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I been trying to manifest for the past 10 years and only attracted Pepsi, a thousand or dollars and that's it. Below is what I've been working on since 2011. So i visualize about one to three times a week for about 40-60 minutes i sometimes 1-5 a week practice a meditation to connect to source and say affirmations 1-5 a week sometimes my affirmations take 5 minutes to say to 20 minutes I say each affirmation 5-10x. How do I manifest what I want? Should I use Rhonda Byrne's the power or hers the magic or should I read more Abraham Hicks? Thank you guys! Mwa love you all your all so wonderful xoxoxo

I want the feelings of safety security. I want to be a business tycoon. I want to be the ultimate executioner of ideas. I want like microsoft to create many millionaires and some billionaires. I want a mile high business complex skyscraper. I want to be located in NYC. I want new ideas everyday I can use to improve my business. I want loyal employees I can employ for their entire life. 

I want to use and create new management techniques. I want a close personal relationship with our clients and the community. I want every deal to be a fun journey an adventure where I can prove my business acumen/I.q./knowledge.

I want to live in beautiful design abodes in nyc,Kyoto,Newport,Boston, London,Paris,Istanbul.

I wanna be the richest person ever.

I wanna be happy and love filled

I want a romantic fairytale life

I wanna be the greatest botanist ever and head of the new York botanical garden

I wanna be the greatest adventurer and explorer 

I wanna cut a dashing figure in high society

I wanna be a polymath

I wanna be eternally young

I wanna be a mastermind/new thought christian master and greatest youngest head of the international new thought alliance, the white lodge of Freemasonry, the theosophical Society the major a course in miracles organizations, the spiritual realization fellowship and, the rosicrucians.

I wanna be a the greatest youngest most powerful head of NATO, the UN, Interpol and all u.s.a. intelligence agencies

I wanna be well read and have a high IQ

I wanna go to Harvard college as an undergraduate and attend Oxford university as a graduate student

I wanna be an academic and social success at these schools

I wanna master the trivium , quadrivium and be an Autodidact

I wanna be a great angel intuitive, Angel medium,angel therapist

I wanna be popular,witty,a great conversationalist, a great public speaker, a great lover ,personally magnetic, a charmer, charismatic

I wanna be an Adonis , handsome, with a perfect body and male model like

I wanna be clean orderly organized

I wanna be healthy

I wanna be a great parent and write the greatest parenting guide

I wanna be the greatest martial artist and be the head of all martial arts organizations

I wanna be well dressed like the duke of wales and the prince of wales

 I want my life to be like my favorite print ads of my favorite fashion designer Ralph Lauren

I wanna be the greatest chess grandmaster ever

I wanna be the greatest lacrosse player,show jumper,dressage participant, fencer, down hill skier, ski jumper , ultra runner, f1 racer, rally racer, superbike racer, ultra runner, mountaineer, horse stable owner with the greatest horses and jockey

I wanna be the head of the us order of manor lords, I wanna be member of the sons of the revolution, the Charlemagne order, the Merovingian order , the barons of the magna charter, the salmagundi, the knickerbocker club, the metropolitan club, the union club, the Lotos club, the aloquin club , the metropolitan opera club

I want to build and sell the greatest and most award winning light aircraft, and classics sailing yachts

I wanna be the greatest sailor and win all the around the world sailing races and the America's cup in sailing

I wanna be graceful and smooth like Cary Grant

I wanna be the most famous person ever a sort of American royal like JFK and the Kennedys

I want the greatest car collection

I wanna be a noted gourmet

I want a laferrari and a pagani  car and miniature versions that my children can ride in

I want children

I want to be the greatest writer ever a literary fiction writer who sells like jk Rowling

I want to be the greatest travel narrative writer and be like Bryson or Paul Theroux

I wanna sleep like a baby and wake up with vim and vigor energized

 I wanna lucid dream

I wanna be safe and have privacy

I wanna be a great photo reader

I want intuitive guidance

I want to be the apprentice of the author of one of my favorite spiritual books

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Well I contacted museums about collecting stuff for them - one contacted me back and I plan on contacting their curator back. I'm planning on collecting textiles from around the world. They said  they had a large collection of the type of textiles I planned of collecting. So I thought perhaps focusing my collection on a different region and people.

