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Does true love manifest nowadays? i have been single for many years all in the name of through love and this have been hurting my emotional feelings searching for Mrs Right.

Please drop a Message your comment may be helpful.

Many thanks


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It does! When you least expect it! Ask and then let go! It will show up on in its own.. and dont forget to have fun in the mean while :-)

Thanks Nish sharing your thoughts

Sorry, I have to disagree. True love doesn't come when you are least expecting it, it comes when you are feeling good and LOVING YOURSELF first and foremost, for you will then be in alignment with it. You can do this quite consciously, but most of us spend our time unconsciously feeling bad about ourselves.

Start by listing your positive qualities, and then referring to this list often, until it starts to sink in and you start to believe it. What this is doing is building a foundation of self esteem, and you communicating the message to the Universe of " I am worth knowing, loving and being with. There is a lot to appreciate about me, because I am appreciating myself first of all. "

Then, once you can do this fairly habitually, start being more causative, and affirming your own self love. I LOVE AND APPROVE OF MYSELF, I VALUE MYSELF, I AM WORTHWHILE, I AM VERY LOVEABLE, IT IS SAFE TO LET THE LOVE IN. Thoughts like this will build a vibration of self love around you, which will then start to draw in people who love and appreciate you, and you them. The more habitual this vibration becomes, the 'truer' the love that you will attract.......and the better you will feel about yourself as well.

Thanks Sir Neil sharing your thoughts

Try not to think that there is only one Mr. or Miss Right. There are 7-8 billion people in the world, and narrowing it down to one will be like finding a needle in a haystack.  Instead, think that there are many.  Thousands of potential soul mates with the qualities you desire.  When you go with the multi-solution paradigm, it gives the Universe much more leeway than thinking that there is just one. When you are thinking like this, and also aligning with them (through feeling good about yourself) they beat a path to your door.  You'll be wondering where they have been all this time!

Thanks Wonderful Garth sharing your thoughts

First, you have to define a true love. The deepest love is actually all that is, including you, and you feel that, when you are connected to your core, you inner being, and you always can access it, whenever you focus positively as your inner being always does. That has nothing to do with a other person, unless that person inspires you to think positively.

   Now, if you define it a person, who will always be on the same wavelength with you, and will be perfect to you in every way in every moment, then such a thing doesn't exist. Here are a few quotes from Abraham about this:

"something else is really important to know, and that -
there is no perfect person.
There is just your PERCEPTION of a perfect person."

"Your relationship with them depends upon your ability to focus
upon what you want."

"When you feel Lonely,
it's not because there are not other like-minded people for you to play with.
It's because
you have separated yourself from Who-You-Really-Are.

You're lonely for your own connection.
If you're ever lonely, it's for your own connection.
It's not for other people."

Also, there is one more I can't find at the moment, but the essence of it says, that every single person on the planet has potential to pleasing you, and annoying you to no end, it just depends, on what you are vibrating at the moment.

So there is no price or princess, who can make your life wonderful, it is you, who has that power, and then you can attract a person to enjoy life with. Even then, there still be some contrast, but you will have good skills to gracefully solve the challenges.

great reply

Love and appreciate yourself and that gives rise for others to love and appreciate you too.

It's a simple concept, really I know, but we all struggle sometimes. It goes the same with anything else we want to manifest.

All the best to you Akpemie Isaac and we look forward to reading your progress on this.





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