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Have you ever experience that you feel you are powerless that everyone around seems exercising their power on you because that is your only position in that situation?


That is where i am now. I feel that i am a remote control robot that everyone can easily set me for whatever they want me to do for them. I feel so powerless today in my work place... until i feel i have enough, i went home early without telling my boss.


While heading towards home, i have imagine myself A MILLIONAIRE, somebody who can control anything with the power of money, somebody who can do everything with the power of money, somebody who say something and everyone agrees and believes because of the power of money, someone who does not have to agree with anyone even if they are right because i have the power of money. I have imagine them that they feel sorry for just treating me that way. Now, everybody wants to have a business connection with me because I HAVE THE POWER that they are seeking :D HAHAHAHA!!!


From powerless, i feel anger and imagine, wish and wanted these.


Is there any power in wanting from the feeling place of ANGER instead of wanting from the feeling place of being happy?


Would that be helpful or adding to my grief?

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You are now giving away your power from the deepest place in your soul. You are becoming exactly what you despise the most.

You can answer this question easily by asking yourself how it makes you feel. Look at how you treat people with this type of power.
Abe said that ANGER is better than feeling POWERLESS. At least i have MOVE-UP a little bit from the emotional scale. I felt better when i imagine those things. I feel relief.
Daff, we each experience differently and I'm not saying you're wrong sweetie, I'm simply giving you my opinion.

UP IS DEFINITELY GOOD. KEEP GOING AND MOVING UP! When you start to forgive yourself and others, that's where things start to drastically change.

This is about you using LOA to benefit you in the best possible way.

WE all start somewhere.....

Thanks Awesome... Maybe i am still feeling angry :)

I wish to figure out how to MOVE UP from being angry :) I want to let them know that i am not a computerized robot, i am a human being. I want to find thoughts that will soothe me from all of these.

I am feeling down but i am hopeful...
Daff honey I'm going to tell you something it took me almost 30 years to figure out.

NO ONE is responsible for the way you feel. The only one who can make you FEEL anything is you, no matter what someone may have done, no matter what kind of influence they may have over you, no matter what they may say.

Learning and having to accept this responsibility is probably going to be one of the hardest thing you do in your life because we get used to finding blame in others for the way we feel.


When you regain your power, things about YOU change.

Beautifully said, Awesome :,-)
I like it. I understand it but now i want to know how is that working or how am i going to re-learn these things.

I remember when i am younger, i do all sort of fun things and i do not care what people said as long as i am happy of what i am doing. And i also remember when i want something and believes that it is for me, even if how many discouragement i hear from a lot of people around me, i am not being moved.

I understand what you are saying, Awesome but i am not knowing how to LEARN IT AGAIN. I may tell myself, i will change, i must accept this but sooner or later, i will go back again from this feelings.

You are perfectly right but i am not getting it from the deepest sense or i am now knowing how to be there again :)
One thought at a time my dear Daff.....That's all it is, reaching for a new, more positive, more benefical thought followed by another and in no time you will change the way you look at things and become the change that you want to see in your life. ALL FOR YOU IF YOU WANT IT!

You are very special dear, you are life, worthy and deserving of all the good.....

I want this for you.

YOU ARE SO RIGHT, Awesome. Thank you... I will try each day to reach for a new better thoughts one at a time. Sometimes, my mind just get so crowded but practice calmness everyday makes perfect :) :) :)
Anger is not permanent. It is a reaction to circumstances.

I think Awesome is an amazing soul, lover and teacher. I've learned tons in conversations with her, watching her and just by being on the same webpage. I think it may well be possible that she no longer gets angry about anything. I have yet to attain that level of calm, 24 hours a day, no matter what my circumstances are. I also EXPECT to achieve that state of grace, but I won't make myself feel guilty if I feel angry and it creates havoc in my life temporarily.

Even Abraham suggests that when you are angry, be angry and then get over it. But the problem I see, (because it has also been my experience) is that most people don't know how to turn it off after the pressure has been released.

