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God is I am. I am is all that is. All that is, is every corner of existence. He emanates throughout existence as that which is and apart of all things. God exists through us and is all things. Because we are an extension of that which is the creator of all things then we have access to his powers and abilities. We can do what he does. That is why when we Pray he grants us what we want because we are him. And that which is us cannot say no to us. Unless we divorce ourselves from him like I did and now I no longer have access to that which is everything and can do everything. Love is existing harmoniously with all that is, on the same plain of existence without conflict or opposition or rebellion. Hell is not a place but a separation from this existence of what is. If you can’t exist harmoniously with the natural order you back away from it and become ostracized from that which is all things. Hell is not being able to exist with the natural order of things and become in such opposition to it that we wind up abandoning the world where which all things exist. We are magnets and we can attract the abundance of good things that the Universe has to provide or like magnets we can attract the opposite and it would be the undoing of us all. Because of my inability to coexist harmoniously I have ostracized myself from existence when I die. We can choose to exist united or we divorce ourselves from it through self-imposed exile. I have attracted destruction, I have attracted misery. Because of this I am the only one who be ostracized from existence when I die. I no longer have access to God or that which exists throughout all of existence. I no longer can control. I do not have the power.

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Love some advice.

Your suffering is real and obvious, and I do not wish to trivialize it.

However, what advice could we possibly give you, that you would be willing and able to use? 

You have decided that your situation is hopeless, and that you have no power to change it. You have beliefs about the ultimate nature of reality, and your relation to God, that you will not budge on, and in that reality you are forever doomed to live in disharmony, ostracized, and as an outcast. 

Your exile is self-imposed, which means that ultimately, you do have the power to return from it. To do so, however, will require abandoning the overwhelmingly negative beliefs you have adopted that keep you imprisoned in your own suffering. However, if you are not willing to do that, then there is no advice we could possibly give you, because it is our beliefs about reality that create the reality each of us experiences. Change your mind about the nature of reality, and your reality will change in response to it. There is no other way.   

Love your reply!!

Jman, sometimes we just need not to identify ourselves with our "story" anymore, focus ONLY on your present & on what gives you joy.

Big hug** 

Nessun testo alternativo automatico disponibile.

Really nice message here :)

I discovered recently that God is the totality of all existence. And we can be apart of that natural order or we can ostracize ourselves from it. I got into some trouble with some spirits and lost my abilities to be one with existence. I no longer have power or control. I decided to not be one with all that is and decided to divorce myself from it. I want to reverse that mistake not sure how.

I think you mean to say that you have cut the flow of wellbeing. 

The good thing is that you are aware you are responsible for not allowing your wellbeing. 

You reverse that mistake by changing your thoughts. 


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