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Ok, basically I dreamed that I was in some room and this guy runs up to me and tries to rob me. then he fires off some shots at me. I didnt die or anything. I just woke right up.


What could this mean?


A Few years ago i dreamed the same thing.......didnt die. but woke right up

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I'm used to having violent dreams like this, like armed men trying to shoot me or rabid wolves biting my arm off o.O.


I think I would also wake up before 'dying'.


The only explanation I can offer you is that you may have a lot of anxiety over a certain issue, or low esteem, and it appears in your dream as an aggressive attacker that you must escape from. I read somewhere that if a dream becomes too scary for your subconsciousness to handle, you then wake up, hence you never 'die' in these dreams.

If you die in your dream that means your life span has increased....
You will live a bit longer....

well i did have a lot of social anxiety.


Here is the weird thing though guys. yesterday I had a great day because of visualization. Everytime i got caught with people looking angry at me, i imagined them with a smile. and my mood changed. So i felt so good yesterday. the thing is after such a great day in a long time, why did i have such a dream?


it felt so real.



My anxiety is with society. I tend to let people get me down so fast. so in a way i think i tuned this into anxiety or fear of strangers in a way.

Hi Johnny Isern,


Google dream dictionary, you will get your answer to your dream of being shot and answers to many other dreams





thanks for responses. I  am in no way shape or form a violent person. However you are right when you say there is some fear in me. I find that i never really live to my fullest potential because I am fearful of others. afraid of violent confrontations. could the dream stem from this?


I would in now way shape or form harm another person. However I am afraid of others harming me etc.

after reading a few "definitions" online. they say its mostly fear of attact or judgement that causes this type of dream. OR like most of you say a type of internal punishment. At age 21 I feel like I have not really experienced anything worth while in my life. I am still a virgin and for the most part i do not have many friends. I am in college but I am struggling to make ends meet. I also live in a very small apartment with my mom.


could all of this isolation etc have caused this? 

First how were you FEELING during and after the dream?


That matters WAY more than what any one else says a dream "means"


It is not so much what happens in a dream but how we feel about it.


For instance I might have a dream were I am diving and there are sharks all around me.

I have had those dreams and I felt total thrill and excitement because I LOVE diving with sharks.


Someone else might feel very different.


Only YOU know how you felt about it.


You DID say:


 " I am afraid of others harming me etc."


If you felt afarid and felt like you had no control, than you are just attracting your fear during a dream.


You might have felt afraid but than felt something else, like more empowered, but only you know.


You said it happenned a few years ago and you were fine.


It really makes no difference, no harm , no foul,unless there is something you want to do around this?


Otherwise I would not place my focus on this unless doing so makes you feel better or moves you towards some intention you have.








kind of releived after the dream.....


Its weird though. I guess I been a little paranoid since i got into accident with a truck on my birthday....mind playing tricks on me


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