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Can someone answer this question: What happens to the soul when someone committs suicide?


My son's 17 year-old friend George committed suicide at 4:00 am this morning. George called my son at 3:30 am Saturday morning, and asked if he felt like talking; Erik stated that he was about to go to sleep and that they could talk tomorrow. Later Saturday morning, Georges' father informed my son that he had killed himself. His father found him in his bedroom at 4:00 am this morning.


Erik said that he did not understand why he would kill himself. They were like brothers and George told him everything. I know that George was estranged from his mother and wanted to reconnect with her. George also had problems connecting with his father, and their was distance between he and his siblings. My son also informed me that people would often shun George and that he just wanted to belong, to be loved and to feel wanted.


My heart goes out to his family, but most of all to George. I feel as though he slipped through my fingers, and now all I can do is "pray and plead the blood of Jesus over his soul". My spirit is distrubed and my heart aches for him. I wished I could have done more like; be the mother he longed for, and a shoulder he could have leaned on. If I could do it all over again, he would be with me. Please, Please, Please pray for his soul in Jesus name ... Amen.

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Well, I guess it depends on your belief. Some say that the soul goes into the ether and then it becomes reincarnated into someone/something else. Others say that it goes back into the spirit realm and hangs out. As for Christianity, some of the research I have done states that the Bible does not mention suicide as a tremendous moral sin directly. The Bible does mention some references to suicide, but it is usually the Christian church which claims that suicide is an ultimate sin and that your soul will go to Hell for it. I haven't really seen any concrete references to going to Hell over suicide though. There are some that are interpreted in that manner such as: "If anyone defiles the temple of God, God will destroy him. For the temple of God is holy, which temple you are." However, it is also translated to mean other scenarios and not necessarily that you are going to Hell for committing suicide.

I don't think it's fair for you to say that you should have done more. No one could have predicted it. Your son could not have predicted that 3:30 a.m. phone call. The kids parents could not have predicted it. He is in charge of his own destiny. He is free now in the spiritual realm to think about what has happened. We can only guess what happens to us in the afterlife, but perhaps he's watching over his mother or your son. Or, maybe he's working on his next life. Even if you do believe that he's in Hell, there is a book that was considered more credible than Revelations called the "Apocrypha of Peter". This book allegedly states that Jesus told Paul that one day the angels in Heaven--and God--would forgive those in Hell and they will be able to live together in Heaven. However, it was banned from the Bible at the last moment. So, even if you do believe that, perhaps he will be forgiven.

I do not have the answers to this question. However, I do send my condolences and I wish all of you the best as you grieve. Take as much time as you need (*hugs*).
Like Modest said, it depends on your belief. Some say the soul is immediately reincarnated, sometimes into similar situations. Some say they go to a purgatory state and some say they wander the earth. Suicide is not an action that a soul enters into lightly. In my experience as a medium, I have encountered a few souls who have committed suicide and each has had a different experience.
Please don't blame yourself and don't let your son blame himself. Neither of you could've known or done anything if he chose not to share his intentions. Human beings make choices and he made this choice of his own accord. He is in charge of his own destiny and is now in charge of his spiritual afterlife. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers and see him happy. See him fulfilled. For no one can truly say what happens after life. Maybe he is watching over you and your son and his family. Maybe his is reviewing his life. One can't say.
I send you my condolences and heartfelt wishes. Take care of yourself and let yourself greive. I truly wish I had the answers.
Mostly christians talk about suicide sending one to hell because you are not alive to ask for forgiveness. But geez, there are a million things that I fail to ask for forgiveness for, does that mean I am unforgiven. Nay. What sense does that make? It's horrible to feel and believe that you are disconnected but I can't believe that a loving God would ever punish someone for being in that position. My heart goes out to you and your son and George and his family. I believe that George is connected in the perfect love that he desired.
Oh Goddess... my sincere condolences to you and your son.

