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"You Don't attract What you want but you attract What you are"


I really want to hear your comments on this statement, because it sounds confusing!!


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I have heard, "You attract what/who you are willing to be." To me this means that my thoughts, words, and deeds, which are my tools of creation are all lined up and focused toward the same goal. 

When I'm lined up like this, then I am BEING in alignment with what I want.

States of being are our point of vibration, thus our point of attraction.

Am I being frustrated, relaxed?

pessimistic, optimistic?

resistant, allowing?

It's another lens with which to look at LoA.

Thank you Donna for your reply , "You attract what/who you are willing to be." does this statement implies sth about the future?
It's really nice what you've said and i think it's the basic rule for the LOA but what do you think about people who are happy and out of a sudden an accident happen to them even though they're happy?

LOA is not prejudice it just is.  I do know this, since I've been practicing my life is so much better, my relationships are amazing, so many opportunities, so much more LOVE! 


I don't have so much difficulty or hardship or worry or doubt - that stuff is so minimal these days.


Today I'm thankful.....


Things happen to ALL PEOPLE - but if you have a great attitude - something is different about the energy - things seem to work themselves out so much easier and there is no difference with someone losing a leg and being born without one - they BOTH learn to either prosper or not - individual choices.....


I know I'll leave this world one day and I'm leaving HAPPY!!!!!

I asked this question because it happened to me many times that, i wanted to accomplish a  goal  (getting sth , being sth , or going somewhere) and i try to apply LOA and i get sth else and eventually that sth else seems to be better than what i asked for even when at first seemed to be bad!! 

Sometimes I'm very happy and out of nowhere negative circumstances try to come , when  this happens i really try to know from where this had come , because it shouldn't have to but at the end i know it happened for a reason even if i didn't know what the reason is at that moment but i'll know it later.

these cases happens all the time with all people , and all i wanted is to reach a point when all people who practice LOA can understand LOA better and apply it better because my application to LOA will eventually affect yours so there should be some kind of cooperation and common understanding between us all 

Hans what you just said is perfect but can you clarify "I personally don't think that just being happy prevents all "negative" events in life" ??


it raise your level so much that negative events wont happen that much...and even if they happen...you will get out fine....your endurance increases

when someone is happy and positive his vibration should prevent any negative vibration from coming at him isn't that right? so from where these events have come out?

i think your opinion that being happy alleviate negative events from coming is right..

This is the first time i encounter someone who say sth about having connection with GOD in this forum , I will consider you words since you have touched sth inside me that need to be considered..
I agree, being happy doesn't prevent "negative" events but.. you process the events differently and they impact you differently. 

Thats Karma... LOA isnt the only law.


Dont expect to get only nice things because of the LOA and never be punished for hurting others or doing bad.


If you inventory what you attract that you don't want, you will only get more of it!!!!!!


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