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Hi everyone!

Any tips on alignment and visualizing? I want to set into motion my ideal situation.

I submitted an audition for Disney Channel last Monday. How can I work on manifesting a positive response (like a callback or an acceptance email or phone call) and resulting in a role with the company in either a tv show or movie?

I want to learn how to do this properly as it is time sensitive (they are viewing videos now).  How would you all manifest this? How would you visualize or write down or imagine into reality?

I would love some insight into what I should visualize: for example, the tape was sent, do I imagine getting the phone call or acceptance Skype/FaceTime? Or do I need to go straight to believing I have a role?

You know how they say be careful what you wish for.... as in you need to be specific. I want to learn how to do this properly where it goes through fully. Not halfway like I get a message but it stops there.  I am dreaming of getting an amazing role with Disney and would like to hear your thoughts on how to get there.

Thank you so much for all your help!! I really want a positive result. Any genies our there that can help me get my wish ;)

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It’s already set into motion. It’s done. There’s nothing you need to do, other than allow it to happen.

Super right!!!

i'd also say don't use words like 'urgent', 'my once in a lifetime chance' cause you introduce resistance, life is not a race, enjoy the journey with ease, joy & eagerness!

Here's a very helpful video:


Thank you for the video! :) It will help so much! I will take a look! This will help me with that “reality blockage”

Thank you! The key word is “allow it to happen”. I have one of those analytical minds. I need to work on letting go of the “this is impossible” to be “it has already happened.”

Do you have any tips on removing that blockage?

The analytical part of me wants to see results. Do you need to see any signs?

“Analytical” typically means, “I don’t care enough about how I feel.”

So the question is, why aren’t you caring enough about your emotions?

And at least one answer to that is, you believe your emotions come from the conditions; they come from the physical manifestations. So, you’re in a rush to get those physical manifestations, so then you can have the relief and fun of the emotional manifestations.

But since emotions don’t come from the conditions, but instead come from your analytical thoughts about the conditions, then even though you don’t see a change, you can allow yourself to feel a change and feel bette, which is what you really want.

Here are several posts I did that can help:

How to Remove Blocks

Changing Your Beliefs

Speeding Up Manifestations . . . Why?


These posts are amazing! It helps put a lot into perspective to help me with the speed of my manifestation and focusing on what you do want, instead of what you don’t want (without forcing out all of my original beliefs painfully).

I feel strongest in visualizing as a technique. I have a question about this. From what I read in your posts, I am visualizing where I have the outcome, instead of my resisting beliefs. I feel great and excited when I visualize events I feel “happened”. Some of my doubts creep in because I actually have not been in this situation so it’s all uncharted territory. How do I know and feel good to send my desire on its way when I’m uncertain of what comes? I’m afraid of, as I said above, the “be careful what you wish for —be specific” scenario. Can I imagine what I think might happen (or will this lead to the “be careful scenario”). For example, Like if I was wishing for 100 dollars to have.  I visual seeing the 100, generally. Would the universe know that I want to manifest the 100 to keep or would it pull a switch because of my non specific manifesting and it ends up being I just see 100 dollars somewhere on the wall or on Tv? What do you feel is a good direction to push my visualization?

Sorry if this is all jumbled, it is hard to put it into words. Like if I manifest a situation (let’s say me in a dress at the premiere), does the universe work in the way that it will only manifest for that specific situation. So if it wasn’t meant to happen in that exact way I pictured it won’t move forward. Like would it know what I want (the movie role) and no matter what I visualize it works in the way reality would (even though I picture me in a dress at the premiere, the reality is I gain the role and have a premiere different than what I picture but I do have the result I desired).

I still sound jumbled but let me know if you understand what I mean and the question I scrambled in there :)

“How do I know and feel good to send my desire on its way . . .”

That’s not why you visualize. Your desire is already on its way, so you visualize only if it feels good; for the pleasure of it. If it doesn’t, do something else.

For the $100, you would manifest it when you allow it. The universe knows you want it before you even started visualizing. So the only way you wouldn’t allow it, is if you saw it and thought that was the final manifestation, when it is was just another piece of you moving towards receiving it.

“What is a good direction to push my visualization?”

None. There is no pushing involved. You don’t need to do it. In fact, if the sole reason you’re doing it is to make something happen, you’re better off not doing it and go play.

You will get what you want, as long as you are not looking for reasons why it can’t happen. Feeling better and satisfied in general will allow all the specifics you want, even when you don’t think about them.

“Would it know what I want and no matter what I visualize . . . I do have the result I desired.”


I will take a look at these posts! I need to put it in perspective and get those tricky blocks out of the way

By saying it's your "Once in a lifetime chance," you're putting a lot of pressure on yourself and bringing a level of urgency and desperation to the situation that isn't going to help you at all. And the truth is, it's not a "Once in a lifetime chance" to be part of a Disney production; it's just the first of many potential chances. 

Disney produces lots of content; they always need new people to take part in it; they're always looking for new faces. You may not get the role you wanted this time, but that's okay because there will be other times in the future. 

Even if you don't get this role, you're now familiar with their submissions process for audition videos, so it will be easier next time. You also have time to improve your audition video, and possibly get additional training in whatever skills would make you an even better choice. Before you heard about this particular opportunity, did you even have an audition video? Or, if you did, was it as good as it could have been?

Take what you've learned from this experience you're having right now, and use it to make yourself an even better match for what Disney is looking for. Relax, and know that even if you don't get this role, you'll still get plenty of other chances, and that there will eventually be a role that is just right for you--and one that might be even better than the one you're currently after.

Yes this is my first one! I have to learn to not be so rushed and that things happen for a reason. I found this audition and applied for a reason so I’m looking forward to the snow ball effect. I’m sometimes impatient so I’m always very eager to hear news and hoping for positive feedback and results. I hope to learn from this experience and I want to manifest a response so I can learn if I don’t get the role on what they are looking for (or maybe even a small

role to grow with ;) )

This is a very good reply.  Know that this wasn't the only card in your hand, and that you can have many more chances for as long as you actually desire to be in a Disney production. There's more than one way to skin a cat, and there's also more than one way for the Universe to bring you what you desire. (It has all sorts of ways). 


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