LOA is all about sticking a plaster over the wound and pretending the experience isn't happening, but thats far from true.  Reaching (as Abe says) for a higher feeling thought is always possible, but sometimes we can have a good time enjoying the drama and being angry (and sometimes anger isn't necessarily bad - it can catapult us into action sometimes too).

I am glad that you are seeing changes GW! :)

The other day I forgot to mention one thing. So I was getting good at this awareness and choosing positive thoughts thing and had a lot of success, some subtle some huge.

But I traced the origin of these thoughts and it was directly or indirectly coming from one area of my life and simply ignoring negative thoughts didn’t eliminate the source of those thoughts . 

Someone had already posted this topic on this forum : I had made some very wrong decisions in that area of life, from a place of fear and lack and desperation and these thoughts were simply signaling the pain I was going through. It wasn’t until I stopped proceeding on that path and made a fresh start making decisions with love and abundance and faith that they started to disappear . I will never again try to escape or resist the communication from my higher self. 

Dear GeeFyWeefy, you're doing amazing!! Here are just a few quotes that i can help ya to stay in alignment:


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I want some some guidance. I really don't know what to do when other people comment on my physicality. I can be feeling great about everything, but then I'll have someone comment on my body unbothered and my mind will just become foggy and I will feel sort of discouraged about my NOW. Everywhere I go it's insecure people criticizing everyone, diet, "why are you eating that?" And I'll just go thinking... "wait until my desired physical body manifests... you'll be nowhere near the beauty of it and you'll notice I don't even care about what I eat or what you look like" but it will take me a few hours to get back up or until I meditate. Sometimes it's not even about fitness, but rather stuff I could not "change"... "your lips are too thin" "your eyes look sleepy" "your waist has become squared" "Your cheeks are bigger"  I reeeally really hate when people comment about my body! I'm not even actively criticizing it! I avoid looking in the mirror as well and I never ever ever criticize anyone.

There could be a few ways to handle this. Ask yourself what you want. Does this physical version of you bother YOU? If it doesn’t then be bold yet nice and tell them they need to mind their own business. But if you want something different then start focusing on what you want with the excitement of having it. Don’t focus on the change or the process but the final result only.

Do it for yourself. Do everything for your joy . Take a look at your attitude towards yourself and your life. Are you chasing down your dreams everyday ? Do you genuinely appreciate and admire yourself ( not just your appearance ) and your life ? Or are you just floating in this experience and reacting to situations. Most of the times physical issues ( even the emotional ones) arise out of accumulation of disallowance of our highest joy.

Is it possible for you to avoid these people? If not , may be you can intend for them to appreciate and support you or to meet new people who do so. Also you can start genuinely appreciating them and verbally complimenting them. People automatically start liking people who compliment them. You cannot criticize someone when they are complimenting you. 

Also pay attention to any impulses that you get. If you feel inspired to take up a new workout or modify your diet then go for it. Working out and healthy eating isn’t such a pain until you assume it to be. I can’t explain this better but to put it simply- when you feel inspired to take an action it will be executed so smoothly that it won’t feel like work at all. No, action doesn’t create things but it is a very effective tool to focus your attention. When the universe provides you the least resistant path you just go for it. 

The other thing I would modify is what you think about your NOW. You could say that you are now on your way to your desired physical version. What you are referring to your now is actually your past. You see the difference?

There is something I learnt from watching reality transurfing videos . The author recommends visualizing and feeling the process of you reaching your goal. In your case you could start focusing on the feeling of becoming a little lighter and healthier and prettier ( or whatever you desire ) daily. It seems logical to me that people lose a little weight daily until they reach their final goal. It’s like affirming that I am on my way and I can already see the proof of my progress. Do this if it feels good to you. This can be a good vibrational bridge to your final destination. 

The other suggestion would be to feel your emotions fully without actively thinking about it much. We tend to avoid ‘negative’ emotions . But feeling them fully might actually make you feel better by releasing patterns. Perhaps you might move from being hateful to angry to revengeful and so on. Eventually it will allow you to allow the vibration of your desire. We cannot make LOA work but we have to let it work . 

Until then keep yourself motivated with success stories . There are amazing transformational videos on YouTube or stories on secret.tv

i was going to write the same things! lol! so i'll just add 2 quotes:

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Risultati immagini per people are like butterflies they don't know how beautiful

It doesn't bother me as such, but contrast has inspired huge desire to change almost everything, not because I want to escape this body, but because I simply like what I have desired. I'd love these features and this body etc etc.

Regarding the impulses, oh I've been getting a few these last few days. I feel like cleaning up my room, doing the dishes more often, you know, stuff I'd usually be lazy about doing. And it doesn't feel like work at all, I feel naturally motivated to do it which is awesome.

Now, I told myself I'd be open to a change in my diet if I got the impulse, or even exercise. But for food, I eat exactly the same, except now I enjoy everything. The truth is I enjoy fried chicken and cake as much as I enjoy a super green salad and a spinach beverage. See, I like eeeverything and it is not my desire to have a specific diet or avoid foods, my desire is to get the energy and nutrients from whatever I am given or feel the impulse to eat. I don't worry about carb fat or protein percentages. And I feel good eating this way. So what changed with food is: 1. I stop eating the moment I am satisfied, why would I stuff myself just to finish the meal? I never realized that before. 2. Whatever I am served at home I enjoy. (Again, before I would just listen to percentages and carry on eating a bit worried) 3. I listen to my impulses when I buy food, and if my impulse says "junk food" then junk food it is, but to me it is not junk, it's delicious food my body is asking for! 

