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What phrases, types of meditation, or strategies prove useful in manifesting whatever you want. I feel I'm blocked from manifesting what I want and that the Universe says no because of my past history. One thing that I disagree with in the LOA forum is that the Universe is neutral. From my experience the universe can say yes and no especially with the appirations i've received from God and the Universe that prove this. I am a person of regret i wish i never thought so negatively then i wouldnt have to face irreversible consequences. But back to the point what strategies do you use to get faster results without worrying about the damage you caused or what the damage may have done.

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There is no set in stone method that is guaranteed to work – because we are all differnet and want different things. I’ve repeatedly ask you what you know of the law of attraciton and what you have read to better help guide you. You seem to have ignored all requests.

You disagree with the Universe is neutral because you are invested in it not being so. You are creating a universe that is not neutral through your thoughts and actions. Whilst the universe can and does say yes and no at different times, it never says one thing that’s unchanged. Meaning change is always possible, but you have to be willing to meet the Universe half way.

You have free will and God and the Universe support you throughout any choice you make. Its powerless to say “Hey Jman wrong choice, choose something more fun or joyful” – it goes okay Jman wants this so we’ll gift that to them. If you choose to worry, that’s your choice and the Universe supports you in that. Same as if you believe you are a problem solver, universe gifts you problems to solve. It supports you throughout.

If you cannot let go of this belief then may be just let it be. Sometimes things feel too real to be dismissed. Don’t waste your time and energy fighting it if you don’t feel like. 


May be try to work with what you have. You believe that the universe may say a yes or no. What according to you makes the universe say yes? Do that . Never force yourself too much. 

And in the future you will question your beliefs and see them for what they really are. 

I think Conversations with God is a great book, I haven’t read it but I listened to the audiobook which was better than reading IMO. It is probably on YouTube . It is what it sounds like:A common man speaking with God and clearing his misconceptions.

I also enjoy listening to the audiobook of Power by Rhonda Byrne. The sound effects somehow make it interesting and easy to understand.

There is a YouTuber named Aaron Doughty who is a very genuine down to earth guy who overcame ADHD . He posts daily .  

There’s no such thing as being affected by past history. This is only your perception. You will only be affected by past consicousness. Carrying the past into the present through awareness of the past is what will cause hindrance. Your memories and emotions of the past, is what is stored in your energy consciousness. 

The good news is you can definitely erase it! You can definitely change them! 

I would highly recommend Ho’oponopono and Revision. If you are interested please look Ho’oponopono up online. It’s a process that involves erasing memories from the past and energetically releasing them. 

Similarly, Revision is also the process of replaying the past memories into the manner you would have preferred it to happen, This literally changes your past, if you are more curious feel free to look it up under Neville Goddard and Revision. 

I make a list of everything I turn over to the Universe aka manager before I go to sleep.

We are like programming the universe all of the time.It will line up any possible way it can to rendezvous with us with WHAT we FOCUS on and HAVE AAAAny EEEmotional RRZreaction to!


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