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I was wondering if any of you have used crystals to amplify your manifestations.  There even seems to be books written on doing such a thing and there is even a crystal called the manifestation crystal.  It makes sense that crystals could help to amplify things.  If you have used crystals to manifest - how did you do it - did you hold the crystal while visualizing?  Did you see your results increasing?

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Many people do believe this, so you are not alone.

Anything that helps you focus can be used. I suggest you find one of the books and go with whatever technique feels best.


Hello Joanne!

You may absolutely use crystals for your manifesting! I've had some very positive results. Simply hold the crystal in your hands while visualizing, or imagine the image being projects directly into the crystal. Or, write down your affirmations and goals and place the crystal atop the folded paper.

There are many, many techniques!! As Donna said, use that one that feels best to you. (:

Thanks amanda and donna,


Amanda, I was wondering if you used any specific type of crystal to manifest?  Also you say you have seen some very positive results and I was curious if you noticed a difference in manifesting b4 using crystals to manifest things in your life vs not using them.  Did you see the speed of what you were trying to manifest increase or just better results?

1. Yes! I use a specific crystal depending on what it is I am intending to manifest, as every color in a crystal has a specific vibration. Some examples would be rose quartz for relationships, citrine for wealth and abundance, green aventurine for healing, sodalite for peaceful effective communication, etc, etc. Clear quartz is perfect for any need, as it encompasses every color, and I highly recommend it as an introductory crystal for everyone!

2. I have been manifesting since my youth (though not consciously aware it was referred to as the law of attraction), and just starting using crystals within this year. Before I know about crystals, my manifesting was generally highly effective. Since I have begun using crystals, the fact that I still achieve my intentions has not changed, but the speed in which it occurs has. Now manifesting something that would have taken a few months beforehand (manifested a laptop in middle school) has taken just two weeks (manifesting a brand new iPad 2 within the week it was released.)

Hope this answers your questions!

Hi amanda,

 Thanks for your answer!  It is very inspiring to me and I am definetly getting some crystals to work with to help amplify my manifesting.  The one I am getting which is supposed to be VERY strong and even stronger than a regular crystal is the orgone crystal.  I am going to buy some and try it with manifesting money and see what happens! So I will let you know.  This particular company I am buying from also has infused oils to go with the crystals that you apply to your chakras to help open and balance the chakras cuz they are also important in manifesting and getting clearer access to your intution.

109u9lipnzj4g you've made me go and dig out my small bag of small crystals. I am certainly going to buy some more tomorrow, especially Selenite! Thank you.
This is an interesting topic. I'd love to hear more if anyone else is willing to share their tips or stories :)

There are plenty of books on this subject if you look around.


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