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To me, it's a lot more than just having a lot of money.

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To me abundance is total freedom. 

I have come give think that, abundance is.....

Having plenty of a certain thing

Having things which work

Good quality things 

Proper guidance and help which you can make use of

Flows of energy in all areas of your life (which you can make use of) 

Good quality people whom you can really relate to 

Barrier-breaking realities and metaphysical transcendencies.

A feeling of anything being possible in life.

I have also come to think that abundance is what it means it you.  Whatever you believe it is, that is what you will manifest.  It is a concept which means different things to every different person. So ask yourself, WHAT DOES ABUNDANCE MEAN TO ME?  That is what you experience of you believe that you deserve it and that it is possible. 

Abundance is more than plenty of material or quality things because things in of themselves do not cause abundance. There are plenty of people who don't feel abundant at all, despite having plenty of material things, money, objects, etc. So above all else, abundance can be said to be an inner state. I guess everyone can perceive it a little differently, but to me and I would guess, to most, it would be freedom to do., be, have whatever your heart desires. 

For me, it's an inner state--recognizing all of the good that has already come my way (much of it with little or no effort on my part), and relaxing in the knowledge that it's going to keep on coming. I don't have to worry about anything. I'll get whatever I need, as I need it. I'll get whatever I truly want, even if I wasn't aware of wanting it. All I have to do is relax, stay open to my own experience, and just let things happen. 

"The good" is not simply money or material objects. It's just as likely to be an opportunity, a person, or an experience that has made my life better in some way, no matter how small or seemingly trivial.

And sometimes, "the good" might not seem good at all when it first shows up, but in retrospect I can see that it really was. Maybe it put me in touch with my own strength, or showed me a different way of being (or doing things), or helped me break a negative pattern of thought or behavior that was getting in my way. Maybe it helped me better define what I wanted by giving me an experience I didn't want. Maybe it gave me the chance to love more deeply, or to forgive. It may have seemed like a crisis, conflict, barrier, or loss at first, but I eventually came to see it for the gift it was. So I've taken to seeing the occasional "bad" things that happen as part of the flow of abundance in my life, even if I don't yet understand what the hidden treasure in it is. 

Love d replies here. for me abundance is doin what i want how i want when i want. on a deeper level i consider abundance to be one with god, when you're just open to anything, everyone, to the infinite possibilities, when you feel your soul is luxury & you live accordingly to that perspective.

L'immagine può contenere: nuvola, cielo, testo e spazio all'aperto

I also want to add that getting in "flow state" where everything flows like honey, things just work out, and synchronicity abounds is one of the best ways to get a delicious taste of abundance. That's when I start feeling that things can be like magic.


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