Please know that all really is well with George. He has merged back with Source. His 'soul' will rest awhile, until he is ready to review the choices he made in this lifetime. He is surrounded only with love.

Be gentle with yourself and encourage your son to be gentle with himself. Do your best to stay aligned with the love that surrounds you. It can be hard to understand the kind of pain or feelings of hopelessness that can cause someone to make the decision to end their physical life. You can, instead of trying to figure that out, take it as a wake up call alerting you to the choices you have before you in each moment. Choose to seek out and focus on the love surrounding you... and let that be George's parting gift to you.
I'm new to this forum but I do have a gentle opinion. I left that church that you reference with the blood of Jesus and in Jesus name. I found everytime I turned around there was some reference to fear if one does this or that.
I have learned for myself that fear seperates me from Source/God/Universe. When one enters into fear the frequency is disconnected.
This forum seeks the knowledge of the Law of Attraction and in that the LAW teaches us that we can "NEVER NOT BE". In this I find excitement and growth. If Im not here with you I am for sure somewhere growing in the knowledge of the Law. In this I delight.
If you are looking for comfort in the Bible...it does say "That to be absent from the body is to be at home with the FATHER".
Referencing Modest's reply below...regarding taking ones life, this same Bible say in its top ten rules, "Thou Shall Not Kill". This dose not exclude ones self.
This is why I took the blinders off and opened my mind to the Law of Attraction. There is no conflit in the Law that I have found thus far. Its all within and not without. When we look inside ourselves for the answer...we always find it. Its there, we just need to be keen in our awareness to see it.
In that I celebrate George and the journey he had in his body we called George. George was here to have a journey and gain knowledge to bring him forward in his purpose. His experiences was part of his journey.
I delight in George as he can never " NOT BE"....My thoughts are that George is now choosing another journey of knowledge. You go George and this time around I will picture you a confident, popular individual with an explosive personality that attracts many in his next journey. I hope our paths cross one day. . . Jilly
well....i m really feeling so low after reading this.......but i want to share this with you......The journey of life is all choosen by soul itself...our soul chooses the parents , the birth place the experiences it wants to feel and live ...the soul only choose wht all desires he wants to fulfilled...and what makes soul to take rebirth is the love ..the love which calls it everytym to come on earth and experience it. i want to tell you that its only souls decision to leave the body and how we gonna die that also our soul decides. if u want to know about all this you can read the books life after death and the books writen by brian weiss who deals in past life regressi0on.
if your son was really attached to George (may god bless him and his soul rest in peace) ..he will surely come back in your son's life in some or other way and if he was truely attached with your son then your son can connect with him through meditation and just call him and trust him he will surely come and he will guide him . our loved ones always keep us sorrounding everytym ,death and life cant kep us apart ..true love is something which makes the soul family keeps connected thru all the lives and births.
i want to share this small story a mother she wanted to have a son and one night an angel came in her dream and told her that she can have a son but he wil die at the age of 17 you tell you want to have this deal or not.mother said yes.and then after exactly 9 months she gave birth to a child who son and with love she named hin johny ..her son was a pure soul , so chirpy always used to help everyone , always keep smiling and used yo spread love and joy everywhere.as he was growing his mother forgot the deal with the angel.and exactly after 17 years he dies. mother was almost filled with pain and started cursing herself dat why she accepted the deal with angel . why she did that to her son . else her son wouldnot have to face so much and die so early. she was filed with guilt that all this hapened because of her . she used to keep cryng daily for hours and hours and then one night johny came in her dream and said to her mother why you are so sad and why u keep sp upset al the tym , her mother said because of me you died so early ...then her son said no mother " i choose you , you dint choose me , to born as your son and to have all that experience was my decision you dint do anythng "those words helped her relax.
so thats how the journey of soul goes.
love and light
It is your son that got stuck with some guilt he doesn't deserve.... Focus on that!

