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So.I manifested a step up, from where I was, progress, however, I am worthy of better, my roommate is interesting and is inches away, Tiny room and I have about four ft wide by eight feet of space, grateful, safe, access to shower. Bathroom, nice terrace on top, ho SRYwever, ... Not working for me, it's 88 degrees in.here, with two fans, no screen.on window , mosquitoes got inn, wierd roommate and.I'm.an empath, she talks like a.baby.when.She is on.Her phone st.nite, I.want to cry, lol, I.got to.get myself out of here, somewhere better, no roommate, single room, lock. Access to some space in.fridge. etc, safe, lock, bigger, place for my suitcases,.no insects. Quiet, affordable , I hope.to manifest funds for this, and a can or truck to move all my.stuff,

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Lol, some funky autocorrect, I feel better, when.she leaves the room, being empath, challenging, nts, I plan on manifesting a single, ) in this city, challenging, but it can be done, no more struggling just to survive,

You say "I hope to manifest", well you asked be prepared to receive!!

Here's a video & some quotes that could give you clarity dear:


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True "miracles" are not in changing circumstance and condition...... it is understanding that no change need take place to be Whole, for right where you are , as you are, that you are ..... is what  you seek.  What could be more "miraculous" than to see through the eye( and I) of Love?  To BE the I of Love?  Only Love is without conditions and circumstance, without reason. Love requires nothing, for Love is complete , fulfillment, wholeness. Love is what you seek, and it has seemed so impossible to find while looking everywhere Love is not, where "I am not".  Love is not outside, Love is not inside, Love is not a-part from I, Love is One and All I.  Love is every-where and every-wise and every-one. Love is all of  You and You are all of Love. 

All Goodness is ours..... this is our nature, inherent in our being. Have you not noticed, in being, alĺ reasoning  falls upon itself ?  No one can explain or reason how it is "I am" .... everyone understands "that I am" quite naturally. You see how impossible it is to deny "Me"?  This is My nature.... undeniable Goodness . Unlimited Goodness. Infinite Goodness. One Whole Greatness. 

Love ur reply Roses

:) love all this, thanks friends

( I did that before, a choice of fear,  )

good posters, 

 I needed this,   I am smiling ear to ear,   thigns can change

 my life keeps getting better and better,   i love invisionng myself in a great space, it is so nice you guys,  it has white tile floors,nice and cooling, a small carpet where seating is,  

it has two a/c units, one in the bedroom,  a nice room , comfortable bed, screens on the windows,  enough furniture for my supplements, thigns

it is safe, locks on doors, there is room in the fridge for my aloe drink and some vegetables,

it is great, a clean nice refrig

i have some counter space, for my food steamer

its heaven,  there is filtered water

heaven, i am so happy to be in this space now,  supportative people kind, around me

i have my own room,  the empath that i am, i can just relax,

and have good sleep

there are no bugs in this place, no creatures

just people living here

safe, nice location, quiet

i can take my treatments easily

and have space, and space for all my clothes, i can keep all my things here, suitcases

i can do laundry there easily,

a machine, and clothes line,


life is so wonderful, comfortable, easy,

a little bit of heaven for a bit, price i can easily afford,

thank you to the divine

You're welcome!! happy to see you more positive!!

keep visualizing*****

L'immagine può contenere: 1 persona, barba e sMS

L'immagine può contenere: una o più persone e sMS

Don't let any place that you are standing frighten you. All it is, is a byproduct of some Energy alignment, which only gives you stronger clarity about what you want — and, most importantly, greater sensitivity about whether you're in a receiving mode or locked off of it. Abraham

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