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As the title says.

I'm wondering if anyone believes in signs. What do you think constitutes as a sign?

I'm currently in the process of attracting something and I think I had a sign the other day but I'm not sure. It wasn't anything significant as such but it could be due to the circumstances.


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I'm getting the same. Like I asked myself a question before flipping a coin 'Is she coming back to me?' and it lands on the side I use for 'Yes'

Also I ended up behind her in traffic recently. Reason that's significant is because we don't live near each other and it was in a town where the chances of coming together like that was slim.

Keep on affirming I guess lol

Signs can be anything that is meaningful to you. I do agree with Yonah. It's almost a surreal feeling when you see it. Have you ever seen the Final Destination movies? They see the signs and it's almost like time slows down while their focus is stuck on that sign. Yeah it's kind of like that for me, when I spot my sign, everything else fades into the background, time slows for a moment and I usually end up smiling like an idiot. 

 Like I said to your last post, you following behind her is absolutely letting you know that the universe is busy lining things up to bring her closer and closer. 

 You can ask for signs but I personally recommend avoiding specific signs. Like if you ask to see a beach ball as your sign that she's coming to you, for example, then you're actually manifesting a beach ball rather than a sign. Instead just ask for a sign and let the universe show you what it wants to show you. You'll know when the it's a sign for you because it'll make your heart skip a beat and you'll stop for a moment to appreciate it. It will mean a lot to you and you can take that moment to feel gratitude for it.

 Now after you feel that initial feeling, you might start thinking about it and rationalizing it and your conscious mind may try very hard to talk you out of believing that it was a sign. Tell your conscious mind you love it but to stuff a sock in it. Your higher self is the first voice that speaks, your initial intuition. It will tell you what you need to know then your conscious mind will try to question and doubt, that's where controlling your thoughts comes into the play. 

 I'm willing to bet, when you realized she was in the car in front of you, you had that 'Ah ha" moment and felt that really cool feeling for a moment before your conscious mind started talking you out of it causing you to doubt which led you here to ask about it. That's how it always works for me anyway... now I just tell that cry baby conscious mind to shush and allow me to be happy about whatever I just saw. lol 

If you see something that you think is a sign, then it is. It's all your mind and your perception. Your sign simply reaffirms your commitment. It may make zero sense to someone else but it's you telling yourself your going in the right direction.

I certainly believe in signs.  What you have to remember is, when you build, then they come. When you start, it starts happening.  Or rather, when you start to create something in your mind, signs and helpful incidents start happenin, which pave the way to your desire's fullest manifestation.  These are called synchronicities, and are a product of the psychic 'momentum' your mind power produces when you focus on something.  Signs are usually the first increment of this.  You have been thinking about a desire for a couple of days, and then you see something which relates to it.  That is a sign (ha ha) that you thoughts have become 'live' (attracted reality) and that you should keep on doing what you have been doing.

Here are some examples of signs I have received, once I started using a power thought, and believing in something. It was when I was out of work (trying all sorts of things and failing at them) and the power thought in question was: MY JOB IS ON ITS WAY.

Newspaper headline saying VICTORIOUS.
Double beam RAINBOW in evening sky.
Headline in Horizon magazine saying ON YOUR MARKS.
Advert on back of TV guide saying IT'S WHAT YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED, ONLY BETTER.
Two juxtaposed books on a shelf in Waterstones called TWO WEEK WAIT and STATE OF WONDER.
Headline for article in the newspaper: WE'RE COMING FOR YOU.
Facebook message from a friend saying THE WRIGHT (sic) JOB IS ON ITS WAY FOR YOU. NO 2nd BEST JOBS, JUST THE ONE YR MEANT TO HAVE.

As things turned out, it didn't manifest, but that wasn't because the signs were false, it was because I lost my focus (I started thinking that forgiveness of the past would be the magic formula, and began on that instead). Had I kept up my focus, I think the right job would probably have manifested for me (probably within the two weeks the bookshop sign said). At the time, I was supplying the mental focus and doing the LOA things, and as I was building, then 'it' was starting to happen.

Mind power works incrementally, and signs are usually the first increment. The show you what is to come if you maintain your focus and current vibration.

If you're in a neutral, relaxed, discerning state, then it's easier to tell what's real. If you're in a desperate, needy, or fearful state it's harder because almost anything can appear to be a sign. 

I think it's best to create your own signs and define their meaning.  You can also make them extremely abstract and detailed so you don't feel it could be coincidence.


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