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I have been in my apartment for a little over 2 years, and while we have had our ups and downs, I generally like it.  I am pondering moving as its gotten a bit pricey and the neighbors are a bit sketch.  In my ponderance of the topic, I decided to meditate and heard "Home is where the heart is" and "Home is where the hearth is".

While I ponder what both of those mean, I'm curious what home means to the rest of you.

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I've never owned a house in my life, and have no burning desire to ever do so. Home truly is where the heart is (assuming it's also where the work is). I've lived many places throughout my life, in various parts of the United States, and no matter where I was it was a matter of being comfy and getting familiar with the place itself, and with the immediate environment. Some felt better than others. Some only held me for a short time, others kept me quite content for several years.

Clarice nailed it for me -- the concept of sacred sanctuary. My home IS my castle, however humble it may appear by someone else's standards -- I don't care about that. My home isn't for show -- it's my den. If I'm cozy and comfortable and SAFE and it's in a reasonably convenient location (convenience being relative, of course) then I'm happy. I don't require much in the way of creature comforts, nor am I overly fond of knick-knacks and paintings and other decorative clutter, though I do have a few such items -- it's just more stuff to clean. And since I'm away so much, I don't want to spend my precious home-time dusting off the doo-dads.

And home-time is indeed precious, especially for one who travels constantly. Thoughts of home are like the beacon of a lighthouse to a sailor . . . beckoning and welcoming and warm . . . the promise of a safe harbor. Peace and quiet. A home-cooked meal, a favored beverage, a comfy lazy-chair and a good book . . .

" . . . these are few of my favorite things . . . " quoth Liza Doolittle . . . and I deeply appreciate them all . . . especially the part where I get to sit here at my 'puter and visit with my dear friends for a while :-)
I really enjoyed this Pat......
I like this very much, thank you for sharing Pat.
Oh Pat, you nailed it for me. I use to be pretty cleaver at aquiring things that I loved, I had an old rod iron bed frame and an inlayed wood dining room table that someone had made from scratch. But I gave everything away when I moved back here. We occupy a physical structure but the thing that makes it home is us.
, my apartment complex just threw a new variable into my musing about moving or staying. They raised my rent to over $800 per month; that's up $150 since I moved in last year. So either I love it enough to stay, find a place I like at a lower price or do nothing and stay. So I'm making a list of what I want:

Top floor
Southern Facing
Balcony or patio
Washer/Dryer in unit
A BIG bathtub
Pet friendly
Lots of parking
Good neighbors

A space that I enjoy, that is my sanctuary
I want it to be a place of safety, love, peace and comfort and sacred to me

Not sure if I'll stay in Colorado or move elsewhere...
Wolfie, I've usually lived with a partner, but now I'm not. I can honestly say that's one thing I always do well, be happy that I'm living with someone or be happy that I'm solo. I adjust immediately in that aspect of life and find good things about either habitation situation. I always love HOME and consider it my refuge, my most comfortable space, my oasis - no matter what home means at the time.

I guess I should add now that I've owned a few houses, I do not enjoy renting, as I have since I moved to a new city. I love having my own house and a yard for gardening, so I'm not patient enough about the dwelling itself sometimes.
I've only had one roommate and she was CRAZY. It was a very, very bad experience. I've lived on my own since I was 16 and I've moved alot and occupied quite a few places. I wonder if the universe is giving me a gentle nudge to get a move on...
Wolfcat -- that sounds like a great list -- I'm wishing you the best!
Thanks! I realized today that a big bathtub is a must!

Make you home God's home and there will be light, love and abundance ~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


"Home" is like many terms, "love", "relationship/s", "career" in that it can mean a multitude of different things depending on who you speak to, and whats going on in their life at that moment.  I often like to look at the meaning of words we use, and sometimes we unknowingly use words that mean something else without even realising and the words we use produce results (although its a different result from that which we think).  Classic example is the word "want".  It originally meant "to lack".  So when people use the word "want" they are saying "to lack".  So many newcomers to the LOA think its about asking for our desires (which is a part of it indeed) and say "I want xyz".  The Universe hears "I lack xyz" and the focus then reinforces the lack rather than the "having" of the desire.  I still often marvel at how wonderous it all is, and frequently on the forum you will see people use the term without even realising they are getting exactly what they ask for.  "I want my ex back", "I want a new job", "I want a new relationship" - all are based on "lack".  They state this and declare their love for whats coming and then focus on the lack rather than the having.  When I first learned about "want" it really hit a lightbulb for me.  I realised I had unknowingly been getting exactly what I had been asking for (i.e. lack) rather than what I desired.  


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