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I got fat. To be precise, I got morbidly obese. I got closer to suffering from diabetes and hypertension, since it's already in my family. I got to the point where I'm sleepy and tired all day and my concentration is close to none because my body is failing. I got to the point where I'm even more ashamed of my body, even though I thought it couldn't be worse than that, it could only be better. I got to the point where my clothes are uncomfortable and  ripping because I'm too fat for it. I don't even fit seats on college or in the car. Why? Because I "Acted as if". Because I lived as I have already achieved the metabolism I want. I didn't work out. I didn't care what I eat, how much I eat and when I eat. I just ate and that's it. 

That is what I got from all of this.

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I know everyone has a different idea of what kind of action is necessary to take when it comes to LOA, but I think there is a huge mistake in thinking that your path of least resistance must be not doing anything at all. Sometimes the path of least resistance is actually taking the physical action necessary rather than hoping for it to happen without it. Maybe it is possible to do all of that without physical action, but for many people this is actually a path of resistance and not least resistance.

Speaking as someone who is fit and competes in sports, the reason why it seems like people can eat whatever they want and not gain weight is either because people aren't actually eating as much as they think they are (every time we've had someone track their calories this is always the case) or they have a deeper understanding of how much fuel their body needs. Even the ones in my sport who are less interested in nutrition follow the basic principals and are still able to live happy fit lives. This stuff doesn't have to be scary or hard, we really aren't suffering out here because we're aware of what we put into our bodies. We can still eat cake and burgers, ha ha.

So let's look at this. You acted as if, but what were you actually doing? Well from what I remember of your posts, you weren't really wanting to use your body. And as someone that's fit, it's odd to me that someone wouldn't want to use their body if they're in such great shape. Sure I like to sit at the computer and all, but I'll go crazy if I can't do something physical after a while. I don't know anyone who who has been fit for long term that doesn't have the same kind of drive to do physical things either. If I never had to workout a single day to maintain my body I would still be doing something because to me that's fun.

So were you really acting as if you had the mindset of a fit person or were you acting from the mindset of someone who wants to eat anything all the time and do not much of anything with their body? Because to me, acting as if means you are tapping into how your thought process would be if you had the thing you wanted.

Some of you are really going at this in a way that is harder than it needs to be. Many of you look at the preconceived idea that exercise and diets must always mean suffering and try to avoid that suffering when the easier way is to realize that what you've been told about those things is false. It doesn't have to be painful, it can be fun and exciting. And just like LOA, you can see results quickly if you are consistent with it.

Wise reply!!

Solid reply. I say pretty much the same thing.

In addition, it's a misinterpretation of "acting as if". Someone thin, for example, wouldn't be eating that much food. And you're right, counting calories and knowing your daily maintenance should be the first thing people do. In my case, I thought I was a hardgainer. I thought I ate a lot but could never gain muscle, but counting my calories revealed something different.

Thanks for replying, but I think there's a misunderstanding. It's not that I'm not willing to move, there's just not enough time to exercise and rest. I can pick only one. And I do tend to be physically active, starting with me not taking a bus or taxi and walking to my college and hospital on the other side of the city instead. I won't be starting my clinical part of studies, but once I do, there's gonna be even less time available, but I'll be working my ass off while at the hospital, that could also count as physical activity. Besides, I read tons of success stories of people that lost weight and maintained their perfect figure just by asking the Universe for it, they just expressed their desire and that's it. On top of that, I personally know people that eat more than I do, do nothing about it and are perfectly fit and healthy. According to spiritual teachings, anything is possible, and since there is a lot of people that have that kind of metabolism, which mean that I should be able to develop it too. If it's possible for one person, it's possible for any other person too. There's so much material that proves that we can change reality just with our mind power, so why not use that in my advantage.

Why not try to find your daily maintenance calories and find out how many calories you eat daily? "Faster metabolism" is largely a myth. It mostly has to do with your daily requirement intakes versus how much you consume. Neither is exercise that important, because it's really tough to burn away calories. It may take 30-60 minutes of cardio just to burn away something like a donut. So a much easier path begins with eating less, and not a lot less, but just less than your requirements. For example if your daily maintenance is 3500 calories. Eating 500 less a day would be a good start. 

I'm just worried that it would make me a bit tired, since body is used to having certain intake and once it feels that there is less, it would feel hunger, which would draw my concentration away and that would not be a good thing, because I'm studying for most of the day. And I would like to hear you opinion on metabolism, why do you think it's a myth? My colleague is eating twice as much as I do, more caloric food too, and he isn't gaining a single gram. He's been complaining how he can't gain any weight  and he's eating like an entire army and having no physical activities at all. We had a checkup recently, he's at full health. How do you explain that? And he's not the only person like that that I know...

