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Hi! perhaps the title is so broad that you will be confused with what I am actually looking for. But what I really want to know is that, may LOA alter the results of the actions you have done in the past?

One example is you took an exam, and based on your evaluation, your performance was just fair (i.e., your are not sure of its outcome). May LOA work to attract that you topped the exams despite your only "fair" performance in the past?

thanks in advance for the help. :)

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Thank you Jill! You never really get tired helping people like me. I still remember your advise about meditation as a means of focusing on the result. So I started reading books about meditation. Yet I do not know if the meditation I am doing is the meditation you were talking about to get the result I want. I made another thread about that. Hope you can check it.:)

thanks again Jill!:)

I would believe so, after all everything is within the mind/soul therefore LOA can change it.

I was just wondering. From what I understood upon reading several articles, visualization really helps people achieve what they want but not in the sense that they alter results. Say for example, before examination, you visualize yourself getting good grades. This visualization will then make you perform very well in the exams which in effect will give you good grades. So in that scenario, I was thinking that there is always this link that one gets good grades because he performed very well; he performed very well because that is the effect of the visualization earlier made. Stated in another way,

1. For you to get good grades, you have to perform very well

2. For you to perform very well, its good to visualize to set your mind to perform well

and NOT

1. For you to get good grades, you have to visualize (which in this case, good performance is not present)

I know I am not right with respect to all that I mentioned. Yet I cannot explain to myself why I am wrong. :)

No. LoA is not magic. It is a "law" among other laws of nature. LoA does not "work" or "do" anything... it just IS how the Universe is functioning in respect your consciousness.

However, you can CHANGE THE MEANING of what your grades were.... For example, a bad or "fair" grade in the past does not necessarily translate to being "bad" or "fair" in the future... UNLESS YOU FEEL/BELIEVE THAT WAY ABOUT IT.

I said it before and I will repeat it again: It does not end there, Fred. 

The LoA is not magic, yes... but "magic" is not what any of this is about. It is natural. 

LoA is not a time machine. If you read books by the like of Eckhart Tolle, you'll learn that the only time that exists is NOW. If we focus on a disappointing past or uncertain future - we can bring on stress. You can change the way you feel about that exam result now. But you can't change the actual result attained in the past. The negative circumstances, if any, brought about by that past failure, such a loss of earnings - can be undone, I believe. You just have to be prepared to take a different path to get were you want to be at this moment. Just bear in mind that the only time that exists is NOW.

I feel like I have to point out that your statement is not adding up, I mean, If there is only NOW then why did you say "But you can't change the actual result attained in the past." . You see I agree that there is only "NOW" but that would mean that the past and future do not exist because they are NOW. That means that when you were a child and when you were a teen and NOW, are all the same and in the NOW. THEREFORE you actually can travel through time with this theory. Cause 5 years ago is NOW "Just bear in mind that the only time that exists is NOW."  :D, and by the way you should do some research on Eckhart Tolle, like his teachers and where he got his info :D 

Law of Attraction means that you attract what you focus on or what your contents are. An other word for the Law of Attraction is the Law of Cause and Effect. The Law of Cause and Effect means that every cause has an effect and so the LOA is in taking action.

The LoA will work to the extent you allow it to work.


You can - quite literally - unbreak a glass. 

(But it's easier when you don't really "know" what you're doing, cause the rational mind won't get you far.) 

After reading some of the responses to this concept I get the feeling that without a doubt it is one of the most misunderstood concept in the world. on the surface the majority of people think it is so. However for those who can't accept it  because for them nothing seems to work. I will try to explain it that makes sense. The Law of Attraction states you will receive exactly what you put out. It is a universal Law   so denying it is a waste of time. Accepting it is why you were put on this earth. The Formula is simple

CONCEIVE, BELIEVE. ACHIEVE. SO FIRST WE MUST CONCEIVE OF WHAT YOU WANT. SECOND WE MUST BELIEVE WE CAN HAVE IT. THEN THIRD WE MUST WORK TO ACHIEVE IT. I think for the most part I find when I don,t do what takes to achieve it, I make an excuse that I didn't deserve it. In other words I made an excuse to justify the fact that I did not ACHIEVE.

You know the old saying God does not say NO. Well sometime God says NO when it is not in the interest of the Universe, for God to Say Yes. Relax and take a look at what YOU want, does it better society as a whole or is it just something you want and you really don't care if it betters Society. The Conceive and Believe part is relativity easy the Achieve part is something else again. There are no shortcuts A's do not magically appear on your report card, money does not automatically show up. when it does it probably is the result of something you DID AND THEN COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT IT. So my advise to YOU is Find something that will better Society and keep on doing it. 

Thank you for the help. Well, I've done that. I'm sure that whatever I desire is something I can use that will also help other people improve their lives.

About that formula I can honestly say I have conceived and believed but I'm not sure if what I did was enough to achieve what I desire. It is for that reason that I am asking if it's possible to still achieve what I desire when I am not so sure whether I was properly able to do the work I need to do. My inquiry is like this. To have a candy tomorrow, I need to get A today. If what I get today is B, I will get tomorrow is a cake. Now, what I got is B. Is it still possible to get a candy tomorrow when I no longer have the chance to get A today? 


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