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Hello fellow creators

I want to know what the law says about changing physical appearance drastically.
Not just weight loss, but change in features (say change eye color or hair color or nose shape) with the power of the mind/imagination ONLY (no resorting to surgeries or comestics)

My main influences are Neville Goddard and Abraham Hicks but I remember reading in Neville's lecture " changing the feeling of I" he says you will not change your skin color ... Etc
But to say physical change is not possible that goes against what abraham hicks say "you can be, do, or have anything you want".

I know there is a group for physical appearance but I rarely read success stories.

Your ideas?

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I want to know what the law says about changing physical appearance drastically.”

I understand what you mean, but when you use the word “drastically,” that is an indicator of where your practiced vibration is in relation to what you want.

As you practice your thoughts focused on what you want, and feel good, then your physical appearance changing would not feel or even appear (at least to you) like a “drastic” change, but simple a normal change. When you are in alignment and a vibrational match to what you want, your physical appearance changing to what you want would feel normal.

You got me! Haha love it

That's so true. Neville talks about that in his lectures.

Thank you!
Love and light

Dear, Menrva , you can change ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you want, NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE but IMPOSSIBILITY!
Also if you want to change your appearance or large changes , add/pm me and I will give you a way :)

I've been practicing this too and would like to ask your thoughts on how to change eye color quickly as I've changed mine yet I want them very green with some blue! Ah love to you thank you so kindly I sent a friends request as well.



What does "the law" say ?"

  I AM and I AM THAT I AM .

ALL    I   AM   !

With or without one word uttered .

Well, there's a few things first.

First there's a difference between possible and probable. Almost anything is possible theoretically, but whether it's probable or relevant for your experience is something else altogether. 

Is it really a contradiction of what Abraham say? They probably mean that anything you TRULY want (ie, heart's desires) is possible for you. Because any true genuine desire is given to you for a purpose, because you have the power to manifest it. 

More often than not, seeking to change physical features - especially drastically, is indicative of insecurities and other negative emotions, rather than excitement and joy. The path of least resistance, then - which the universe operates in, would require you to deal with the emotions, rather than seek to change the outside (even using a mental technique). However, if it brings you joy to recreate yourself physically, it could be a genuine desire, and then you may be able to attract the tools to aid you in this endeavor.

Hope this helps.


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