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We would far rather see you in a moment or an hour or a segment of appreciation than in a segment of meditation, because in either case there's no resistance, but in appreciation you are in an active mode of creating. And that's what you came for. You didn't come to withdraw your attention from this time/space reality. 

San Diego, CA 1/21/12

I have to relax at least sometimes, even if I'm not meditate. I truly need to stop thought. I'm still a very capable spinner who goes on and on in her head about problems and obsesses. I think some form of meditation is definetly helpful for those like me. What do ya all think? (yes i'm sure there's more thread on Med out there too with quotes but we can put more up here and discuss it more)

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What do you see meditation as being?  A lot of people's understanding comes from the East and people think they have to do the 'go blank' thing or they aren't doing it right.  That meditation style is valid, but not suitable to many of us in the west.

You don't have to empty your mind or stop thought altogether.  Meditation is about changing what is going on in your mind.  Swimming, where you concentrate on the water and become one with it, is meditation.  For me, washing the dishes can be meditation because the action done in one place, allows my mind to be free to wander.  I relax and simply enjoy the process.  I watch what I am doing to make sure I get all the gunk off, but I detach from it emotionally - and that is the meditation part.

Take a bath, sit outside and read a good book, walk the dog, paint your toe nails.  What will allow you to let go and just let your thoughts wander?  If you have an activity that you enjoy just for its own sake and you feel in a better place after having done it, then that is all you need.  Better yet, have a few so you can give yourself that break often.

I define it more broadly like you do like switching gears from what you are focusing on, and Abe tends to say it's about stopping thought(resistant thought mostly). Sometimes too much is going on in my head though and stopping or slowing thought in general by just laying in a non-stimulating environment/room or going to a park that distracts works for me as well.

Some awesome replies and a good question!

Hey, Lauralight, you seem to do both!  You DO write about things you appreciate here too so you're covering both.

I can relate to Micelle's reply - well to all of them of course - because I thought for ages I had to do the empty my mind thing and I can't.  The only "traditional" way I can sometimes meditate is count backwards to get myself to sleep.  I change my thoughts of course as much as I can, sometimes on that subject, sometimes I just think of something happy instead that's not about that like something I love.  I love listening to certain music and that's a bit like meditation, I guess, music that I find feels good to me.  Walking in the park can be a bit meditative, it certainly uplift me although it's more a place for finding better thoughts or appreciation thoughts, for some reason. 

I'm a bit like you Lauralight, it's like my brain hardly ever shuts up!  That's not always a bad thing, but it just is!

I love "guided meditation" when someone talks me through it and some types of "meditation" music. Some computer games are a bit meditative for me, they are fun and I have to concentrate! but other times I play a game and the brain still keeps talkin!

I LOVE a bath!

I like what Michelle has said very much: "activities that you enjoy for their own sake and feel in a better place for having done it - or even a few of them."

Heck, I don't watch heaps of TV, but these last couple of days, even catching up on some programs has been meditative for me, but I've also been reading heaps especially Abe Hick's: The Vortex. And some processes too.

Like you say, something that distracts you, YES!  

And, actually, moving your body to a different place - like going for a walk in the park - can help a lot. 


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