I am the kind of person who gets angry, at exactly the kind of powerless feeling you're describing. Many people, including my wife, tell me that anger is wrong. I understand a lot of things about myself, one of them is this:

When people tell you not to be angry, it's often because they themselves, would prefer you not to be angry. It is their preference that they not be angry themselves, and it is their preference not to be around angry people. They are not always focused on what is best for you... they see anger as a thing to be removed, before any growth can happen. But if someone doesn't know how to let go of anger, or express it safely, then telling someone to stop being angry, only makes them more frustrated... it doesn't actually help. Sometimes they are telling you what they think is best for you, if you want to be more like them, because they feel very secure in the belief that they are fine, and that you probably want to be fine, the way they see themselves. They are being totally loving and human to try and help you with your anger. But to simply cut off your anger without dealing with why you are angry, will not make your anger go away.

So if you decide to be angry, there will always be some people who wish to avoid being around you.

Another thing about anger is that it is VERY ADDICTIVE. Many people who get angry, use it as a habit... they get angry, they find more reasons to stay angry and they also find more reasons not to get happy. People get addicted to the drama of displaying anger, as if it's their right or their job to put it on display. But the truth is that people will disappear from your life if you display anger that is out of proportion to what other people think is reasonable cause, to be angry.

This has been MY MOST IMPORTANT GROWTH MOMENT about anger. I can't tell you that this is what you should do, only that I recognize this in myself. There is always a crescendo point where anger has been expressed, and then it starts to subside. But the addiction to being angry can inflame it all over again. So if you get angry, maybe you can start to recognize the top of the cure, and help yourself calm down sooner. What I'm saying is, there is genuine anger, and then there is the acting angry, to see if any one is noticing how angry you are. The rawness of anger is not pretty, but the continuing to act like it after it has subsided, is giving in to the addiction... and probably a waste of anyone's time. Some people cry when they get angry, some people get depressed... but it is all Ok. It's even Ok if you keep acting like it after. But if you're really focused on personal growth, then you start noticing much more about what causes your personal growth. I don't know about everyone here, but this forums is my selfish refuge of personal growth. Everything I contribute to in this forum, is about helping me, by being willing to help others. So I have recognized that it's and a waste of my personal growth, time and energy to keep pretending to be angry, after the anger part is over.

And for me, I'm learning to treasure the moments when I feel any kind of shift in understanding or observing my own behavior. I believe the ability to notice the signs of shifting, is what I'm looking for, a kind of climbing my own ladder to heaven, which is to me living in a state of LOVE & ALLOWING, all the time.

It's true, that anger pushes people away. That simple realization is enough for some people to keep them calm and observant, in times of feeling powerless.

But many of the greatest achievements of humans come from that pissed of state of mind that says, I'm angry and I'm not going to take it anymore.

So use your anger to propel you towards how you want to experience life. Don't use it to make your life smaller and push people away.
What a great piece Steve love, amazing.....I LOVED IT!

It's all about finding what benefits you - takes time, understanding and patience, which in all its glory is another beautiful lesson life gives us.....

I am and was and will be human in its truest form, I've been there believe me. I have just found it much more productive and condusive to respond these days rather than react. Being able to CATCH your own reaction is in itself a tremendous amount of growth and with growth comes struggle and with struggle comes contrast and with contrast as we know now comes choice. So its not a matter of perfecting oneself as much as it is practicing daily and becoming better.....One day, one thought at a time.....

So I always ask myself, hmmmm....am I reacting when I could be responding? And the answer is always the same!

Wow! Amazing :) Thank you, Awesome :)
You know I luvs ya baby!

I just think you're so dang elevated, and yes I want to become more like you! But maybe some folks still need to see that anger is a stepping stone towards the life they want to experience. I've simply had too many people tell me that my own anger is a bad bad thing. So my perspective is certainly affected by my own life experience. And I know that it won't be the same for everyone!


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