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Using LOA to get ex back (by letting go) + RS; feeling confused and conflicted

Hi everyone,


I'm new to the forum and gotta say, the positive energy here is amazing! It's really lifted my spirits during this difficult time for me. My bf of 4.5 years no longer wants to be together. We've had ups and downs and while I've expressed being fed-up about it, I suppose I thought he'd still hang in there anyway. He's had the last straw and over a month ago, we broke up for good with him being adamant that a) we aren't in love and b) it's final this time and b) he doesn't want to keep doing this back and forth. All the negativity in our relationship created a lot of distance between us while we were together, and the prospect of us getting married seemed bleaker with each occurring petty argument. Btw, I am 27 and he is 31 this year, if that matters.


I've been writing in my gratitude app every night for almost 2 weeks now. I think that's been helping as I look forward to putting things in each night. I've also read (and re-read) some posts here about letting go in order to get your ex back... or not even your ex, but just to attract the greatest love of your life; the one who will make you most happy. The posts I've really felt drawn to in particular are by DNS and Mallica.


So last week those posts gave me strength and I kept reminding myself that I'm the one on that pedestal, no one else... that I am a lot more powerful than I give myself credit for.


I've also been practising a bit of affOrmations (asking yourself questions) and that helps a bit but I probably need to do more. Yesterday I've started RS and sending energy to my ex.


Today I've been feeling very mellow and dejected. I'm not sure if it's hormones or if I've exhausted myself by really trying to get into that vortex. What gives? I felt so good and sooo excited about life last week, I KNEW that good..nay, GREAT things were on its way to me. Now I feel tired and burdened.


My ex and I aren't on bad terms. He still got me an ipad2 for my birthday although we'd already broken up. And he set it up really nicely for me with a cover and his account to the app store. On Saturday night, I sent him a text saying I really enjoy the ipad and it was a good call from him to get it (I had insisted at first). Could that have sapped my positive energy? He responded pleasantly and said he's glad I enjoy it.


Does doing RS while trying to let go confuse things? Am I trying to do too much all at once? Please help! I really loved how energetic I felt last week, but these last two days have been tough.

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Oops, I meant I had initially resisted getting an ipad2 cos I didn't see a use for it.


Also wanna add that I dreamt of him the last two nights. First night I dreamt I was out with him and his parents and he was taking pictures of them while I was excluded and stood around awkwardly. And last night I dreamt I saw him hanging around with a new girl. I've not looked at his Facebook page because I don't want to know what's going on with him. But I honestly do not think he has a new girl (well, I could be wrong but hey).


I was in your same situation except my ex and I were not on good terms AT ALL. We despised each other. and now....we are great! and why? Because I LET GO! 


Meelika and DNS are great great people, Meelika personally helped me a massive amount. I did try RS, it wasnt for me and I didnt feel that I wanted my ex back because I had made him feel that way, I wanted the universe to do what was best, and what i wanted, and it did, and it is still in the process but every day and I more and more amazed because I can SEE how it is changing things to suit me. It really is magical.


But you need to let go, and I know that hard, and I know you might not want to, trust me - i didnt want to either, but you just need to give up, and it will come to you!


I also do Afformations, but when I do them, I focus it on me, such as 'why am I so happy ALL THE TIME" "why is everything just falling into place for me" "why am I awesome" "why is (Insert name here) so attracted to me" and it lifts your vibration, it makes you love yourself. And that is what is important. You need to believe you are amazing and you need to believe that if you want your ex back - you can have him, the universe will give you what you want, but you have to believe that it is already done, and now, you just need to live your life and be happy until the universe decides that your ready to have him back :)


peace and love xx

Thanks, Sam! :)


Is it normal to feel exhausted while trying to let go? I can imagine this is quite normal with all the mental effort put in to constantly remind yourself. But I know it’s totally worth it. How did you get through the ‘off’ days when you feel low?


