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Hi guys!

I am experiencing waking up out of alignment these past weeks. I don't know what it is but I keep on waking up, feeling heavy in my chest, with anxiety and low vibrations of worry and fear. I know for a fact that it has to do with my desire that I am trying to manifest, which after a setback (that is not solved), I am having a lot of doubt that it is even possible so I guess that is why. 

The thing is, I try going to bed feeling calm and at least at a neutral vibration, like I will watch LOA videos on youtube or listen to subliminals, so I do go to bed feeling at least neutral. But then when I wake up, it's like I'm hit with a sense of worry and just misalignment, and then I have to work rather hard to just bring myself up to feeling neutral, and some days (most days lately) I just can't bring myself to feel in alignment. 

Any thoughts? Why do I wake up feeling like this...?

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Hi MB; I've ben with the same issue for quite a time.
I think, maybe the way we wake up is relating with our birth experience. Mine was traumatic.

But is all about mental habits and inner power to change it. Maybe you've been waking up for a long time, worrying about stuff, same happened to me over years. Indeed, i've been with this problem some weeks ago, but i've been waking up happy and feeling love these past days

I think the most powerful way of changing this, is to feel love and/or feeling loved. Whenever you fall in love with someone, you wake up and your first thoughts are about, how happy are you for the fact that someone loves you. Is this sweet memory of "I'm so happy because this isn't just a dream"!

Now, take this feeling into a more real and complete approach.You can feel that universe loves you, that god loves you, that your house loves you, your pet loves you, your family loves you, that you love yourself. 

I'm not exactly a catholic person and you really don't need to be in religion to experience this, but i observe how many cristhian and religious friends start to love theirselves, because of the faith. They have a strong faith, that ensures GOD loves them. 

So when you feel loved, you feel protected, you feel appreciated and you feel accepted.
It's In case it results hard to you to feel and accept love, then, there are some thoughts to change to allow love come into life!

So don't just watch LoA videos (wich are obviously great), but also watch videos, movies about things that inspire you, things that make you feel tenderness or whatever you want to feel. Watch nice series or movies if you can, read a  good book, enjoy a sweet and good organic coffe or chocolate cup, relax yourself, hug yourself, feel warm. Look up to feel love, to visualize, to forgive, to say "thanks", to do a beautiful prayer or affirmations before sleep. 

Try these, all they helped me:

  • Take a walk before sleep with a friend or family member you appreciate. Share something
  • As I said before, drink a good coffe, tea or chocolat hours before bed. (For me, coffee helps me to relax and feel good)
  • Improve your alimentation. Drink more water, more vegetables, more natural food, and when you eat, try to feel happy. It's amazing how food may affect our base mood
  • Read a good book
  • Do exercise
  • Meditate, from 5 o 15 minutes a day, or before sleep
  • Breathe fresh air, try to catch some sun
  • Try to relax. Don't think about job or any kind of problems
  • Call someone and talk about somethink you appreciate from him/her. Really feel gratitude and love

  • Sleep as many hours you need, and sleep early.
  • Keep a clean and organized bedroom. Get rid of anything you don't need any longer
  • Do the re-visualize exercise. Before sleep, visualize your day and try to re-experience the frustrating or traumatic events, as you would like to experience 
  • Have a habit or activity you love, to be the first thing to do in your day
  • Don't criticise your self. Accept and appreciate what you do.
  • And forgive. Forgiveness power is amazing, it may heal and set free many energetic traumas. This includes forgiving yourself

I relly hope to be helpful (: and to know any change in your experience. Happiness to you!

I forgot.... whatever your desire is, don't focus in manifestation. That will trick and confuse you, feed anxiety and generate doubts. Focus in your feeling. As someone says, "Unlink from result, link to action". Remember, vibration and feeling is what makes magic happens, and all is heavily related in the way you treat yourself.

When you feel confident about yourself, you won't have any doubt. And in order to trust yourself, you must first love yourself (;

great reply

Great tips, thank you for sharing :)

Great final point about the need for forgiveness. Many of us have fears and resentments from past lives or from the past in this life, which coalesce in our vibrations. Quite often, these are so subconscious as to make us unaware of them, which is why we can have fears, but not really know why we have them. They have stayed in our vibrations for too long, and I would bet that you are having these anxieties now, so that you can find out what they are and release them. They are coming to the surface to be released because you don't need them any longer. Forgiveness is a great way of doing this, and is like pressing the cosmic reset button on your life. Affirm many times a day: I FORGIVE ALL PAST EVENTS, and see how reality starts shifting for you.

“I am experiencing waking up out of alignment these past weeks.”

That is the story you keep telling (that doesn’t make you feel good), so Law of Attraction keeps giving you what you believe.

When you begin telling a new, general, softer, better-feeling story about waking up a little more in alignment each day, it will be easier to wake up in alignment.

“I know for a fact that it has to do with my desire that I am trying to manifest . . .”

It has to do with your thoughts focused on the lack of your desire which introduces resistance.

Meditation in the morning for fifteen minutes can help you feel better.

When you wake up your brain is clear and fresh and grabs onto things so when for example you are going through a break up, the mornings are hard because your brain quickly attaches to the most dominant thought because it has not yet had chance to be distracted, just let your desire go completely, get to a point and be honest with yourself that you don't care if it comes or not
Been there and know what it's like. In previous years I have either been unemployed or been threatened with it, and when it was all going on, there were times when I would wake up with anxiety like you have been. I would find eating breakfast difficult, but what I did find is that it tended to wear off during the day. Once I got to work and got immersed in 'normal' activities, the anxiety would fade away until the following morning.

You say that it is caused by fears and doubts surrounding a desire you have, and that is what is keeping you out of alignment, and stoping your desire from coming. I don't think 'being positive' types of things will work at the moment. They will just be like sticking a plaster over a large wound. What you need to do is to go right to the root of your anxiety and RELEASE THE FEAR.

You don't actually need to know what the fear is (though I'm guessing that it is a fear of not getting your desire) or even how to release it. The Universe knows that. What you need to do is to be willing to release it, because you don't need it any longer and it's not serving you well. Be willing to release your fear, and do this by using a fear release affirmation: something which could be as deliberately causative as I RELEASE ALL FEAR. As you keep on repeating this affirmation and it becomes your belief, the Universe will say " yes, you are; yes, you do, " and that will be your experience instead. The experience of releasing your fear; and as you do release it, the Universe will heal it and transmute it, so that you don't experience it again.

Better still, you will attract solutions to difficulties you have, and there won't be any negative energies blocking your desire. This is because the energy which you would have otherwise put into your fear, will be freed up to move into the present moment, and help to move your reality along.


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