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Hi Everyone!

I get the daily quote from Abraham, and today I want your thoughts on it:


Why is your economy more today than in the past? Because human desire has summoned and created. Where is this Well-being coming from? What is the economy? The economy is the exchange of human Energy, it expands proportionate to the ideas or desires that you create.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Boston, MA on Sunday, October 11th, 1998 # 16

Here are my questions:

What happened when 'the economy' took a downturn? Were the ideas and desires of humanity on a lower vibe? Why?

Could we have, or can we now affect the global economy by consciously generating more positive ideas/desires?

I'm very interested in any and all responses. Thanks.

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That is your perception (belief) of it, that it "took a downturn".


In the big scheme of things, the world continues to grow and expand, and grow and expand... but the measuring stick (money, Gross Domestic Product type numbers) changes size.


For example, kids today walk around texting on "5G smart phones", are overweight because they have an abundance of food, yet they are considered poor; and a hundred years ago, a poor kid was lucky to have a potato sack to wear.


We all get caught up in the "limited supply" mentality.... Even Barak Obama says that rich people didn't create their own wealth, without the help of government, because he knows that people that "feel poor" will vote for more of a free ride....


Just last night, I was watching a documentary on the richest guys that helped create the American Industrial Complex, and the modern rich people they interviewed ALL SAID, "The most opportunity to create more wealth and innovate was in times of recession and depression.".... EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM said that.


Poor people see "downturns" as helpless times, thus they can't see the forest for the trees.


So possibly we collectively created the recent past in order to create more opportunity. Correct?

No, not really. We create the illusion of "downturn" or lack so that we can recover.... I wouldn't call it "the past".


It manifests in different ways.


For example, the concept of the "railroad bubble" bursting in the late 1800's is the same concept as the "DOT.COM bubble bursting" principle of this century.... Although the scientific/philosophical/economic principle is the same, "saturation of the market", there are actually way way way way more "dot.com's" then there was before the bubble burst.


It is just that the INNOVATORS don't consider it a "downturn".


It is hard to measure new bubbles that are just starting... and as I said, we are not having "downturns", it is simply a relative statement.


I'm putting all my money into "The Pet Rock" coming back and taking over the world!! ;)


I am building a rock washing factory right now! lol


Yes Donna I think that the economy is directly affected by the general vibration given out by everyone on this planet. And yes I do think that consciously generating more positive ideas and desires would have a positive effect on it.

My husband and I have invested in the stock market in the past and I couldn't help noticing that the more I worried about how the shares were doing the worse they (and obviously the economy) seemed to get. At one point I would scan the money section in the newspaper every morning or look online to see how things were going and I always got a sinking feeling at the bad results. But in the days when I just let it go and stopped checking everything every five minutes I'd find that over time everything would sort itself out. Recently I  found an old vision board I had made dedicated solely to the shares that we had. I had just put it away and forgotten about it but I was amazed to see that most of the goals we'd set for ourselves had manifested. That gave me a lot of confidence in the power of loa and its effect on the economy.

Well, I was in the middle of a longer reply, but I got kicked out. Must be a sign...

So let me just that THANKS! before it happens again.

Thank you, everyone for your responses.

"...before it happens again."


Before what happens? lol


Getting kicked out.

OR suddenly relocated in time and space by the internet. 

Oh... duh... I just picked up on that part, and thought you meant "having another downturn in the economy" again....


I was way off. lol


I think the state of the economy is an awesome opportunity to ask the universe to show us our power.  Last year I made the most money I have made in my life.  I know a lot of people sitting at home unemployed who are focused on the economy being down.  They are also the ones who can't find jobs.  This universe is expanding constantly, and we get stuck when we keep looking at the past rather than looking for the expansion.  Fred Knight referred wisely to the opportunists.  They're not looking at what used to be and trying to get back to that.  They are looking for open doors and opportunities to live the kind of lives they want to live.  I think its all about focus and how we put our attention on our world around us :-)

whatever is happening to the economy in "general, has nothing to do with my personal economy.  I'm not responsible for generalities, or what happens in other regions or countries. 


Because all of this... it's all mine to experience and enjoy.


Every entrepreneur I've been privy to learning from, says there is as much money to be made in economic downturns as thee is in upswings. 

Oh goodie I needed a reminder to sign up for daily quotes. THANKS!


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