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I have been in my apartment for a little over 2 years, and while we have had our ups and downs, I generally like it.  I am pondering moving as its gotten a bit pricey and the neighbors are a bit sketch.  In my ponderance of the topic, I decided to meditate and heard "Home is where the heart is" and "Home is where the hearth is".

While I ponder what both of those mean, I'm curious what home means to the rest of you.

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Well said Clarice...that is exactly what home should be like.
Love this Clarice, very beautiful!
Wow. I love your description of home. That it is a sanctuary; that its a place you love coming back to; that it is a sacred place.
Your response resonates with me. I haven't felt safe in my apartment for awhile due to some nasty little visitors that came through.
I'm curious, do you own or rent? The reason I wonder is my family swears you can only have a home if you own it. I am adverse to owning.
I look at what they own and wonder if they consider it a home, and I'm reminded of cultures who took their homes with them whereever they went. And of course, there's always the metaphor of the turtle.
Hardly, that's the beauty of being home - when you are happy - no matter where you are - YOU'RE HOME!
Very true. I was thinking that very thing as I drove home tonight. Got home and was welcomed by my apartment for the first time in awhile. I wonder if I treated it better, if it would treat me better?
NOW YOU GOT IT! The more we appreciate our NOW - the better EVERYTHING BECOMES!
Oh, I can answer this one, wolfcat. I sold my home 5 years ago and rented the apartment I'm living in now. My intent was to live here while looking for a new home to buy. At first, I liked it because it was "different," sort of mine but not really mine. Then, somewhere along the way, I decided I didn't like it because it wasn't mine. This all led to a lot of discontent about the place, and I couldn't care less if I cleaned or decorated it or not.

But, just as awesome says, when I learned to appreciate NOW, what I have NOW, I also learned to love my home! It is just as Clarice says, my sanctuary, where I come for peace, and love, and comfort. When I leave, I say "so long, be good, I'll be back" and when I come back, I walk in the door and say, "Hi! It's me. I'm home. Look how beautiful you are!" I just feel so good to be here! I have wonderful neighbors, am in walking distance of all I need, have a beautiful view from my patio, just everything I could want.

So, I would say yes, when you start to really appreciate your apartment, it will appreciate you. When I say "Hi! I'm home" I can almost feel my apartment smile.
Cool Daisy, thanks for the info.
With the increase in rent, I will be parting ways with my current abode and looking for something that feels right.
We still rent but still some of the feelings are the same :-)
It's a place to relax & unwind, you know where things are, you have things you love there, things perhaps you may have collected, you may have a vision board there, music there in some fashion, shower bath, bed to sleep in, entertainment, people you love, I have all these things and I have photos and a couple of scrapbooks with great memories inside videos to remember great memories, a place to be me.
Nice. I do have things I love here; my books, my journals, my crystals, etc. And I do like the space.
Wolfcat we only rent although we are lucky enough to have manifested someone buying a house in Egypt - actually 2 - and a house in New Zealand for us. But in the UK we rent. Now we do want to own at some stage. BUT the thing putting me off is here you need to have steady employment or be self employed for at least 3 years and I want the freedom to do whatever I want with my career, so does my hubby. And there is NO WAY I am staying in my job for longer JUST to get a property if I am not really happy with my job. I DID consider it, we started the process of buying a property here & it felt through now I am actually kind of glad it did. And our rent is really cheap. But I also like the idea of having a house as an asset here & decorating how we like. I would also love to know where in the world I can buy properties REGARDLESS of employment status. You can also rent out a property. On the OTHER hand, it might be easier to move when you rent. The apartment we were going to buy here was lovely but even so it wasn't quite right nor was our 2nd fave. We really liked them both though. So I think perhaps there's something even better out there. AND I manifested being approved initially for a mortgage, then it falling away through my resistance. But then again maybe I felt resistance cos the timing is not right?


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