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I've been reading a lot of the comments you have posted in this forum and I've noticed that you are nice and positive people and I really like that. I've spent a lot of time creating projects to help people, specially for women and children, but I have found that it is difficult to promote that kind of "ideology". Most of the people are just following the "society" rules and trying to do the same of other people do (role models). We don't spend time to think if that is good for us, just trying to "fit" in the society. I think the biggest problems in our society are communication and loneliness. Most of the people are lonely. We don't have real friends to talk about "important" personal things like how we feel, what we want, what we think...etc. I believe in postive affirmations; I believe in have a good self-esteem, I believe in love myself. When I was creating my new project ( brainywoman.c0m ) I was thinking in helping women to love themselves. I have the ability to create visual activities (I'm a graphic designer) and just wanted to share it with women and touch their lifes in a positive way. What do you think are the biggest problems of our society? 

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1. There are many people who think that if you don't believe the same way they believe--or have the same ideas as them--then you need to have your mind changed. So, intolerance is a huge problem in society.

2. There are too many people who do not question things in the world. Instead of wondering "why" they agree to things ranging from the lies that are told to us by corporate executives and salespeople to those who believe in conspiracy theories.

3. Corruption, violence, you name it!

However, it's all about trying to manifest the better facets of our society :).
HI Patty,

that is quite a challenging question here for people involved in the Law of Attraction. Because without LOA, people believe that problems come from outside, they are someones problems causing us grief. We blame politicians, we blame the weather, we blame other religions and cultures, we blame selfish people, we blame bankers and builders etc

But with LOA, we are invited to see that the only one to blame for anything is ourself, and if we take responsibilty for everything that we dont like, we can change it by changing the energy we give it by criticising it and changing our energies to attract better things.

So before LOA, I would have said the biggest problems in Society was that some people were selfish, taking more than their share and leaving others with less. But with LOA, I can only look at 'my' problem and then I see that I am not selfish enough to 'know' what I want and ask for it. When I am happy and fulfilled, I spread that happiness, when I am abundant, I spread that abundance, when I am healed, I spread healing.

But that said, we do still live in the world, and we DO want to change things that we dont like, so how do we do both the interaction with people who dont believe in LOA and use the LOA in our own lives ? That is a tricky one for me too. As I spent most of my life in violence, poverty and in lone parenting and all I wanted to do was put things right that I felt were wrong, I wanted to empower women and so like you I set up something, I set up a Campaign to get salaries and status for Mothers and Carers. But once I got into LOA, I found I could no longer blame anyone for anything, I could only campaign for support for something I wanted and that has never felt right ...so the campaign is just out there attracting signatures all by itself. What I tend to do now is to just send healing energies to anything 'negative' that comes to my attention. I pray for mothers everywhere that they 'value' thier work as mothers more, so that society can reward them more and for carers too, that they value the work they do caring for the elderly or for disabled relatives or friends. Society may be negligent of these groups in our eyes, but it is up to individuals to ASK for what they need.

Perhaps I am not really answering your question but it is an interesting question for me too ....

I think it is always wonderful when someone wants to help others to help themselves and you have noticed 'lonliness' and "lack of communication" as two areas where people could do with help and that is wonderful. Identifying things is the first step, then it is a matter of doing or inspiring others to do things that will help change this.

I always felt that if all mothers around the globe had a salary, they could raise children with more joy and relaxation, and if they had salaries, they could easily provide food, clothing, shelter as well as give guidance, education, and quality loving time to children without having to go out to work or leave children alone to fend for themselves. And if mothers had salaries, they could also have computers and internet and so communicate with other parents and learn how they cope, share skills, stories and tips and have a social life even without leaving their homes. If they had salaries, they could delegate some of the care to creches, or to the other parent and then be able to hold an outside job, knowing their children are in safe hands. They would have choices. So perhaps we have something in common that our two projects would also cure loneliness and improve communications !

I will have to think more on this ....but I look forward to what ever discussion ensues.

Love and light Gen
I think everybody is right since we are humans and we have different opinions. I agree with you "genevieve", we will have a better world if our FAMILIES still work as a family..everything starts in a family and we don't have Families (we just have relatives) anymore. Maybe if mothers have a salary (for being a mother) we will do a better work, but maybe more women have more children just to have a salary (remember Welfare Program)....don't you think? Thanks a lot for your comments!
Hi Patty,

I dont think that women would have more children just to have a salary, because they would be choosing a career and they would always have a choice of a different career.

