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I just got a free Mt. Dew.(What did you last manifest free......)

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Got these last week.

I just manifested a free printer!  I'm on a monthly payment plan for my computer, and when I ordered my computer back in December and asked about the free printer that the ad said to ask about, I was told that was only for people who paid for the computer all at once, not for people on the payment plan. I guess I sounded really disappointed, and  the agent said, "Hold on a second" and then she came back on the line and said they were going to give me the printer anyway! She told me there would be a voucher included with the package when the computer arrived, and to send the voucher back.  Well, there was no voucher.  I called and got some guy on the line who gave me a hard time and said I couldn't have the printer if I was on the monthly payment plan.  I told him that she had told me I could, that she had offered, actually, and had checked with someone else first.  I also told him that the call was recorded  when she read me the list of terms and everything, and she emphasized that I had to be sure I returned the voucher for the free printer. He told me that "they", meaning someone in a supervisory position, I guess, would listen to the tape and get back to me in about five days.  But no one did.  So I called  back about a week later and got a different customer service agent and explained the situation to her.  She told me that I didn't need a voucher, that I should just call them back after my one month trial period was up if I decided to keep the computer, and they would send the printer.  But I didn't call!  Maybe it was my imagination, but she had sounded annoyed with me, and I felt intimidated.  I actually started to feel like I was in the wrong, although how could I be?  So the months passed, and every month on my to-do list I wrote that I needed to call about the printer, but I never did. And then last week I finally said, "The Universe wants me to have that printer!  It wouldn't have had that agent offer it if It didn't! "  So I called and asked if they would send the printer out to me and she said she'd get back to me.  She called back and told me that usually someone who was getting a free printer had to claim it within 120 days, and I had passed the time limit, but they were going to send it out to me anyway!!! Also, there was no shipping charge.  I got it on Wednesday!  I made the whole thing more complicated than it needed to be, and let myself be intimidated by my own doubts, but in the end, the Universe made sure I got it anyway! (Now I just have to figure out how to use it!)

I can so identify with these sorts of crazy making manifesting!!!

ai got tuna. soup, an offer of gra
nola bars.
oh and art chalk. two T-shirt's, anice zip up hoodie. Many chocolate chip cookied, free hiusing continued in a better location!
Did u get all of this for free

There is something that I got for free a couple months ago, but i have just recently started using it regularly and I have noticed how it is working to fulfill something I asked for!  A while back I noticed that my hair was thinning.  I asked the Universe for thicker hair.  I also bought an expensive shampoo that was specially formulated to grow hair.  I was using it and it was helping.

The one day UPS delivered a package on my porch that I had been expecting.  But when I went out to get it, there were two boxes there!  Both had my name and address on the label. I opened up the one and it was the items I had ordered.  I opened the other box, and there was five bottles of shampoo!  I hadn't ordered or paid for the bottles of shampoo.  I had never heard of the brand, although it looked like a good one.  It was cruelty-free, and some of the ingredients were organic.  It smells like lemon, which I love,  and is formulated for fine hair, which I have.  I called the company to let them know, in case someone else called wondering where their shampoo order was.  I expected them to tell me to keep the product, which of course they did! 

I didn't start using it regularly right away, because I was using the other shampoo.  But now I have been using this shampoo for a couple weeks, and I have noticed that my hair is soft and full! 

I didn't ask for shampoo specifically, I asked for thicker, fuller hair, and the Universe sent five bottles of free shampoo right to my door.  This was an unexpected manifestation, but a good one!


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