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Update 2017: New Love, New Apartment in the new city, Challenges... Advice are most welcome

Hello everyone,

I want to start this post by sending positive energy to all of you. My wishes for you is to have everything you desire and everything you deserve. I want abundance of love, success and happiness for you and I know The Universe will grant my wishes and offer you life's best.

Here is a follow up post to my last year's post.

New Love:

I did not end up with the guy I was crushing on last year, however we are very polite towards each other. I met someone new and we started going out beginning of the year- it was instant chemistry and we are enjoying discovering things about each other, I really am grateful for him, I like him a lot, he respects me, understands my insecurities, wants to please me all the time, and I reciprocate.

I want to invest in this relationship, and on this journey, we find in each other support, love and great friendship. 

How did I achieve this?

I gave up on the list on how my perfect man should be like, instead I did focus on how I want to be treated in a relationship and the qualities I want in a partner.

New Apartment:

I have moved to my own apartment and it is very cozy. I am very satisfied with it and happy to be where I am. I have my privacy and enjoy spending time in my "lair". 


At the moment, my career is the area where I face challenges. These challenges are with people I work with and not the tasks themselves. Emails which threatened my position at work were sent to me, and to be honest, I am terrified. However I try to change my belief and know that whatever is meant to be, will be- I just need to be doing my best. It is sometimes exhausting to be doing things for people and they are not satisfied with the effort. A simple "Thank you" goes a long way however it is a hard lesson to learn that some people do not know the value of it.

Positive outcome:

I want to work with someone who appreciates me, who takes the time to teach me and who is willing to invest his/her time with me. I believe that the job which is perfect for me is on its way to me, that is why there is so much disruptions at the moment. The old must leave for the new to come.

I kindly request support from the PI family here and hope things get sorted out in the best possible outcome.

I love all of you!

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First, I am so happy that you have found a new love and apartment! High five for that!

I completely understand what you are going through at work. It's so frustrating to give your best and objectively do a good work, when others don't recognize it. I have been there and for months I thought it was my fault, that I was not good enough and so on. Then it hit me that it was not my fault after all, objectively I had been performing just as well (or even better in some cases) than my coworkers. But the circumstances around me showed otherwise (my boss was unacceptably demanding, there was no training or growth plan for me even though I was hired as an intern, and many many other stuff I don't want to bore you with).

Eventually, I gave up and quit a couple of weeks ago. I am however interviewing for another company that has exactly what I am looking for and so far it has been going great. Everything about the timing of the job opening was also perfect. Just got off the phone with the person who will be my supervisor if I get hired and he is very impressed by my performance throughout the interviewing stages so far. I am not bragging here, just want to show you that just because your current workplace doesn't appreciate your skills and effort it's not the end of the world. Keep your focus on what you want to manifest and be sure that it will appear. Also I am not suggesting you quit your job like me. It was the best decision for me because I had the means to support it and because the job itself was just draining me emotionally. But you have to decide for yourself if you want to quit or wait until something else arrives :-) 

Another thing is to really appreciate what you have learned while working there. I am sure you have learned a lot of things! I am beyond grateful for the multi-dimensional experience I gained, I can't even believe how strong my CV is at the moment. I have so many things to talk about during interviews, this wasn't the case before getting that job. Take a similar approach. List all the things you learned, all the things you appreciate about your current job and all the things you need to improve on as well before taking on a new role. As for the rest, don't worry too much. The moment I decided I wanted a new job incredible opportunities came up. As I said the timing was just crazy :) 

Hope this helps :) 

Hello Marianna,

Thank you very much for sharing your experience, I apologize for my late reply- Life got really hectic :(

Following that post, I was sick for couple of months, and eventually my contract with the job was not renewed and I am now jobless.

However I am focusing on finding my perfect job, and as you have mentioned, timing is important. Yes, I do appreciate what I have learned in the previous job, and they do bring strong points in my CV as well.

As for my love life, although I have not said it out loud, I am in love with him. He's heavensent and he brought my faith in True Love back. 

I thank you with all my heart and soul for giving me hope and rekindling my belief. I wish you all the best and may you get all the good things you deserve!

Much love and hugs <3

Hi LadyLove! You're on the right path,keep rocking!!

Wishing you all the best i send you some quotes:

Nessun testo alternativo automatico disponibile.

L'immagine può contenere: cibo e sMS

Hello Stefania,

Thank you very much for your support, I really need them right now.

As I have mentioned to Marianna, I am now jobless and looking for the perfect job. I believe my perfect job is right around the corner and will come to me soon :)

I wish you all the best as well and please excuse my late response to you.

Much love and hugs <3


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