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What are Ways to Be Grateful In Advance for Something Without Feeling Lack?

I was told that if I was to manifest, I would have to say thank you in advance. For example, "Thank You for the $1000 I'll be getting next week in the mail." "Thank you for the huge book sale I'll be selling." I'll even use it in present tense: "Thank you, for I am now getting a check in the mail."

But there's one huge block...the feeling of LACK, even if I were to thank the universe in advance. I just don't seem to feel the advance gratitude I should be feeling.

Is there a way to LEGITIMATELY feel gratitude for the things in advance, without feeling LACK?

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I dont think you have to feel gratitude for that specific subject. You just have to feel gratitude. The universe doesnt care what you are feeling grateful about. If you are feeling gratitude for whatever reason the universe will deliver more things for you to be grateful for.

That being said, if you do want to feel gratitude for a specific thing you can focus on the why. Why would having that make you feel good? Why would it make your life better? Maybe that could work for you. :)

That's actually good advice. I'll keep that in mind.

I just imagine that it's on it's way to me instead of feeling lack. If you had a winning lottery ticket but you haven't cashed it in yet, would you feel lack? I wouldn't think so, I'd still feel like a million bucks. I just imagine I already have it and it just hasn't made it's way to me yet.

Btw, with the examples you gave you're really limiting how the universe can bring you what you want. Why does it have to come in the mail, or in the form of a check, or next week? There are other ways it could come to you and some of them might be easier for the universe. Also it's very hard to believe that a $1000 is going to come to you next week in the mail. It's much easier to just believe that a $1000 is coming to you some how. Don't worry about the how, that's the universes job and it doesn't matter. You just keep believing, trusting that you have it and that it's on it's way.

So I just say "Thank you Universe for my $1000" and that's it?

I guess everybody's got their own way of asking, but I would say something like "thank you God, for my $1000 which is already mine and comes to me now in a safe and loving way.". Then I would just keep saying that over and over for a few minutes each day, affirming to the universe that it is coming to me. That's how I build up my faith. It might take a couple of days or so, but once you believe, it should come. As long as you don't have any resistance.

You’re not saying thank you because it feels good you’re saying it to get your stuff. You’re using it as an artificial action hoop you believe you have to jump through which is why it enhances and not softens resistance.


Well start out with things that you are grateful for first.  I know I posted in the online message, but a simple way I do this is at the end of the day, I thank my bed for providing my body comfort, and the covers for proividng warmth, the earth for the oxygen it gives me, the house I'm in for its warmth and caring and then whatever else comes to mind, good experiences I have had during the day, food I've eaten etc.  I then do the same process in the morning on waking, thanking my body for not kicking me out yet (or dying) and then the bed for the sleep it gave me and my body etc.  So I start looking for the things in the "now" to be grateful for and I express thanks, and then I may include future things I know are coming to me.  For example, prior to meeting my wife, I had worked on relationships and I knew my soul mate was out there and the universe would orchestrate a way of bringing us together, so I often gave thanks for that.  These were all things I kind of had already given or ordered from the Universe and so there was no doubt in my mind that these wouldn't show up, and especially as I had given thanks for things in the now, it made it much easier for me. 

Again, thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it. I was having a rough day, and you cheered me up.

excellent - and don't worry.  Everyone goes through ups and downs - that's a normal part of life.  Even Abe says so.  The cruises I have been on they recognise this and teach you not to stick a plaster over it and ignore it but to feel it and take action in some shape or form.  There is an idea that law of attraction is all rainbows and unicorns but its not at all. 

I've been wondering about gratitude and abundance, money lately.  Wondering also gratitude for now? For future? If so how? for the past and present? For all three? And can it REALLY increase the finances?  If so bring it!  But then even if it just feels good and relief that's still good.  SOOOO this post is really timely for me and I'm following eagerly to see what I can learn :-D

Well the past is over with, and its our perceptions of the past that we often struggle with or have to deal with however the real power is in the present moment, because its the one creating our lives and futures, and in some ways our past too.  So with being present, when you start identifying things to be grateful for in the present here and now, you can often find things showing up in miraculous ways and means and of course that includes cash and abundance too. 


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