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Hey everyone, how are you doing?

For past month or so, I've been getting up on my feet from a really horrible period I went through. I won't go through details on that, but there is one specific thing that got my attention recently. I look at "Memories" on Facebook every day and I see my posts from all the past years. I also took time to look back mentally and realized that I was much wiser, much more awake when I was in high school than I was in past year. I was thinking and acting way beyond what I've been in past year. Manifesting was ridiculously easy. What do you thing could be the reason behind me forgetting all that wisdom and changing my perception when I was in much more enlightened state? Why did it have to happen? Do you think that it's still inside (I know it is, but would also like to hear additional opinions) and that I can just wake it back and improve it to reach the level I would be on as if I never took a fall?It just doesn't make sense to me, why would the Universe make me forget the lessons that I already learned, knew and made a part of my life?

Thanks in advance, best of luck, happy manifesting :)

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You never forget the lessons you have learned because they are all registered by your subconscience, and you are able to recall them and previous vibrations at any time.  I call this a stored vibration, and you can reawaken it, by starting to deliberately think the thoughts you were using at the previous time is was active within you.  Ask yourself if you can, what you were thinking and feeling at the time, and which exact thoughts were going through your mind.  Ask your inner being to help you with this.  

As as for your 'fall,' it's hard to say because I don't know you well, but I would guess that you either came under the influence of someone negative, or your life circumstances changed in some way.  Circumstance changes are the product of a previously-existing mindset, but they can then produce further thoughts, beliefs and feelings.  When your fall started, did your circumstances change?  Did you move away?  Change jobs?  Leave a relationship?  Fall ill?  Something like that may have caused you to be more negative, fearful, cynical, or less dynamic over a period of time, making your manifesting harder. 

Reawaken this his previous feeling point now with thoughts like I AM ENLIGHTENED, I MANIFEST EASILY, and a really good one, I AM WILLING TO LEARN NEW THINGS.  When the student is ready, the teacher appears, and the Universe will pick up on these intentions, and send you great new things to learn. 

Thanks for replying, it got me excited reading it :D

So, since I can return that vibration, is it achievable to reach a new level that I would be on as if I never regressed, as I mentioned? To answer your question, the only change that happened when I fell was actually me entering a relationship.The thing is, since it all happened, I'm interested what is the reason for me to have such experience. What is the purpose of me regressing instead of progressing? You see, I used to be really awesome compared to where I am now and where a lot of people were even back then. I was really stable in every way, mentally, energetically and emotionally. I was totally detached from people (except partners, I get clingy really bad there), but still had great friendships, no situation could shake me for longer than a week and my vibe was invincible. Both, people younger and older than me were seeking my wisdom and advice, I was respected for that same wisdom and intelligence I possessed, it was what pushed me through life and around which I built myself. Imagine how great my life could've been haven't I fell so bad. Almost everyone claims that there are no accidents and that everything happens for a reason, to serve a higher purpose, so I'm wondering, maybe that could be the case with me? Maybe life is preparing something really huge for me, since a change that big happened. I also thought about it because I never actually lived the life I wanted, despite being awake in that period of time. For example, I was considered a genius back in the day, which was awesome and I would like to really tap into that mental capacity again, but I've never been really good looking or had lots of girls wanting to date me, I somehow lost all self love and directed all love that I have towards other person when I enter a relationship and that could be the number one reason why I sucked at relationships (and socially in general, but just a bit), while there are people who are also awake but didn't have to do tons of work, realized how everything works in their teens, never forgot it and just became better and better at it all and are living life to the fullest at a really young age, younger than I am now. They're looking jaw dropping good, have great social life and things are always working out for them easily. That's what's bothering me, I don't get why such regressive change happened to me, I know almost everyone would say that there is a good reason behind it, but it better be something really good to pay off for all these years of not living as I want to while being forced to watch people around me having it all (friends, former friends, exes)

Thanks once again for replying, best of luck, happy manifesting :)

Everything happens for a reason. The reason is that you allowed it into your experience. The more conscious you are, the more you deliberately choose those experiences that will feel better and work better for you. Whenever there is a downturn in positive experiences, or, as you said a "fall", it is always because there is a fear there that is not being let go of. Ask yourself what it is that you're afraid of, recognize that it's not real (it never is) and find the best way for you to let it go.

You will then allow yourself to move back into that mode you were in before, and you will be better at it. This is what we call a "growth period". Handled in this way, they become moments of incredible growth for you on all levels.


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