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Hi all,

I had a moment tonight which has led to me now very seriously considering becoming a vegetarian! One thing that seems to snap me out of the vortex and make me feel awful so easily is when pain is inflicted on animals due to us humans. We have mice in our house at the moment, so my parents set up a trap, which seconds ago went off. I walk in to hear a mouse squeaking away with only it's back leg caught in the thing, and - for a girl who is usually pretty hardy about most things - it made me cry! haha!

I think it's one thing when humans attract something that hurts them, it still isn't nice at all, but they have created it by their thoughts, whether conciously or unconciously. I believe there is something they can do to change the bad thing or stop it from reoccurring, by changing their thoughts. But to what extent do animals think? Not on the same level as humans. We're pretty positive that they are unable to conciously create. So, I wonder, what exactly is their role in our world? Personally, they bring me a whole truck load of pleasure in my life, I love animals. So to think that by eating meat I am indirectly causing suffering to some, or contributing to some being kept in horrid conditions while alive etc. It really doesn't sit well with me.

I would love to know some other people's opinions on this! What do you think the role of animals is/should be in our world?

I am honestly from today going to give vegetarianism a go. All thanks to that little mouse! FYI I released him at the very end of our garden and hope he will survive and live a happy little mouse life elsewhere! :) And the trap isn't being re-set!

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I am not a vegetarian but I understand where you are coming from. Indeed we humans think we are so high, noble and mighty that we totally did not see life in others. We see flower as "The word flower" and did not venture beyond the words. Did you know that flower radiates life? The same life force that radiate in you as well?

Many did not open their eyes to this simple truth that we are all sharing the same Earth. When I say we, I am saying all lifeform that is alive right now.

And if we look beyond words, I am asking you this, is it right that we put a price on a baby cat who has the same life force as your own baby?

You are indeed begin to awaken. You now start to realise a very simple truth that is all the time right in front of our face.

I am not a vegetarian and I still do see meat as a requirement to my daily diet.

So until I am ordained as a monk, I will try to keep a healthy diet.

Yes, it may sound cruel but we have a responsibility above all else that is to love our own body as well. We are solely responsible for our body. If we are to meet our maker, if we were to ask why? Why did we not take care of our own body? How can you reply?

I am not saying vegetarian cannot survive without meat. I am saying if we do have health problem and our body do require meat, then eat it. Then ask for forgiveness for the beings that has been sacrifice to let you live. Be grateful for that. A simple apology and thank you.

Peace be with you.

Cool attitude Xenus!
~ G

I reckon its best to be vegetarian or vegan.  We shouldnt be harming animals, they have a right on this planet like us humans

I used to be vegetarian...then went back to meat because cooking 2 types of meals in my household became too time consuming.  But now I am back to being vegetarian and it feels so right!  People still treat vegetarians like they are from another planet and it really annoys me...comments and jokes they make etc.

Tell me about it Magnetic

where I currently work and look forward to leaving.  If I want vegetarian sausages i want them but they meat eaters give me a hard time stating Your not a vegetarian.  I said No, I am a flexitarian but I do eat like I am  a vegetarian and I hardly eat meat these days for ethical reason.  I would love to give them a hard time for eating meat but i wont because that is stooping to their level.

But its ridiculous that people give others a hard time because they want to do right and dont see that animals are meek and dumb.  Vegetarians/vegans are more aware.

Yes Spirit Girl,  the comments one gets is quite incredible.  From silly comments like 'well plants are a living thing' to pure scoffing and saying how boring tofu is.

I got those types of comments 25 years ago when I was vegetarian and still get them in 2012!

And the sad thing is also...that there are very few vegetarian restaurants around.  In fact less now than 25 years ago.  I lived in Sydney back then, quite a few veg restaurants but they all seemed to close down and now I am in Melbourne and there are only a handful and mainly in the city area, not out in the suburbs where I live.

For something I see as so normal, meat eaters really have a problem with it.

Possibly, not sure how they co create their life here when calves are pulled away from their mothers, so the mother cow has milk for human consumption.  Factory farmed animals??  I feel they cannot co create a life when that kind of shit is going on.  Its just terrible really. 

It would be a good life for all animals to live freely that way they can co create

If all animals were allowed to live freely there would be many injured, diseased and starving animals that wouldn't get the attention they needed.  Calves are taken from their mothers because it improves their chances of survival and if they get sick they can be attended to straight away.

Nice points Jo thank you!

I think my beliefs are showing themselves and that, for me, eating animals - or doing any harm to animals is not cool. :)


I am a vegetarian....bc like yourself i love animals and basically meat is not healthy to eat.( eg causes cancer heart problems, rots in the stomach  and causes other disease ) I whole heartily believe with the P.E.T.A  slogan "animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment.".... ...to me to say animals were created for humans to consume is very ignorant and very wrong. ..animals go through  horrible torture and suffering and yes kept in horrifying conditions ..for food/fashion ect , experiment and entertainment.

I wish all  humans  realize  animals do have feelings and a soul and that they need to be loved and respected and cared ..


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