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I am so excited to share this with you guys even though it didn't happen to me. Just wanna show and proof on how powerful the vision board is.


A friend of mine called me up yesterday and she was like almost drowned with joy !! She told me that after 20 years of not seeing her son (due to divorce and her ex don't allow her to have contact with him), finally she is gonna meet him today !!


Of course I am curious on how she 'attracted' this. She told me she used the Vision Board. She paste the picture of her son and her house to show that he will be there one day and true enough, today they will go back together to her house to meet the grandma and uncles too ........ wow, isn't that amazing ?!!?!?!


I only got to know this lady almost 3 years back and seeing her as a person that always complained about life, I introduced her to LOA and look at her now ........ an amazing manifester (better than me !! LOL !!)


I did ask her how long it takes for this to happen and she said "almost a year". In the beginning, they only start to communicate thru Facebook by messaging each other back and forth, slowly more and more he opened up to her. When I first know her, her son doesn't even want to reply her text !!!


Anyway, the son still hesitate to be seen in public with her (maybe he is afraid they will bump into people that knows him and report back to the father) but yet he is willing to follow her back all the way to my friend's hometown is a great great sign ..........


O ya ..... 5 mins ago, she called and said she is on the way to the airport to fetch her son ....... **teary eye* ...... what a wonderful story ............


Hope this story gives you guys some hope and yes, miracles do happen ^ - ^


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Thanks for sharing Rose. Wonderful story, and you're such a good friend to introduce her to LOA!
Amazing story again Rose~

Thanks for sharing. Its very beautiful :)
Wow that is an amazing story,just goes to show what a powerful tool the vision board is,a true miracle.
Great story, I love it! thank you for sharing.
Great! Just great! Amazing story!
Great story shows the success of LOA and also how lucky we are to be living in this age of technology when things like facebook can get you in touch with people you havent seen for years.
Thanks to ALL for responding and am happy that you love the story.

Janaki ~ am not sure if it's illegal for a parent to do that in my country ....... hhmmm ............
Rose Marie, it is a wonderful story - and you're quite the enthusiastic and supportive friend to her, which is a blessing, too! WoooooHoooo!!!
Oh Vibby (oppsszz ....... hope u don't mind me calling u tat) ^ - ^ Tks for ur compliment, am blushing * - *

You are my blessing too !!! ;-)))
You can call me Vibby if I can call you Rizmirry. :-)

Thank you very much, that's very sweet of you. (See, Emer, I did it! Hooray!)

Emer and I have been talking about how we both suck at accepting compliments and brush them off, so I'm trying hard to just TAKE IT and say thank you. I want to say I don't deserve it, but I won't say that. It's hard not too. BELIEVE ME! LOL!

You have a sweet heart and your staying with this LOA and it's good and wonderful! :-)
LOL !! Rizmirry ......... what a cute cute name and I love it !!! How creative of you ;-))

Aaahh yes, I understand what you mean, when I was younger, I too have difficulties accepting compliments from others, like you, I will say ....... naaa ..... it's nothing or I don't deserve it but now ...... being more mature (and more beautiful - LOL !! sorry can't help but throw that in !!), when someone does compliment me, I will say thank you coz I know I DESERVE IT !!

So Vibby and Emer (if you are reading this) -->> you deserve all the compliments that is thrown your way and appreciate them coz you deserved them !!

All the best !!! Love and Kisses from Rizmirry to Vibby ........... LOL !!!
Hey, you missed my joke, I HATE being called Vibby. Who wudda known you'd like Rizmirry. LMAO! No more Vibby, are you privy?

Thank you for the compliments. Now I will go bask in them! LOL! :-)


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