Welfare programs dont recognise a mothers as 'working' they see her as a dependant and the welfare money they give her is just to barely keep her and her children out of poverty, but a salary recognises that she must organise the 24/7 care of her children and it recognises the level of responsibility and skill of that care. A salary is rewarding a person for their competence. Welfare is punishing you for not succeeding and even if you try to look at it as rewarding you for childcare, it is so low that the only message it could give women is that childcare is unimportant, and not of any value to society.

I believe that if there were a salary for Mothers pretty soon it would become a parenting salary because more fathers would start to opt to be the main carer of the children and many more mothers could pursue another career of choice. But I aimed the campaign at salary for Mothers because there are so many mothers around the world who rear children with no money and that is not just when they find themselves alone, many mothers in relationships have no money or no recognition of what they do in the partnership.

I would love to see Parenting taught in schools and for children to know that at some time in their futures they may have to make that choice to continue their first choice of career or to take up the Parenting career. The good news would be that there would no longer be a 'gap' in a parents career when they have children, as the Parenting Career would be seen as any other career in terms of insurance, pensions and experience.

I would love to see all Societies cherishing every child that comes to Earth by guaranteeing them a well cared for childhood, in the care of well cared for and qualified parents, guardians, nannies or other combinations. But we cannot guarantee the care if we dont value it enough to provide training, support and adequate funding.

Parenting is a two person job, and if two people really share the work noone has to work more than 12 hours a day 7 days a week, but if one parent is left to do the full care it becomes slave labour and totally exhausting and unproductive. Every child deserve good care and so each 'carer' needs to be respected enough to have time out, this really doesnt happen in most countries around the globe .....YET !

The salary could be for just the daytime care of children, just as most jobs are only 9-5 and only 5 days a week. Parenting or caring still has to be 24/7 but even a daytime salary would vastly improve the lives of so many mothers and of some fathers too.

Oops ...I am letting my old self out again. But my Powerful Intention is that all children would have the right to a well cared for childhood.

And again from a LOA perspective ... I am responsible for what I see in the world, so I need to stop seeing lack and see all mothers with abundance and see all children being cared for wonderfully !

love dn light Gen
It is not difficult to promote positive thinking - People feel like this when they have spent so much time becoming used to the way things supposedly ARE so they give up their power and become part of the problem instead of the solution.

YOUR LIFE AND WORLD start with you. Pay more attention to the things that bring you joy and really try and create a constructive way of thinking.

I don't think ANYMORE about the biggest problems in society. Through my own work and effort and practice, I am changing my world around me, one positive thought at a time and my life is a reflection of this.....

Be the change you want to see in your life and your life will CHANGE - and so will the WORLD YOU LIVE IN!

people focusing on negativity and negative thoughts, following sensationalist stories, not taking personal responsibility, labeling people as victims, addicts, or diseased (I don't believe in AA and its principles), throwing money at problems (halfway across the world) and not connecting with people in your own neighborhood, fundamentalist beliefs, overpopulation (acting like people need to have tons of children)
Patty, I loved your message. I can relate on many of your inclinations and think it is terrific that you are so caring! I find you are right in saying so many people are lonely and as an aside i think communication issues contribute! It seems to me that in almost every situation where there are groups of people there are issues with people feeling left out. This pains me. And your focus on women is relevant because of the constant competition between women. Men also face these challenges and I think the biggest issue surrounding the loneliness in men and women is the simple fact that people do not EMPATHIZE with one another. We need to take the time to try and understand other people's circumstances before we jump to judgment about them.

We need to look out for one another and go the extra little bit when someone is down on their luck. We need to expect the best from one another and TRUST in each other.

There is so much and we want to keep the focus off of all of it really :)

Big hug, Flowerpatch xo
"but maybe more women have more children just to have a salary"

Some women do - the welfare thing. But others including me wouldn't have our own children for a cool mil!
It's just not what we want. But for those that do become mothers good for them and I hope they enjoy it and do a great job cos they are raising the future. Forget problems, methinks, what are the biggest SOLUTIONS for our society?
Hello Patty,

There is only one "problem" (not really a problem, just the way it is, currently) and that is the majority of people do not love themselves and are not happy. When people are happy, there are no "problems". So, love yourself, be happy with who you are and others will gravitate to you that feel the same way. =)

Deep Peace,

Ross - Tolemac
Ross is on fire!!

Fear consciousness, learning to live once fear, and the massive media which plays on it. We have learned to live in fear since the year dot, and the media know this fine well, that’s why they pump fear out in all sorts of forms. They know that fear sells newspapers, gets TV viewings and gets clicks online.  It all perpetuates a thought form which is within us already, and deepens it further. What e need to do is to get used to thinking bigger and having better conscious expectations. 

Yeah true


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