 I contacted some people about starting a supplement business but I guess I'll have to do it on my own. I plan to start it soon I've read you can start a supplement business with as little as $50. 

Some of the things on the list can be accomplished today by simply changing your normal habits. However, with the other stuff, it's great that you're taking actions on it. A wise person once told me, for everyone "No" out there, there is a "Yes." So keep contacting more places and find your "Yes" that's waiting. Like you said though, for some things, maybe you need to be the one that creates the business instead of relying upon others to do so. I was once told that if you don't have the resources, be resourceful. How's that relate? You may not have money, but someone does and that someone is waiting for you to show up so they can invest into your ideas. 

So what's my advice? Turn this into a checklist instead of a wishlist. When you place deadlines on your dreams, they become goals instead of dreams. Goals become much more real to us than dreams. Goals have steps, milestones, and progression that leads up to them. It's the first step of manifesting your ideas into the physical. Make the idea real. Once you have your checklist, prioritize the items on it so you know what's most important and least important to you. After you've done that, we're going to break your dreams down into the various smaller goals that form it. Then EVERY day we're going to make sure that we work on at least one of the goals on our checklist - it doesn't matter how big or small the goal, just make sure you're working on SOMETHING. Every step you take, big or small, you're progressing toward your goals and they're manifesting. If you're always walking up stairs, you inevitable reach your destination eventually. Be ready to sacrifice who you are today so you can become who you want to be tomorrow. So if that means you need to shut down this computer, deactivate your facebook, turn off your phone, etc.. and focus only on your success, then do that if it's what you really want. There will be time to play around later after you're successful. Time management is important; research time management if it isn't something you focus on at all. 

I want to be safe how do I plan that? Should I make a six step checklist everyday , I read that's good to do? Also I want to be honest and tell you that I think goals and checklist seem hard I thought this was supposed to be easy!?!?

AbrAham would. likely say, "We are a making goo much of all of this!"
all makIng too much all of this

Thanks for replying!

I really appreciate how you're very specific on what you want, you have clarity that's for sure. You see, the problem arises when you bring your story along.

"I been trying to manifest for the past 10 years and only attracted Pepsi, a thousand or dollars and that's it."


You have a strong resistance towards the subject of manifestation. Resistance means that you're holding on to the lack of manifestation. You're being aware of what you don't want, versus what you do want. You're putting the effort without easing into the situation, do you see where I'm coming from? 

When you start FEELING better, you will align yourself with what you would want and it will flow to you with ease. It's always about easing yourself into the rhythm, kind of like how little girls play jump rope, you just ease your way into the rhythm, the moment you focus on getting in or try hard, you lose balance, same concept with riding a bike.

It's always about focusing on happiness, it could be anything. Whether that is visualization or any other activity. Find things that bring you joy, the universe knows what you want, but you have to be open enough for it to deliver. That's what Abe calls the receptive mode, by consistently being happy you're on a high flying disc and things will FLOW to you. 

Ease into the flow my friend, ride the kahuna ;) 


Thanks again Celine you've been a real help!

So I guess I should focus on love and gratitude perhaps use Rhonda Byrne's "the power"? What if I only have three minutes or so to work on feeling good a day. I sleep 16-20 hours a day. Im foggy most of the time and tired its like being in a coma. I'm so scared and sad that I'm letting mynlife slip bye and that I can't do anything about it. 

hey dear, maybe the reason why you're not manifesting ur dreams is because they're not ur truest dreams. are they d dreams of your mind or of your heart? perhaps you just need to connect with your heart, it has d biggest power!

maybe you want back ur ex sweetheart or u really want peace in ur family or to find real true friends or an incredible partner? probably you'll be less ambitious for other things cause you'll feel loved so you won't need to be d best! :D just my opinion though.

anyway here's a super awesome book that can help, it's about finding your true propose in life with your heart, it's written by some of d most important spiritual thinkers:


and here's 2 quotes:

L'immagine può contenere: una o più persone, spazio all'aperto e sMS

L'immagine può contenere: una o più persone e sMS

or maybe you're nopt manifesting cause you're not having enough fun?

L'immagine può contenere: 2 persone, persone che sorridono, persone in piedi e sMS

L'immagine può contenere: una o più persone, persone che praticano sport e sMS

How do you have fun while manifesting? It used to be fun but it tasked an hours for me to go through my list and, it now feels like a chore!


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