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Looking for a little guidance or advice from people who might have their own personal experience with attracting a total stranger. Have you been successful? A lot of the information I’ve found is aimed towards bringing a person back...the guy I’m interested in was never mine to begin with.

He works at a local store I shop at weekly. He’s been catching my eye often lately. Every time he sees me I notice him turning away quickly like he doesn’t notice me. One time while directly crossing paths I noticed him before he noticed me. The second he noticed me he looked down at the floor immediately,I think he’s shy. I’m shy as well and that’s why I’d like to try the RS technique. I’d like to use it in hope that he will approach me.

I’ve used a guided meditate about four times now in attempt to attract him. Within 24 hours of each meditation I’ve been contacted by men I’ve seen in the past but not this guy.

Why is it that other men are approaching me and not him? Any ideas or advice....I’d appreciate it.

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Okay so your focus looks like its on this guy, but you are not focusing on this guy but rather the facts that he isn't yet attracted to you and thus you are getting more of that as a result.  You say you have other men attracting - great sign.  Its showing you that your vibration is changing.  Great news - celebrate and acknowledge it.  You are already in the process of attracting this guy.  However you want to focus on being the best "You" that you can be rather than it being about this guy - because whilst you are convinced this is one of the ones, he may not be.  However its only 24 hours and 4 meditations so realise that this is having a transformation effect but it isn't the finish line yet. 

Now also you say this guy could be shy.  That's very true and possible, but if he is shy then you have to give him time.  You can't change him into being something that he's not.  It would be like him demanding you to be a blonde or ginger where you are a different colour.  It never works and sends a strong vibration that people pick up on and notice. 


One of the men I manages to attract back was a man stalking me... I definitely didn’t want to attract him back out of fear for my own safety. I wasn’t thinking about or expecting any of them to contact me is the strange thing.

And Im positive the guy store Im trying to attract I’m positive he attracted to me as well because of how he acts when he notices me. I was just wondering why these other guys I have no interest in contact me instead of him.

Wait a second, you have created some changes yet and you aren’t at the finish line.  Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water!


You made a conscious choice to attract a soulmate into your life with specific qualities, and that was different from previously.  So your energy change and your vibration changed, and it has started to create and attract people.  The men you think you didn’t want to attract, may have recognised your energy change and be attracted to it.  It doesn’t mean that these are the only men you are going to attract, but its showing you that what you did was (and is) working.  The fact you weren’t thinking or expecting these guys to contact you is probably where you placed no resistance to the universe delivering them to you.  Think of a time when you had someone attracted to you, who was madly in love with you and you didn’t love (yes we have all been there).  The fact that to this man, you didn’t love them made you more lovable.  Well the same has probably happened to everyone at some point in their lives.  Its part of the LOA. 

I’ll definitely continue what I’m doing...I’m curious to see how this will turn out. It’s clearly working but different then I expected that’s for sure. This was kind of an experiment to see what would happen if I tried The technique.You’re input has definitely put things in new perspective for me. Now I’m going to keep at it and see how i”it plays out for me. Thanks again :)
Thanks everyone for the In put I will definitely keep trying hopefully with time he will approach me.

Don't "try" anything but "be" it or "do" it instead.

This is your order getting results, and more is on the way, so don't judge things so early on.  These are showing you that you have changed and life is changing, but there is more to come yet.

This is a perfect example of you want this person but you want him on your terms. That means you don't want him bad enough to open all possibilities. He may be shy, he may not feel comfortable walking up to you or any other reasons. This is 2019, why can't you walk up to him and start talking? Your goal is to be together, why does he have to approach you? This puts a huge wall between you, but you can remove the wall. I don't believe we have the ability to control other people. We do control ourselves and some times we control ourselves way to much. Think about walking up and talking to him. Visualize this and you may surprise yourself.


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