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Don't have the clearest idea about this. Please enlighten. :)

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Resistance is introduced whenever you think thoughts about the lack or absence of what you want, or what you don’t want. Resistance is offering a vibration, your energy, that blocks or slows down your desire. You are offering resistance when you feel negative emotion. Worry, doubt and fear are all emotional guidance letting you know you are offering resistance to what you want.

When you focus on what you want and why you want it, you are allowing, opening up your energy to be a match to your desire, and you feel better.

When you doubt that what you want can be in your life someway or another.

Fear, doubt, worry, impatience just to name a few. 

First,  could anything be resisted, denied, doubted or feared without acknowledging it , being one Whole,  inseparable with it ?

Could one deny, declare the absence of their own being , let alone any being .....else who be first the one  , being at all ?

Who be conscious of everything being  , but The Everything ? 

Not is not. 

Sawirka Carolynn Basque.

Resistance is all the emotions & beliefs that block your way to getting what you want. Hate, jealousy, fear, I am not good enough, I hate myself, I hate wealth, I am disliked, etc...You simply need to allow yourself to succeed and to allow yourself to succeed check out noah st john's books.

The Truth is that "everything IS 'honey' "   

And there is not anything else .  I AM THAT I AM 

Thr Truth is sweet, nourishing..... Alive !      The rest of the story is not at all. 


Whatever everyone else has said . lol  I will say this . Resistance is anything you focus on, think about or imagine that doesn't feel good.  When you don't feel good you're not aligned with your natural energy state.  Think of resistance as you attempting to resist the energy of your soul from flowing into your body and your reality.  That is why it doesn't feel good because your'e pushing against your own energy and your energy is way more powerful and bigger than your body.  Your soul is  is extremely powerful but extremely simple. Your soul just wants to flow but you have the ability to direct the flow or push the flow into a certain direction but instead of pushing your soul into a certain direction most people just ush against their soul causing resistance . You know when your resisting when you don't feel good. 

Thank you for sharing that will, what if we focus on our desires but they don't feel good because of limiting beliefs? How do we overcome that for instance, I want to be a millionaire but don't feel worthy of it, or feel like people will be jealous of me

Hi Celine :) I'm not Will obviously and I know you were asking him, but I can add my two cents to this if you like.

In order to ask the universe for something, you need to desire it and know that you're capable of obtaining it; and most importantly, you need to know that you already have it. When you accompany your request with notions such as "I don't deserve this" and "What will people think?", the universe thinks that you truly don't want it; and as a result, you don't think you are capable of possessing it.

When you wonder what people will feel as a result of your manifestations, ask yourself what's the worse that will happen. Let's say they feel jealous. That shouldn't make them like you any less. Just think that with the millions of dollars you'll attract, you attract friends who prefer getting to know what's in your head and not in your bank. Granted, I don't know your friends so I apologize if I sound harsh. I just mean, don't let anyone stand in the way of a safe manifestation. I understand if it was life-threatening, but attracting money isn't. It's perfectly safe and has been performed numerous times.

Deep-seated fears, producing negative thoughts and beliefs, which then produce negative experiences and realities.  These then run contrary to your desires, and block them - forming a resistant barrier to them.


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