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I have a hard time with trust and letting go, letting Source Energy take the helm. I feel that I have to control everything and if I don't, then I'm being irresponsible. That's something I've been taught... to 'deal with things'.


Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Any ideas on how I can trust again?

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Hiya Writer Woman,

I giggled when I read this, cos 'Trust and Let Go' is pretty much the theme for my life right now! lol I know exactly what you mean about being brought up to get on and deal with things, sounds like my upbringing too lol

I've been using ho'oponopono every day, and it really is helping. I've also just ordered some subliminal binuaral beats aswell, to help me shift some deep-rooted limiting beliefs. I find that when I hit a wall and get stuck it's normally because I have come up against a limiting belief, so it then becomes a matter of unearthing that belief and replacing it with a belief that serves me better. In this case it's about replacing the belief that I have to 'deal with everything' with a belief that 'everything works out perfectly when I let go and let the Universe take care of the hows'. As Abraham says, a belief is only a thought you keep thinking, so just change the thought then you change the belief :)

I am also finding that meditation helps. As you breathe deeply, on the exhale visualise yourself releasing all your worries to the Universe. It takes some practise, but it can work wonders :) You literally just 'breathe it all out'.

I hope this helps. At least you know you're not alone here :)
Namaste, Charlie
Thanks so much!
Hello Writer Woman,

This is something that I've helped my healing clients with a lot over the years. What you are forgetting is that you already control every aspect of your life. There is not one instance, or moment, or thought or emotion that you do not have perfect control of. It is you who decides how your life is, and because it is your decision, so your life becomes that. In this moment, you are choosing to feel insecure and fearful because you are not remembering the amount of control you actually have.

When you hear the term "letting go" you feel this fear, because you associate "letting go" with a lack of control. The exact opposite is what is real and true. In "letting go", you are allowing yourself to be free from the negative emotions that keep you feeling insecure and afraid. The only trust you ever need is in yourself. You are responsible only to you, and no one else. Ever. Responsibility means being able to respond. Nothing more. We "deal with things" all the time, but the choice is always ours in what way we deal with things. If your choice is to make it a struggle, and fearful and emotionally painfully (and by extension, physically painful) then that is your choice, and you are free to choose that. You are also free to choose to allow your life to be as easy, and fun and beautiful and rewarding as you want it to be.

All it ever takes is a decision. All you ever need to do is to decide what you want; to decide how you want to feel, and to decide how you want your life to progress, and it will obey your decision. Remember, "Source Energy" is you. It is a representation of your higher self. It is simply a label, describing that which is your true self. It is not something outside of you, because nothing is outside of you. You learn to trust again by deciding it's ok to trust yourself. By allowing yourself to trust who you are, no matter what emotion you are feeling in the moment. Remember that you are love, and that you are loved. =)

Deep Peace,

Ross - Tolemac
Thanks, Ross! You know, I tend to say things somewhat similar (sort of) to other people, but never follow my own advice. I get caught up in my own drama.

It's a change of perspective and reminding myself that I am in control of my life and how I want it to be. I tell myself I'm Source Energy, but then don't believe it. Or forget....or fall back into the old routine.
I'm going to print off your reply and read it when I need reminding!
Thanks again! Tamara

i love that guy, he is truly wise 

This is atypical codependent thinking. Sometimes authors like Melodie Beattie's works can help. I find her daily readers really work for me, and her second one is very Law of Attraction influenced clearly too. 


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