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This seems to be the answer to every spiritual question I have, so much so that I have sometimes dismissed it with a response of " oh that old chestnut. ". But that is only because I have never really understood what it means.

So what exactly does it mean to trust in the process of life? And what does it mean to you?

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Trust in YOU! :) That all is there for you to experience and that you have total control! That EVERY EXPERIENCE IS VALUABLE! :) :) :) You are always learning, growing and BECOMING!

To me it means that I live in a beneficial environment that is all about supporting me ns love and grace.

EVERYTHING happens for my benefit - whether it is to learn something or to enjoy the blessings around me.

If you trust that life works in your favor, that is what you'll see in evidence.

I'm quite liking the thought in your reply, thank you.  We need to view the Universe as beneficial and benevolent, one which loves us, but I still have the suburban British mental conditioning (which I'm working to change).  That being the fearful expectation of life 'shafting you' and serving you badly.  Don't get your hopes up too high, life/God/Universe etc will let you down.  I guess that what the past year has been for me is a test of my trust, one which I haven't yet passed, but if I start trusting now, then things will start to turn out in my favour.  Turn out fine, and turn out beautifully.

Yes, I understand the conditioning you describe. I have it myself, so I don't think it's limited to GB! I find that general feeling of foreboding creeping up often and I have to remind myself that ALL IS WELL.

For me it’s more about trusting myself, my instincts and my intuition. I am aware of a storehouse of hidden knowledge within myself, and I have learned to get out of my own way and trust that some part of me has the answer I’m seeking. I’m also aware of a higher-self, a self that knows more than I do, a self who is all about soul-survival. I have come to trust myself - my whole self.

I trust in Source.

Source is perfect.

Source IS as I am.


Sweet x



This could be compared to some 12 step literature.

One is a slogan, "Let go, Let God"

and another is, "We are right where we are supposed to be."

Both help me.

For me the 'process of life' IS the Law of Attraction, Trusting it means believeing that it is always working and consistently, so if things are not going well, it simply means we are not in alignment and thinking and feeling negative and so attracting negativity, but we always have the opportunity and choice to pivot and be happier, calmer more creative and then things WILL get better.  Trusting that that is so is 'trusting in the process of life".

My experience of this is that it takes a long time to really trust that the LOA is true, we test it and test it and we find lots of situations that we  believe are not  governed by the LOA, but eventually we do accept it and then we start to see its effects in others and what is going on in their lives and then  in ourselves and what is going on in our lives.

My life has certainly changed since I started to believe in LOA and to trust that it is true.  I have become less fearful of things that are happening around me because I can see that people around me who are living by default are creating them and I trust that if I don't get emotionally involved in a negative way, nothing they do can affect me and more importantly no matter what is going on around me I can always choose to keep creating what I want to experience.  I may not always get it right but it is becoming more and more fun to try ..it is truely becoming a 'game of life' for me.

love and light Gen

Thank you all f or your replies. So is trusting in the process of life, the same as trusting 'it all' to turn out fine? Or trusting life to work out well?

To me having trust in the process of life means to allow yourself to relax and let yourself go with the flow wherever the river of life carries you. It means trusting your intuition and having faith that the Universe will provide for you and take care of you always.

There's a really wonderful book about developing your intuition by Shakti Gawain called "Living in the Light",that explains the process well. She also touches on the subject of going with the flow in another of her books, "Creative Visualization".



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