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For the last two years I have being waking up every two hours no matter what time I go to bed at whether it is 10pm 12am 1am 2am or 3am.  I have seen several doctors and they put me on various sleeping tablets some worked for a few days while others did not work at all.  The ones that did work for a few days left me with a hangover feeling the next day and tired forgetful and lack of concentration.  What happens is I go to bed fall asleep straight away then I wake up two hours from a bad dream or a good dream.  When I wake up I get out of bed check what time it is then go back to bed and fall asleep again and dream again and wake up every two hours.  There is nothing bothering me or nothing that I am worried about.  My doctor and my friends said there must be something under lining to be waking up every two hours.  I and they are completely mystified by the waking up every two hours.The waking up every two hours stresses me out and is affecting my mental and physical health in a bad way, it gets so bad some times that I have thoughts on commiting suicide.  I have tried drinking warm milk, reading a book and listening to meditation music and drinking herbal teas but again none of these worked as i kept waking up every two hours.  It has been sugested that I need to attend a sleeping clinic which I agree but unfortunely there is a waiting list of a few years.  I was wondering if any other members experienced waking up every two hours and if they did how did they fix this problem.  I would appreciate feed back on this.





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Hi Paul! :O)

Yes, I've experienced that, and even nights when I get NO sleep at all! UGH! I hate those! :OP I even wrote a poem about it! LOLOL!

Something you should know about sleeping meds is that they can do exactly the opposite, if you take them all the time!!! Found that out the hard way! LOL!

So I have gone more holistic in my healing practices and have found three things that work for me. And I make sure I don't use them every night. I alternate, if I need to.

Two of them are Bach Remedies from the health food store. If you don't know about Bach, they are flower essences, lots of different ones, that are made into tinctures. You use about 2-4 drops either under your tongue or in a little water to drink. The one that I use most is "White Chestnut". It's for calming your mind down, when it keeps going and going and going, thinking of all the things that are rolling around up there, and won't let you sleep. It even helps me when I do exactly what your doing, too. Another one I use from Bach is the Rescue Remedy Sleep Spray, that you just spray a couple of times on your tongue and it puts you to sleep. NONE of his remedies affect pharmaceutical medications, either. And they've been proven to work on babies and plants, when people say they are skeptical about how they work. And you can not take too much of them. What you don't need just goes through your system, safely.

The third thing I use is Melatonin, also from the health food store. This one, I only use about once every 3-4 days because I found it will reverse what it does if I take it every day, just like the pharms.

I hope these help you. I know what you mean when you say it makes you very depressed and basically unhealthy, when you don't get the good quality sleep you need.

Sending lots of healing energy your way, too! Hope you're on your way to many happy dreams! LONG ones! LOL!

WeeBGB :O)
Hi WeeBGB,

Thanks for your reply I will Keep in mind about what you said Bach Remedies etc


They have sleep clinics now and please go to one because I can't even imagine how you are suffering.

Hi Flowerpatch,

Thanks for your reply. My doctor has tried to get me into one but unfortunely due to cut backs by the government they are taking no more doctors referals and I can not afford to go private as I am unemployed.


Hi EL *,

Thanks for your reply very much appreciated. I checked out Polyphasic Sleeping it was interesting reading, one thing that I can relate to is that I am more alert and get more done in the evening compared to day time. I also find I sleep better and longer in the day time compared to the night time. So i suppose I will have to accept that I am a night owl. I will also have to accept that if I keep waking up every two hours just to accept it and not make a big deal about it. I also checked out stevepavlina.com that was also an interesting site.


Dear Paul,

I understand how you feel. You're describing me in the past two years.

I never had problems falling asleep and no problems going back to sleep, just couldn't stay asleep longer than a couple of hours each time. I sometimes would wake up after just 45 minutes! My doctor also gave me various sleep aids including Melatonin and Tryptohan, didn't help with the problem. I tried all sorts of herbal remedies, yoga, Tai Chi, etc but nothing really worked for me. The only reason I was not on sleeping pills was that I refused to take them. I figured if my body tried to tell me something I should figure out what it was.

Recently I am trying binaural beats and meditation, taking supplements such as vitamin D, calcium and magnesium. I also did some soul searching and let go of some unpleasant life experience. These days, I am having more good nights than bad nights. Instead of waking 6 - 7 times I wake no more than twice for a bad night. Just two weeks ago I began to sleep through 6 - 7 hours straight if the night was good. I am not completely recovered yet, but I know I am slowly on the mend.

I have talked to a lot of people who suffered from sleep difficulties. I come to realize our problems were triggered by different things. Some of our problems were due to hormonal changes, lifestyle, emotional stress, physical illness, even environmental stress. This may be the time your body is trying to make you take a good look at what's happening with you body and soul. I know the situation is depressing but please don't give up. One day, you will be able to sleep again. Keep the faith.
Hi Sourdoughgirl,

Thanks for your understanding kind sympatheic words. The fact that you are on the road to recovery is great and gives me hope for the futhure especially that you have gone through this yourself and the only people who understand what it is like is people like you and myself. I will take on board the soul searching advice.


Oh Paul.
Anyone who replies to anything here has experienced to some degree and just want to help. No one is just taking a stab at an answer. Please don't pass on great advice because your tired mind thinks they dont know...
We want to help you
much love
Hi Nicopower+,

I did not mean to cause offence to any body and if offence was taken I apologise 100%. I am really so grateful that people took the time to reply to me. You are so right in what you are saying. Sorry!

Hi I hope all those answers are helpful.
They are good answers
here is an LOA approach to add

Try just accepting it. Pretend it's ok. You get two hours sleep GREAT then you get another 2. haha. great!
Don't check the clock you dont need to know what time it is. Just wake up . think "ok hi here I am awake but that's no longer a problem. I'm going back to sleep g'night" roll over ,sigh, smile and go back to sleep

do this for three nights and wow

if you cant go back to sleep get up and do something useful. The more you fight something the more it persists
River! Brilliant!!!! :O) I had forgotten all about a quote that I have said to many people, a lot!!! You just reminded me! "What you resist, persists!" Of course! Embracing it, and just allowing it to run it's course, is a much better way to find peace within, and finally, letting go. Relaxing and just doing what your mind, body and spirit are helping you do. If you get 2 hours of sleep, 3 times a night, that's 6 hours of sleep!!!! That's more than most people sleep in a night! :O) Thank you! And thank you, too, SDGirl!!!! The hormonal changes a person goes through, caused by so many different things in life, is also very important to consider and address.

And I love the suggestion that River had about not checking the clock. In fact, maybe getting rid of it would be a good thing, at least face it away from you, so you can't see it, until you're sure you're getting close to "having" to get up, you know, so you're not late for work? LOL!

There have been sooooooooo many good ideas here. I hope you find your answer, too, Paul! :O)
Hi River,

Thanks for your reply I wish it was that easy. No offence but unless you have experienced it you have no idea how frustrating and head wrecing waking up every two hours is.




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