WES said this so well. Please please focus on what this is may do to your son. I would get him to a counselor as soon as possible. Kids really take these things hard, and do not usually have the skills to cope.
My brother David commit suicide 17 years ago, and he is now in Heaven enjoying his heavenly state and has recently been joined by my mother and father and I picture them all chatting about their lives, enjoying each others company and learning all the next possibilities that are open to them ...more Earth experience, different levels of heaven to aspire to ...perhaps even new dimensions to explore ...it is all from LOVE.

Even at the time of my brothers death, I remember having a very real sense of the bible story of the Prodical Son, where the King (God) welcomed back the son who went off and squandered his inheritance by giving him a huge welcome home party and that was how I saw God welcoming back my brother. God loves us all equally, whether we do good or bad on earth, because in Heaven there is only GOOD. The contrasts that exist here are only to help us to 'feel' and have 'feeling' and with those 'feelings' to explore ALL aspects of LOVE both the lack of it ie sadness, fear, anger and the full joy of it, happiness, joy, compassion and LOVE.

So rest assured that George is blissfully happy now ....and as others said ...just love and comfort your son for his loss and help him to adjust to loving this life that he elected to come and enjoy. We are all LOVED unconditionally by God, we are all outpourings of God, and 'going back home' or "croaking' as Abraham puts it is just something that eventually happens to us all ....we didnt elect to come here and to live forever ...we came on a package deal and we may come again and again if it so pleases us.

Some people even believe that we come here with a mission, so George may have had a mission to live a short life and so offer a lesson to those around him on how to value people while they are alive and amongst us or just a lesson in adjusting to life after loss of a loved one. Only you will know what lessons to draw from this if any. But LOVE is the lesson for us all.

love and light Gen
As WES very nicely put it, focus on your son. Explain to him that he couldn't have done anything to change what happened.
One can only be responsible for oneself.
George obviously had some issues and made a choice. He simply chose to resign.
I'm not criticising. It was his right to do so. I'm only pointing out that this has nothing to do with you or your son.
I will pray for your son, for you and for George.

Rather than focus your energy on wishing you could have been like a mother to George, focus on being the mom your son clearly needs right now.

Perhaps this will be a time for you and your son to share with each other how you are feeling about having let George down and this will help you to move forward. God Bless You
I second Mary Ws comment. George is in a place where there are many loved ones working to try and help him heal. The important thing for you is to focus on you and your son now. The death was no one's fault but George. He chose the route he chose for personal reasons and there was nothing you or anyone could do. Though we can talk until we are blue in the face to try and impart wisdom on our loved ones ultimately we can't save anyone. We each are in charge of saving ourselves. It is our purpose and our purpose alone so take some time to grieve and work through your guilt because it is not a burden you should be carrying with you. It is not you or your son's fault. With some time and healing George will be just fine. (((Hugs)))

My deapest sympathy to you and your family - in this time of need.

There are many post here, within this discussion, that open the mind to the probabilities of what does happen. There is no right or wrong answer - unless it is based on fear.

I too have let go of the notion of hell and heaven, of fear in damnation....of a judging God, that is created by man to control man.

Everyone I love is here - in the physical and non-physical

"George" and death are an illusion

His spirit - is Real and at peace.....and those he left behind need to find the peace....that is the lesson he wishes to convey to you.

The words "Rest in Peace" are meant for the living - those left behind....it is a mirror....a reminder...the perception, the missinterpretation has always been in relation to the spiritual world, but in essense it is the physical world that must rest in peace...and let go of all attachments, of the negative energy, fear of death...found in a loved one's passing

I dont believe children have a hard time to cope on this - I believe your own son is the one that will show you the way....back to Love which has no bounderies.

To think (not that you mention in your own post) that your child might need councelling....Look first within your own silence....find what you fear within you first.....before creating a false belief within your son.

Make peace Within YOU
And "George" will rest in peace - the "George" that is within you....the memory

Such is the mirror of life


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