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I'll try & keep this short & simple....apologies if it's confusing in advance lol.


Ok, so recently i've been trying every single method of manifesting...visualisation, remote seduction, affirmations, creation boxes etc. I've been browing this forum & others gaining tips & positivity etc. Everything's fine mid week, then the weekend comes & probably 7 times out of 10, throws a spanner in the works.

(maybe I should add i'm trying to manifest the ex, a new job, money & friends lol)

The main one is friends, which leads to my negativity at weekend because sometimes I have no one to do anything with. I only have a handful of friends, & when they're busy or have no money or got their kids, i'm alone. (which is why i'm trying to manifest more friends)

Like this past weekend, I went shopping on Saturday (didnt buy anything, not much money, & plus i work in a shopping mall so it's not really a luxury for me as i'm there all the time lol) i only did it to get out of the house for a couple of hours (& away from my dad), then on Sunday all I did was walk around the woods (again to get out of the house).

All in all...boring weekend! (for me anyway)

I know people say, look on the bright side, i got time to myself, I had a nice walk which also benefited weight loss, true, but it only passed 3 hours.

I'm 22 years old, i want & should be making the most of my freedom ( i have no responsibilities such as kids) & having fun at weekends. I can't help but be bored & then i'm feeling fed up etc, & nothing can take my mind off everything else i'm trying to manifest (they're another different story lol)


I've been reading the Secret, & trying my damned hardest to remain positive & things but things like that just get me down. On Weds/Thurs last week, I was so happy & positive, I was vibrating like excited like something was about to happen (maybe cos i got an unexpected msg from the ex on weds lol) but it just seemed to drain out of me on Saturday, & I cried a hell of a lot that night (partly due to my Dad also)


Sorry it's not as short & simple as I intended lol. Has anyone here been like this & successfully come through it??

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From what I read above, you're not doing it to have fun, you're not doing it to enjoy yourself, but rather to get out of the house and prevent yourself from getting bored. Why would you choose the mall where you work all the time? Or the woods - cause it's free?

Gotta focus on what it is you really do want otherwise you're sending a mixed message to the Universe.

The Law NEVER fails, only our understanding and misapplication of that understanding.

Keep at it! The answers will come.....

Thanks for your replies.

I didn't go to the same shopping centre I work at, I chose a different one, but same shops etc. (sorry guess I didnt make that clear lol). Yeah I did it to stop being bored, & to try & take my mind off things. My week when not at work is spent on my own, watching TV or DVDs, writing etc, & I like that, but at the weekend I want to socialise....go to the pub or have dinner with friends, or even watching DVD's with someone else. I visualise alot of me having fun with others, & when I do, I don't picture their faces so the Universe will give me good times but different opportunities with different people (old & new).

Being happy for me is a big positive. Without boring everyone with the details, I had a crap past 18 months of being miserable & so to have a genuine smile on my face, especially for no reason is a big thing for me. Feeling like that even just 1 day a week is good for me.
You should check out meetup.com! See if there are any groups of interest to you.....

I get you about the mall part - but still, I wouldn't think that be the place you would want to spend your off time if you spend so much of your work time there.

You're right on about the visualization and now you have to take some inspired action - it's a way of letting the Universe KNOW you are ready and awaiting your good!

I'm proud and happy for the steps you've already made Sarah, don't you know that a truly happy Sarah is the Sarah the blesses the world? So your happiness is extremely important to me and it always will be!

DUDE - We just danced in the VOTEX me and you!

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I have indeed been there and done that. Even if I'd been exposed to LOA @ 22, not sure it would have helped. Reaching up the Abraham Hicks emotional scale just one degree at a time has helped me. There is a whole fantastic world waiting to embrace your every desire. I hope you are not feeling guilty for experiencing very human emotions. For me it's all about the fun!!! At 58, I went back to school; it's a blast. At 56, I started performing stand-up comedy; that's a major hoot. Every moment of every day is not always fun, but I am working on that. Not only is it all going to be OK, Dear, it is going to be more glorious than you imagined. You came here to have a marvelous, rich exciting life. It's easy for us to give each other advice, but encouragement; now that's of great value. You are so loved at this moment. So many friends and loved ones are making their way to you now. I guess my only advice would be to not be so hard on yourself. All my highest vibrations are being sent your way!
Hi, Sarah,