Your Afformations sound good – I’ll give it a go :)

I should probably spend more of my energy on Afformations than I do on RS.


I’ve also started Scripting yesterday. If anyone has any idea on that, should I put my ex’s name? I’ve only done one post so far and referred to him as “my special man” without naming names.


How do you guys cope when your belief and faith wavers? I have been reminding myself today, "It's all done; it's gonna happen; just chill... relax... be patient, it's already yours."


I did find that I was tired afterwards but whenever I get low on energy I take a deep breath, close my eyes and imagine I'm pulling energy from above me, literally just pulling it in and amazingly enough, I'm always full of every again. I meditate too, it is very calming, very centering.I also made a vision board with everything I wanted, including my ex, and some things have started manifesting already, funnyly enough - it was after I put it in my cupboard and forgot abou it

Thank you, Sam :)


All that helps. I will keep it in mind should I feel low on energy.

Hi there sweetie! I can see where you’re coming from; I was once on that state when I started using the Law of Attraction. But now I can truly say that I am free of worries and I had accepted the true meaning of the Law of Attraction.

I would like to share my five cents on your query; First,  Look at the people around you. Have you noticed that jolly and genuinely happy people get the most out of their lives? On the other hand, desperate, hopeless, and negative people can’t seem to get out of the dump they’re in. I don’t mean anything bad, I’m just making a point. You see, what you think of mostly is what you attract into your reality.

Genuinely happy people almost always emit a positive vibration to the universe, and the universe responds to this by matching that vibration in the form of a physical or an intangible manifestation. That is the reason why people who think of good things and are appreciative and thankful for everything that they have get the most out of their lives.

Define your destiny by choosing your thoughts and emotions carefully and being aware of them at all times. Stay away from negative emotions – they won’t do you any good.


A Perfect Partner, Anyone?

Hi Era,


Thank you :)


You're absolutely right. I used to such a bubbly, cheerful person but these days I'm sullen and pour myself into work while at the office, I've got my earphones in so the world is shut out.


Today's just one of 'those' days, ya know. And I know I'm the only person who can change that. At the same time, I think it's okay to have a good cry over things when it gets a bit much, but to LIMIT it to say, an hour (got that from this very website! Hooray!) and just move on with things.


I do feel like texting my ex to say hi and see how he's doing but mostly to 'declare' that I'm letting go. Kinda like putting it out there, ya know, with no hidden hopes. What do you think? It's been extra tough because he's been my best friend and confidant for the last 5 years, so on days like this, it feels like a limb's been cut off.

Hahaha now I'm a little confused! Should I keep doing RS or not?

Just had an hour-long chat with the ex (via msging) and it went really well.

I told him how it's been a tough day feeling mentally drained and just wanted to speak to someone familiar. We caught up, updated on our own lives, but the highlight is, I expressed to him my gratitude for having met him.


He was quite taken aback at first, because prior to our breakup, I was so negative and blamed him for everything that went wrong. Just now, I told him that towards the end of 'us', I had forgotten about gratitude and that's why I had so much negative energy. But now that I've let go, the negativity has been released and I feel nothing but gratitude for having met him.


I told him he has no idea how much he's enhanced my life and he's a good person, so he should know when he's done something good for someone else.


I said I'm open to whatever life brings me and I know it'll be great no matter what it is... and he said "and you've never felt freer" ... to which I said, "I wouldn't say I feel freer. I'm just open to every possibility there is."... he said, "okay then I can say the same too"


I also brought up how I just try to have an open mind now and even regarding 'us', if we're together in the future, the future 'us' will be so much better and new, it'll be such a bonus. He went, "Yeah I know what you mean. If we're destined in the future, it'll be different from before." And I said, "And if we're not, that's okay too because I'll be grateful for such a fulfilling presence in my life for so many years."


So that was it... the chat ended well. We didn't make plans to meet up or anything. I just feel so fantastic and in control of myself. I've put it out there and I'm gonna continue working on myself and practising some "positive selfishness" :)



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