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Three Magic Words

Over seventy years ago, U.S. Anderson, wrote a book called Three Magic Words. The book has three hundred and nineteen pages in it, but you don’t find out what the three magic words are until page three hundred and thirteen. Of course, all throughout the book are hints and keys, but on page three hundred and thirteen it says, "You are God." Think about it.

Every religion mentions a soul and science talks about your Subconscious Mind. Your soul and your Subconscious Mind are one in the same. God is infinite – Your soul is infinite. God is perfect – Your Subconscious Mind is perfect. God creates – Your Subconscious Mind creates.

God is consciousness, awareness, order, design, knowledge, intelligence, spirit, and infinite. God cannot know himself as infinite without becoming something finite. Thus, God seeks to expand his sense of self by becoming things and each thing says, "I am this." What you believe yourself to be is what you believe God to be. The limitations that humankind imposes on itself are the limitations humankind puts on God. The truth is there are no limitations on God and thus, there are no limitations on humans. Human beings’ ego can only see the limitations humans have placed on themselves. Human’s ego will say, “How can God possibly be this poor thing that I am?", and thus, denies himself the powers of the universe.” Humans must free itself from the bonds of the ego, and it will forget this poor thing that it thinks it is and it will become one with God.

Today’s Exercise: (and all the tomorrows exercises are the same)
1. Know that you are God.
2. Know that everyone and everything is God.
3. Do not accept Evil, pain, or death.
4. Know that you communicate with God through your Subconscious Mind.
5. Every day ask yourself: Who am I, why am I here, and where am I going?
6. Never stop asking questions.
7. Read everything you can on the subject before you accept any one theory.
8. Always be kind.
9. Always be generous.
10. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.

God bless you and see you in eternity.

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KNOW THIS - and everything starts making sense!


Thank you Len for everything you do and all that you are!


Myspace Comments, Happy Holidays Comments at WishAFriend.com

Hi Awesome and happy holidays to you and your family. I love this command:


AWESOME!!! I got an affirmation in my email yesterday with the same message absolutely wonderful thanks Leo

Good book I picked it up after using the Secret Univesral Meditaton which is based on it.

THAT is good! Thanks Leonard... I so appreciate you!


I am as you are..... we are one.


Once more, thank you!

The One Is All, All Are The One, and The One is Infinite and Eternal.  Infinite Oneself Existing First And Foremost, All Things Derived From It And Subject To It, Each And Every Portion Of It Integral To It And Inseparable From It, The Ultimate Hologram In Complete Cooperation With Itself.

Yep.  That's me.  And you too :-)  Merry Christmas, Len!  Great post.

That is an important lessen indeed Len. Bess you. An happy holiday for you and you family.

That is an important lessen indeed Len. Bless you. An happy holiday for you and you family.

Know that you are connected to the Source, and that you are not a little, powerless entity having to struggle through life. When you know that you are connected to the Source, you connect with all of the might and the resources of the Universe.

And another 'Thank you' Len


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