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One major thing which has arisen from the attacks on Paris, is the need for all of us to believe that we are SAFE AND TAKEN CARE OF.

There is a Higher Power in our world, which, if we connect with it, will look after us and meet our every need perfectly (no matter how unusual or strange that need may be).  A Higher Power which loves us, and will spare us from any danger or wrongdoing.

It may seem odd for me to be saying this now (after all, it didn't take care of all of the people killed in Paris) but we are under the laws of our own consciousness, and will attract what we believe.

If we believe that we are being looked after and taken care of, then we will be kept away from things like wars, plane crashes, terror attacks, or natural disasters, and will also be provided for when there are less threatening things happening, such as the life-slowing effects of a recession and unemployment.  This being taken care of also includes being spared from more mundane things like traffic jams, identity theft, malware scams, flu-epidemics, anti-social behaviour, dry-rot in the house and so on.

Higher Power is connected to the infinite intelligence of the Universe, and knows when, where and how the brown stuff could hit the fan.

But this being taken care of doesn't just refer to the negatives of life, for it also includes the nice things too.  Believe that you are being taken care of, and you will be guided to your highest good and your greatest happiness.  The Higher Power will put you in the right place at the right time to get the jobs which suit you best, homes where you feel most at home, people who are right up your street, health and healing which you need, forms of income, food and drink, oxygen, fun nights out.....you name it, Higher Power knows about it all.  

Use IT as your ultimate Time Out magazine, by connecting with it in this way.

I certainly believe in such thing as a Higher Power (what for instance, moves planets around the sun, or clouds across the sky, or plants from out of the ground?) but we as people have come to believe that we are separate from it in some way.  This feeling of separation creates disconnects in our everyday existence, when there don't need to be any.  Higher Power is ready and willing to take care of us, but if we block by fear and mistrust, then we won't allow it to do so.

So if you are feeling fearful or mistrusting in some way, affirm SOURCE IS LOOKING AFTER ME, and that will be your experience.

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Things to think about.. also more than enough reason to hug your loved ones and tell them you love them. And really feel the love.

Sir Neil, I really needed to hear this today.  Thank you for always finding - and sharing - the light, even in the times that seem the darkest.

And for further inspiration, look at how New York, Bali, Madrid and London have all recovered from mass terrorist attacks. Life goes on as before.
Precisely! All is well in our world! Be sure and see Illusions thread which I shared on Facebook too!
Today apparently is Blue Monday, which is supposed to be the day of the year where we are most depressed. The popular media is playing on this a lot, talking up cold weather, credit card bills, economic collywobbles and the barbaric activities of Islamic State. So all the more reason to believe that we are safe and taken care of.

Whatever happens in the world (weather, war, terrorism, recession, unemployment, scarcity etc) WE ARE ALL SAFE AND TAKEN CARE OF. We are under the laws of our own consciousnesses, and if we believe this, then these things just won't manifest in our lives.
Sir Neil, your beam of authentic positivity is valued and greatly appreciated, always! :D

May God bless u, and us all, in our alignment with Divine Love :) :) (freedom from consciousness bugs! Wellbeing Abounds!!!)

Happy joyful manifesting :)
Once more, we have terrorism in Europe today: so we need to keep on believing that we are all safe and that human nature is good and kind. Better to send out this vibration rather than one of fear or revenge.

Thank you sir Neil ! I'm from Belgium. I've never thought this could happen in my country. 

But still I'll believe in the power of love, always and I hope everybody can send love to my country and the people in it, cause love is the only path we should take right now ! 

I feel compelled to write in this post tonight, as we have another spate of terrorism in Europe at the moment. Terrorism runs in waves like this, and the current wave started last week with the lorry attack in Nice. Since then, we have had an axe attack on a train in Bavaria, and now a shooting incident in Munich - and Germany is a country which doesn't generally suffer terrorism that much.

So why is this all happening? I believe it to be mass consciousness, and reactive thoughts from the attack in Nice, attracting further such incidents elsewhere. There is an element of non-locality in this, just as a wave of terrorist attacks last year, started off in Sydney first of all, and then surfaced in France, Belgium and then Tunisia later on.

Let's not be part of this fearful mass consciousness any longer. Once again, we all need to believe that WE ARE ALL SAFE AND TAKEN CARE OF, and then we will attract that as our reality. Lone wolves and nutters just won't be able to get through. Instead, we will have peace and prosperity.

And echoing another thread from last week, let's focus on the positives of the places attacked. Nice is a fun, vibrant and beautiful city with friendly people. And Munich is a liberal and relaxed kind of place, which is fun to visit and really good to live in. This is what we need to be sending out instead.
Thank you beautiful soul!!
As you may have seen tonight, there has been a terrorist attack in my home city of London today, and although it has been expected, it's still pretty shocking. What in writing though is to ask for a different kind of response please. Not one of anger or fearful thoughts, or even " ain't it awful, " because that will just draw in more of the same. (Notice how further attacks happened soon after the Charlie Hebdo shootings and the axe attack in Bavaria). There's probably enough 'mass consciousness negativity' going around at the moment, and it won't serve us well. Instead, I'm asking for people to send white healing light to the scene of the attack, and to the victims and their families (and that includes the attacker himself). And I'm also asking for gratitude towards the police and other emergency services, who prevented this from becoming far worse than it actually has been. Thanks a lot everyone.
At first I felt scared, but I reminded myself about my
ex hubby who is now a good friend. How Egypt had the riots and I was crying begging him not to go back and he was
saying he HAD to, cos of his business. Well, turns out he was safely escorted home there during curfew in a tank! by a friend & he got lots of customers! And when he told me I thought 'Yeah I'm gonna stop worrying about this guy now!"
Showed me even in that kind of dangerous situation we CAN be safe (yes my ex is a naturally amazing nanifestor plus
picked up tips from me!)

But also I do echo what Sir Neil has said here.

I'm dealing with the whole guilt thing cos I had a great day yesterday & feel like why SHOULD I, when others have

Please send his city & my adopted city love & light.

I remember the happy vibe here in London during the 2012 Olympics :)
Want good things for our city again & peace


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