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I'm attracting a girlfriend right now and I realized that this girl that was attractive was attracted to me in one of my college classes and I realized that she might've been the girl i was attracting (while i was in the bathroom) and I noticed a really bright white ball of light on my leg but then i directly looked at it and it went away.

What does this mean?

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I think that white balls of light are angels. But that is JMO.
i heard it was a miracle awaiting to happen, or a miracle in the making.
Sweet - this happened me the other day and it scared me a little. Thought there was something wrong with my eye. It wasn't a ball of light though. Just a tiny ray-like thing!
Most likely, it was you seeing a piece of your own etheric energy coming off your leg. When we use the sides of our eyes to "see" with, we are not using the straight on vision from the cones inside our eyes. Instead, we are using the rods, which are much more sensitive to input from outside our normal spectrum of seeing. The etheric energy around our bodies is seen generally as white or grayish. =)

Ross - Tolemac
I'd vote for etheric energy or angel light myself. But I also wanted to cover the ophthalmology end of this for others who come along and see this discussion.

If you see flashes of light, it also can be a serious warning sign of a detached retina - which needs immediate medical attention from an ophthalmologist or you are quite apt to go blind in that eye. Every hour counts, if you feel it is that.

Here's the medical lowdown on it ...

The reason why you are advised not to ignore symptoms of sudden increase in the number of floaters or flashes of light especially if accompanied by subjective reduction in vision (cloud or curtain in vision) is that these symptoms signify an acute posterior vitreous detachment (i.e. detached retina). There could be an associated retinal tear which can lead to a retinal detachment. Therefore you should have an immediate eye examination to rule out any retinal involvement.

A dilated fundus examination is required. Another examination will be performed after 4 to 6 weeks if the first examination is normal.

Just didn't want anyone going blind while looking for only spiritual causes. :-)


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