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Want to get rid of Negative Thoughts? I JUST DISCOVERED SOMETHING AMAZING!!!!

My mother gave me a crystal today and I took it home with me. I never thought much of crystals up until now. The moment she gave it to me I started to feel a little more relaxed and as I was holding it in my hand I started to feel this strange energy from it. She told me to place it in water every now and then so it can clear itself of negativity. I did that and then for some reason I started thinking about something that bothered me a lot, something negative. The kind of thought that usually bothers me "Big Time". At that moment, I picked up the crystal  for some reason and that thought kind of got "blocked". I kept trying to think of that negative thought but it was like it wasn't getting through. As I held the crystal tight in my hand, it was a little cold, I kept trying to think of that crappy thought but it was just coming in as a "stutter" and then it would literally just get "blocked" and I wouldn't think about it anymore. It was AMAZING!!! 

Anyway, the crystal is about 2 and half inches long and it's clear. Some of you may already know about this but I just discovered it and it's Awesome!!! And I thought I would share it with you. This is the Best thing that has happened to me in a while!!! This is what the crystal looks like.Try it out and let me know if it works for you too.

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I love crystals, and have many different types. I've been doing crystal energy work for years. It can be very powerful. Along with using running cold water, give the crystal it's own grounding cord to help clear it of the old energies. Let me know if you have any questions about how to use it or whatever. =)

I would like to know where i can buy a crystal to clear of any negative energy and also
spitiual energy around.

Yeah, I would be interested in where to buy Crystals like this and others. I wonder if it works the same if you make them into jewelry that you can wear everyday.

Hi, Tolemac


I hope Fallen Angel will not mind if I ask you a question about crystals?   (not trying to hijack this thread though!).  I know absolutely nothing about them to be honest.  Two weeks ago a friend of mine offered me a choice of three crystals as a gift.  I chose one.  I was told that you can ask the crystal questions - you hold it out steady (it is on a ribbon) and the momentum of the crystal either circles (a yes) or sways from side to side (no) to answer a question you are asking it.  I have tried it several times knowing the obvious answer and it seems that sure enough it always answers correctly (which I find very intriuging).  Interestingly, if I don't ask an actual question but think about the word yes or no the crystal behaves in the same way.


My question is... is it my thought process in conjunction with energy that attracts the crystal to move the way it does?  My friend is convinced that it depicts the future and answers questions about the future for you.  I haven't used it in that way because I don't tend to look into the future.  However, I am confused about how this works and the role of the crystal, having been told practically nothing about its origin or how it works.  I am sure that I am not in any way intentionally or physically creating the movement I desire through holding the ribbon.


Could you give me any advice or thoughts please?  Really appreciate your time.


Sweet xx  .

Hi Sweet,


What you are doing is a simple energy pendulum. The idea here is that your higher self already knows the answers to your questions, so you end up moving your hand ever so lightly in the direction of the answer. One of the things I worked with when I was doing a lot of crystal work was creating an open pendulum box, where you had a crystal hanging down from the underside top of the box, placed your hand on the outside top of the box, and then asked your questions. This removed any galvanic skin reactions and muscle twitching that would move the pendulum, so that you know conclusively it's from your higher self, and not wishful thinking. I personally only use the box if I have a question I can't get an answer to in my regular ways. I don't recommend using the crystal in this way. with it just on a ribbon or string. 



Ross - Tolemac

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Thank you Ross.


Sweet x

Hi Tolemac , If I may jump in here, I have an outside water feature with "overflowing pots of water " can I put my crystals in this ? though it's re-using same water  : )

Hello Caroline,


Yes that will work, as it's outside so it's getting sunlight and moonlight and fresh air. Also, you aren't drinking that water, so no worries there. You can also use the grounding technique on them as well. Always helps, and never hurts to ground things. And, you may jump in at any time. =)



Ross - Tolemac

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HI fallenangel. It is amazing indeed.

my mother used to have one crystal ball and she used to put it in water and then drink it.especially when we were sick.  She loved crystals and i think it did its wonders. but i don't know if the crystal is lost for she does not speak about it nor do anything about it anymore. :( Maybe i should get one crystal for myself !! thanks for the info.



You can order them from many websites on the internet. I have a dozen or so. I have a piece of jewelry with a stone holder on a chain so I can swap them out if I want to. I usually wear my turquoise.

I am not into online-buying. i personally go to a store and check what i need out first.

For those who want to know where to buy crystals - as Colin says you can get them on-line, but I personally never do. I go to various metaphysical stores in my area, and sometimes gem stores, when I feel I would like a new crystal. The reason I suggest metaphysical stores is because they typically have a much higher energy than other places. Not always the case, as I've been in some meta-stores where the energy was horrible, so be discerning and see what the place feels like before buying anything. Once you are comfortable with the place you are at, check out their selection of crystals and see which ones you are drawn to, both visually and energetically. Hold each one in your left hand, and see what it feels like and if you get anything from it. The crystal in the picture above is a clear quartz which is indeed good for releasing negativity. Different types of crystals are good for different things. =)



Ross - Tolemac

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