Forgive me if I’m misreading you, but you sound like you might be a little overwhelmed. You’re trying to bring a lot into your existence, seemingly at once, and you said you’ve tried numerous manifestation methods. My question is, how do you feel when you practice these methods? Are you using so many methods because you’re feeling desperate about your desires, and you think the more methods you try the more likely your desires are to come to fruition? My experience is that you can get more out of using one method and feeling fantastic about it than you can using half a dozen with the attitude of “one of you, please, please work”. I don’t mean to be presumptuous, however, and suggest that this is definitely the issue. Just probing for more information right now. :-)

I was also wondering whether you know if you have any emotional blocks to manifesting. If you’re not experienced with this paradigm, sometimes those need to be addressed first, and working consistently with some kind of energy healing or the ho’oponopono prayer is beneficial. Even meditating on what a powerful creator you are is helpful, because it aids you in removing doubts you may have about the paradigm itself.

Yikes! Sorry if I sound like a doctor trying to diagnose you. Trust me, I am not trying to make you feel bad or that you are doing something wrong. You should be encouraged that your difficult 18 months is past like David said. That’s a good thing! Celebrate that even if you feel you have nothing else to celebrate!

I know you’ll get this because you deserve to have everything good.

Well I'm trying different methods because I haven't found one that works for me yet. I've only had small successes so far, like the bus coming on time etc. People say you need to find the one that works best for you, so at the minute, i'm still trying.

Yeah I am trying to manifest a lot at once, I wouldn't say i'm overwhelmed, i'm just trying to get the life I once had (I was really happy years ago, then 2006 hit & everythng went wrong, it was like everytime I got used to the bad situation, something else happened, then I got a good thing with my ex in 2008, that ended in 2009 & I struggled with it, I realised what i'd been missing & then it was gone again).
And i'm still trying to get it back.
The main one is friends, because I think when i'm active & happy & busy, everything else will fall into place. When I went shopping & for a walk, yes it was purely to get out of the house because yes, I was bored. I sit in & t.v in the week so at the weekend I like to go out. They were the only places I could really go (well there's other places but doing the similar thing).
LOA says "act as though you have" & mid week its fine because I can visualise me going out at the weekend, but on a weekend if i'm not doing something, it's hard. Because I see people out with their friends etc, & there's no other reason why i'm not out other than other people. I'm not loaded, but I have a bit to go out & socialise. So in the week it's easy to say "I have an active social life, i'm in the house now because me & others are tired from work" & I can believe it, but then when the weekend comes around, I can't.

There's not a great deal to do alone where I live. There's obviously shopping, parks & woods to walk round, pubs, restaurants, swimming, but even if I did all them, i'd still be alone.
Any suggestions??

To me "act as though you have" doesn't just mean visualizing, but actually feeling the way you would if you had what you wanted right then. The reason for that is so that you can put out the right vibration to draw that very thing to you. If you can, try to feel the way you did when you had the life you wanted. Then when you go out on the weekends, even if it's alone, if you're feeling good, it's more likely that you'll attract nice people who are curious as to why you're so happy and smiling at everyone.

Are you interested in volunteering at all? That can be a good way to meet new people in addition to meetup.com as Awesome said.

To counteract your feelings of boredom, do you have any personal goals for yourself? Sometimes focusing on improving yourself intellectually by reading, spiritually by meditating, or physically by exercising can give you a new focus and a sense of accomplishment.

I see your point..I had to write the negative down for everyone to understand lol.
All I want from the past is the social life & happiness. Those past friends are gone & that's ok, I have new & want new. I just want the amount of social life I had then, if that makes sense. I was out doing things every weekend, & even mid week too. & that's what I want now.
I've wrote the affirmations & i'm doing the visualising, but how can I keep up my positivity when i'm not doing something, when i'm stuck in the house & bored?
I've tried that meet up site but there's nothing near me.
So it's all about trying to keep myself occupied? When i'm home alone because I can't go out, just to try & occupy myself?
Not occupy yourself but BELIEVE that opportunities will be made available to you because of the desire you have released to the Universe.

You're right don't sit and sulk. Find things to do that bring you joy, and don't think that you are doing it by yourself, don't feel alone when you do it, find the joy in doing it. Get out there and meet new people, make new friends and be genuinely happy for the friends you have.

Volunteer - its great way to meet people, it really is and its also a fun way to use up your spare time in a productive way. You just never know what the Universe will bring you way if only you first BELIEVE.
It's not like I don't believe it'll happen (anything i've manifested) I do believe it & for some reason recently i've been getting this bubbling/excited feeling, which makes me feel like something's going to happen.
It's just trying to see being alone on a weekend & doing nothing as a positive, because I don't want to do it. My alone time is in the week. I just don't know how to lol.


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