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I am asking from the Unverse to be a quadrillionaire or something better, and I don't care how it happens.

I think I just found motivation to start manifesting for specifics again, only this time I do not care how it happens and if something better comes.

I have a strong desire to be a quadrllionaire, just because  it makes me feel happy, joyful, abundant, unlimited, and productive. But I don't care if I become a pentillionaire, a sextillionaire, whatever. I just desire to be really really really rich. And I don't care how it comes, all I know is that it has to feel good.

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Unless you're talking about a country with hyper inflation - and I know you're not, that's not possible. The world's total supply of money is not even 1% of that...

I suggest you aim smaller...a lot smaller, but also realistically. 1k, 10k, 100k, etc Build up to it.

However if you want to be rich or very rich then just study the rich. See what they do, what they study, what they invest in, what their passions, beliefs etc are. 

Yo Astro! in my personal opinion there is no need to build up to anything, aim is just an aim wether its higher or lower ,  it really doesn't matter , in the end it is all the same. Wanting a lolly pop and wanting a car, in its core, is the same ''wanting''. If you have a set of opinions that states you need to build up to being rich, start small , involve that whole process of small steps to big steps, its cool , its a way of getting there, however i believe there is a lot simpler and a bit faster way. Going from A to B does not need to be complicated or require a long process at all. It can be as simple as .. .....going from A to B. What you consider realistic number , doesn't have to be a rule , people have gone from nothing to being a millionaire, trillionare and so on like winning the lottery for example.  

There is always more than one way to do something, we just need to open up to such possibility and have an opinion that anything can happen!! 

I do agree that studying behaviours and thought patterns of rich people can be a good way to becoming one of them, this is also a way to get you there.

Much Aloha 


The moment you truly believe you are rich or you can be rich, you will be. If you are not rich yet than determine which set of beliefs, opinions within you need to be changed in order for you to believe you can become rich. Also a small suggestion... i would start from learning to believe in your own power in ,,makings things happen'' for you rather than giving the authority to , what you call, '' the ,,universe'', this is taking the power away from yourself. 

Having a strong desire and actually believing it can be so, are two slightly different  things:) connect them , and you shall be rich !! You want  magic, you have to believe in magic first :) :)

best of luck to you :) much Aloha 


I like how you mentioned taking things in your own hand . After all, we are a part of this universe. Assuming it is a feel - good thing, action is one of the best ways of focusing and aligning with your desire. 

Thanks knight! That is a really awesome suggestion!

Great replies here! i just want you to ask yourself if you're sure you want to become extremely rich,you know sometimes our truest deepest desires are different....you could end up rich but also miserable. As some coach would say: Chase your purpose and the money will follow ("Don't chase money, let it chase you") or as Paulo Coehlo says where your heart is there are the biggest treasures. Here's a great powerful video that could inspire you, Don't Do It For The Money:


May your truest dreams come true*****

I want money once so I got rear ended! So in perfect health and safety I wish to absolutely get over 700 million dollars. And the same with getting remarried! I want a solid relationship for the rest of my natural life some how, some way.


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