Now with exercise, I haven't gotten a single impulse for that. I used to hit the gym about 2 years ago and had some good results, I went from skinny to more ripped and with a superb ass (granted my ass was a conversation everywhere I went) compliments flooded from everywhere. Still, I wasn't satisfied with how I looked (far from it) and exercise stopped being fun after a while, I jumped into action without being aligned, I went for it "anyway" as abraham would say, which is NOT the way. My last time at the gym was around April of last year, and granted, I've lost a lot of that progress but who cares. During those last months of gym I decided to become even more dedicated I changed up my diet drastically to the point I was financially "tight" and voilà, unwanted fat started going away and I started packing even more muscle. But I was the unhappiest, most miserable, insecure person, I didn't even have time for other stuff and I haaated what I ate!!! That's when I turned to LoA again and stopped everything.

I believe 100000% my body can naturally produce the perfect muscles and fat percentage on its own, but still I said I would be open to exercise if that's what I felt inspired to, the universe knows what's up and I aint messing with that. On top of believing my body can change on its own, I desire to discover a perfect outdoor exercise I enjoy, but not to manifest my desired body, but because I love the activity and relaxation of it. I still don't know what it is but I'm sure I will get the impulse (I desire something that makes me jump and flip and be super agile) 

So no impulse in regards to exercise yet (or my dream outdoor activity) BUUT, I feel a loottt lott of twitching and throbs and such in every muscle, literally. Calves, lats, traps, biceps, triceps, abs, waist, ass, legs, you name it, and ONLY when I am aligned, so the path to my ideal body is really just alignment with no action. 

Okay there are a few things that jump out.  Firstly when you say “other people” the only reason their comments are so disabling to you is because deep down you believe what they say is true.  So the first place to start really is with looking at the beliefs you have about yourself.  You see when ever anyone criticises anyone or anything, they actually disempower themselves in the process. 

Now the other thing, is that it is so important to “have fun”.  Seriously laughter is by far the best and easiest way of raising our vibrations.  Now you are very creative, I’ve seen your writings.  How couldyou have fun with responding to comments like that.  Lets play with a few witty responses you could use:

"why are you eating that?"  - because I read somewhere that eating your favourite foods makes life better on every level and that only those of limited intelligence don’t eat it.  Or “Because I love it” or “Because I’m an empowered woman and I love doing what pleases me.”

"your lips are too thin"  “Thank you so much for noticing and telling me, I feel so great now NOT”.  “who cares”, “why are my lips so important and significant in your life?”, “thanks your nose is too big, you have several double chins, you are so obsessed with looks and beauty fades but dumb is forever”

"your eyes look sleepy" – thank you its because I was up all night making love with my partner, well its all the studying I’m doing, well its because of the charity work I’m involved with, oh it’s the neighbour watch scheme I’m involved in, oh its because I am having difficulty with all the personal criticisms I have lately been receiving.

 "your waist has become squared" – no its actually octagon, thank you that’s just the look I was intending, do you really think so – I have been working on that for the last 6 months – I’m so happy you noticed!

"Your cheeks are bigger"  thanks its due to the exercises I have been doing (you can even mention facial exercises LOL).  Do you want me to send you a link to some free ones. 

Now you say you never look in the mirror and criticize anyone.  Well not looking in the mirror is not praising or acknowledging your body which is why this is so painful when someone makes a comment.  So that’s one thing I would encourage you to do.  Praise yourself and your body OUTLOUD.  Seriously our bodies love (and need) gratitude.  They do such an amazing range of jobs each and every second – and yet we often criticize them.  Not looking in the mirror is a way of not acknowledging your amazing and beautiful body.  Sure it doesn’t look like you desire it (yet) but its on the way and by acknowledging and showing it gratitude you may find it speeds up to that goal.


Thanks for your reply again. I don't look in the mirror because my tendency is to focus on what I dislike, so when I go "avoiding" its approval, my vibration raises and I forget it even bothered me in the first place and enjoy other things. Abraham would say to stop doing anything that makes us uncomfortable, so I think this is key. (Plus, in one of her videos she says you can't use a body that you've been mad at for a long time as your excuse to be happy) This doesn't mean feeling bad if I accidentally catch glimpses of myself or avoid pictures of me, it just means not searching for approval in mirrors, which is the reason I look in it after all. But ugh, you're so right, playfulness and not taking things so seriously is key! I guess why other's comments bother me is because they catch me off guard after me not even thinking about my body for a while.

I think I'm on a good way because I've been in this high frequency a lot these days and I can literally feel many parts of my body changing throughout the day, but I need to be more playful with what people say. It will be a matter of time before they say "Oh, so you had work done now" hahaha. Granted, I'm not changing to please anybody, but myself, still I know I need to be at peace with where I am.

When I feel good about other stuff and don't make my body my focus, I start feeling good about everything, including my body, and naturally, the momentum will bring me good feeling thoughts about my body. It's quite a paradox, sorta. 

Sure, the tendency to focus on what you dislike is a habit (sorry but that’s all it is).  So the suggestion was more about untraining that habit from being an unconscious reaction (which is a possibility).  Now your approval is the only thing that you can and should worry about.  So acknowledging your body and thanking it is an easy way of doing this. 

For example, and using my own experience here, if someone says an unkind comment about my body – it doesn’t bother me at all because deep down I know its untrue.  I was a former model for over 20 years and that is a meat market industry for sure, but I also had rejection fears for ages.  Turning up at auditions for work and then getting rejected really set my former self esteem back for a long time, but I did get over it (it took work and effort though). 

Likewise if they do say “Oh, so you have work done” you can equally play with that too.  Absolutely and it has made me feel soo incredible.  Or it was because of what you said previously, it got me so down and depressed.  Etc etc having fun can be a great way of transforming criticisim. 


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