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Everytime I think about attracting money, the thought keeps comping up that the way I manifest it may be through taking away opportunities from others, that thought stops me from being able to manifest even one dollar. I imagine that a poor kid has an idea to do something and that I then, through the Law of Attraction, manifest that opportunity and leave him poor. I know that there is an unlimited amount of wealth in the universe, but who says that that kid knows about this. So I could perhaps take a once in a lifetime opportunity from him. Or my mind gives me the thought that if I win the lottery through manifestation, someone else who may have needed it much more is then "screwed out" of winning the lottery. So my mind is blocking my manifestation abilities through these thoughts. I know deep inside that this is a false idea and I really want to get rid of this incorrect way of thinking as it stops me from having a prosperous life, could you guys help me out and explain the flaw in my thinking?

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1. You’re assuming being a billionaire = happiness. It doesn’t take you three years to feel freedom, ease and have fun. Money and emotions have nothing to do with one another. You can feel any emotion you want regardless.

2. It could happen sooner if someone expected it to. If they didn’t equate money with hard work, and instead with alignment and ease, they would allow it quicker.

I now deal with the problem that through my succes I will overshadow the succes of others, which again makes me resillent to achieving anything at all. It has become extremely annoying. So basically I will get all the attention and the people close to me will get less. Because unlike money, attention and appreciation are limited. Can you help me solve this?

The real issue is you don’t care enough about how you feel. When feeling better is your main focus, you don’t waste time on thoughts that make you feel worse, and you go focus on something that feels better.

Until you solve the real issue of caring about how you feel, for every limiting belief you change, another will take it’s place, so you won’t ever get anywhere.

Those thoughts are not annoying. It’s you choosing to judge those thoughts as wrong, and need to be different, is why you feel annoyed. When you make peace with and accept those thoughts, you feel better, and allow them to change.

Dear Brian you have been a great aid in my life, and I want to first of all thank you for your kind help and answers

The problem is that I"m not able to feel better because the thought/fear does not go away. The main problem for me now is the realisation that I can lose everything if I change my mind (and beliefs). That if my mindset changes to a poverty mindset, that I will then lose everything that I have. And that the possibility exists that I may become homeless if my mindset changes. This in turn, perhaps to protect myself, leads me to have a poverty mindset as I then become afraid to spend my money. Also I get the feeling that I'm in a freefall and that everything around me (my health, my wealth, my relationships) are only held together by a small thread which are my beliefs, and that if my beliefs change for the negative I will lose everything. So even though I feel good, the simple thought that everything can go away if I start feeling bad creates a very compulsive way of being as I then obsessively try to feel good, which of course does not work as my true vibration at that moment is a vibration of fear.

I also have a grand fear of gaining a lot of money and then losing it by having a poverty mindset. This fear stops me from being able to connect to an abundance mindset. So basically my fear is that I will make millions, and then lose it all. But on the other side, a lot of people hold on to their money for the rest of their life.

How do you advise me to deal with this fear? Because I''m basically afraid of being afraid,, which causes me to be afraid.

“I also have a fear of gaining a lot of money and then losing it.”

And then you can attract it right back, so it doesn’t matter if you lose it, because you can quickly, and easily, get it right back.

“This fear stops me from being able to connect to an abundance mindset. “

You always have an abundance mindset. You’re focusing on an abundance of lack, an abundance of not being supported, and abundance of things not being easy and fun.

You’re focused on an abundance of what you don’t want, instead of what you do want.

“I’m basically afraid of being afraid.”

You’re not. You have trust in it. You have faith in fear. If you didn’t, you would feel it.

Exactly Brian!

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Dear Brian,
let's imagine someone who always thinks in abundance, feels abundance and never sees lack and always thinks positively about money. This person goes out there and makes a killing in a certain industry, let's say it is in real estate. He earns millions or billions of dollars, most of his money is invested in real estate. Let's say that a severe financial crisis is going to hit this industry in a couple of years, he does not know it. By the Law of Attraction, because of his consistent focus on abundance, it will not be able to hit him, right? So he will, "by coincidence" sell his shares just before the crisis hits, or some other way that protects him. Because of his abundant mindset, such severe financial lack would not be able to hit him, right?

Hey Brian,

I have a question that I think you’re just the right person to answer.

Let’s say that there is someone called jack. Jack is jobless, but he knows about the law of attraction. He is 100% convinced that he will earn 10,000€ tomorrow, even though he has no idea how nor has he a logical reason for him to think that such as having business connections. He simply is utterly convinced about that. Will he earn that 10,000€? Does the possibility for him to even earn 10,000€ in the environment that he’s in in one day even possible? This is a question that has been on my mind a lot. How do we know if a possiblity even exists? I heard about the 68 seconds rule which says that opportunities usually take 2-4 days to manifest if they are out of nowhere. I’m curious about your opinion on this.

Yes, he would allow it. Or, let’s say he doesn’t really need that much right now, but it means financial freedom, then he would attract the amount that would match that feeling. Or, he wants the money for a specific reason, then he may just attract the reason, without needing the money. For example, he wants $5 for lunch, but he could have someone buy his lunch. He didn’t need the money, he wanted lunch, which he got.


He brian, I always love your answers. I have been succesfull, through months of focused work, to change my belief system and my energy surrounding money. My old negative beliefs are gone, and new positive beliefs have taken their place. I am now in a dillema, should I go out there and try to change my life, or just wait for inspired action? I haven't necessarily changed my beliefs on where I"m financially at, but I do have changed my beliefs on how easy money is to be made and recognizing how much opportunities are available to us. Right now I don't really know what to do. Going out there and trying to make it happen isn't too smart I think because you're not taking inspired action. But waiting for inspired action also hasn't been too succesfull, as I have been waiting for weeks now. I also don't really have a car or the resources to go to the big cities and try my luck there. So I'm kind of in a limbo. Waiting for an opportunity to come to me would take a lot of energy as I know that in my direct surroundings there aren't too many opportunities, this I know for a fact. Could you give me some advice?

“Should I go out there and try to change my life, or just wait for inspired action?”

If you have to ask, you’re not coming from a place of fun and inspired action.

“But waiting for inspired action also hasn't been too successful.”

Because you practice that dissatisfying belief, which offers resistance to receiving the inspired action. You’re in a rush to receive inspired action, which ironically slows it down.


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