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What am i suppose to do now? How can I Make LOA work on me?? Help...

I'm hoping to get back my ex bf by using LOA.  I try hard to live happily , do what i wanna do.. however, why i feel there is a big hole deep in my heart?  It has been 5 months passed... but i'm not getting better but worst.  I thought i'm good but i know deep in my heart i'm not... what am I going to do?  I hate myself behave in this way...  I love my bf alot alot. He has a "planned" break off with me.  We started dating without telling him my background that i'm a divorcee with a daughter.. I didn't tell him until he found out, he was hurt deeply  but still together with me.  When time passes, he started blaming me for not letting him has a choice.  I was not honest to him at beginning and he has no choice but to be together with me cos he was in love with me.  If i told him my background earlier,  he might not fall in love with me... during the seven years together,  we have been quarreling... of course, we have many good times too.... However, he keep telling me that we are not meant to be together. I'm the one who force us together by cheated him and his family also cannot accept me .... last December, he find out that i have lied him on my age... all these while,  I have told him that I'm 6 years older than him, untill he find out that actually i'm 11 years older than him... this is the secret that i have tried to hid....  Although i wanna tell him many times, i'm not brave enough. cos i know that he won't forgive me... in fact i have hinted him... and he started to suspect and found the truth.  We breakoff after that.. he was the one insist... although he still love me... but he said that he has to start up a family by not disappointing his family and i'm not the one who can start a family with him... I wanna let go of him but i have a strong feeling that we are meant for each other.  I repented for what i did... i tried to keep him ... but nothing work...  I m very disappointed... until i find LOA on website... I started having hopes.... I know that LOA works but I'm not happy... i tried not to focus on him and that impossible.. i think of him every moments... every things bring back my memories with him.. it's so miserable.. i tried to move on... but why i'm still in pain... we are still in contact.. normally , i'm the one who texted him. he will always replied.. but very coldly... He keeps asking me to move on.. to let him go... what shall i do??? i'm very painful.. Pls help me...

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relationships are eternal, so you will never 'lose' him. that being said now focus on being happy, you deserve happiness no matter what. when you'll be happy this guy or an even better one will show up in your life.

many blessings & some quotes:

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Thanks, Stefania....

Hi Sean,

Thanks for guidance. I will focus on myself .... I know i have to ... just that he keep appearing in my thoughts every moment which is so scary...

Reality, Truth, cannot be created or dependent and any claim otherwise is no claim at all. Truth is not a claim, not a subject or object , Tuth is Truth, OneSelf. OneWhole.  Truth is what you are, that you are.  Truth is Perfection, stillness, Absolute ...... without end or beginning .... ISness ! 


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