All metabolism is is how many calories are needed to maintain your weight. This changes constantly depending on what your overall weight is and how many calories you eat day in and day out. Contrary to popular belief, a fast metabolism doesn't mean you don't gain weight as much, it means you metabolize your food faster. So what happens when someone with a fast metabolism starts eating a lot? They gain weight quickly. The energy doesn't disappear into thin air, it gets used up. If you aren't expending those calories, then it gets stored as fat. But a slower metabolism doesn't fix this exactly either, your calorie intake will always dominate.

As for your friend and other people you know, this is highly unreliable without being glued to their hip 24/7. Many thin people eat huge caloric meals at Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/ but that's where it ends. They don't gain enough calories to break their BMR(basically the amount of calories needed for your body to run at bare minimum) so they stay the same weight. I used to be one of those thin guys who thought I could eat whatever I wanted without gaining any weight. I used to believe in the genetic thing, but then I started learning about nutrition and started tracking my calories and macronutrients and started to gain weight and muscle. I know many others who have done the same and have the same story. There's a chance that your friend has a metabolic disorder, but honestly, unless your only aspiration is to be thin then I wouldn't want a metabolism that worked like that because it would affect your ability to gain muscle mass too.

And for your time constraints, I completely understand and I'm not going to presume like some jerk that I know how much time you do and don't have. However if cleaning up your nutrition habits can help with one part for now until you have time to address exercise in a way you find satisfactory, I think that's a much better step than being stressed out over how it's not been working out for you.

And you know what? You're right. At first many people do feel hungry and groggy when they start subtracting their calories but do you know what else happens? Their metabolism changes because their current weight has dropped. Now they need fewer calories than before to maintain their body and they don't feel as hungry anymore. You already feel the ill effects of putting on the weight, but the ill effects of initially losing weight are far more temporary and will make you feel better in the long run both mentally and physically.

And there's a way around this too. Using Astro's example of subtracting 500 calories from 3500 calories, I consider this a pretty steep method of cutting bodyweight. That's easily one fast food burger, and to some people cutting out calories of that size sounds really daunting and it might be too big of a number to make them not relapse. My advice to people who work out is to only drop 200-250 calories at a time to maintain strength for example, but you could even just drop 50 calories a week until you get to that number so it's more manageable and you don't feel it as much. And once you stop losing weight off of that for a month or so, start dropping again until you reach a weight you are happy with and just maintain the calories.

I don't know exactly where your starting point is, but if you just did that for 6 months I guarantee you would see a drastic change.

We can change so much of our reality with the power of our mind, yes, but if you've been unable to just do it with your mind alone then why not bring action into this? LOA is not divorced from action, action is still as much of a miraculous manifestation as a wizard waving his wand. We are given manifestation through the path of least resistance, not the path of mental gymnastics. However that manifests is up to whatever the universe thinks is best for us.

Here's a thought: When you eat, do you always do so because you're genuinely hungry? 

Dehydration can feel like hunger. What if, instead of snacking between meals, you drank a big glass of water? Not coffee, not caffeinated soda--caffeine's a diuretic, and will contribute to dehydration. Not juice, or sweetened beverages--you don't need the extra calories or the insulin spike from all that sugar. Just water. You are pretty active, given your description of your day, and maybe you're not staying hydrated enough, and mistaking mild dehydration for hunger cues.

And the bigger you are, the more water you need. I can't help but think of some extremely obese people I know who literally will not drink water because they can't stand to drink anything that hasn't been heavily flavored, so they down sweetened and caffeinated beverages all day. Then they snack all the time, because they keep feeling hungry. They've all got other issues, too, but constantly eating in response to dehydration cues that feel like hunger is one of them. 

Also, boredom, anxiety, sadness, and other unpleasant feelings can also make you feel munchy, because your brain is looking for some relief, and the dopamine rush that comes from eating something tasty is an easy way to get that relief. And certain foods, with the right combinations of sugar, salt, and fat, trigger bigger dopamine rushes than, say, broccoli, and thus we crave them--they are "high reward." They are literally "comfort foods." That's why the type of dish known as "funeral potatoes" exists, lol. (And food manufacturers know this, and engineer foods to be "craveable," so you will eat more and keep coming back to buy them again, but I digress.) 

None of this is happening at a conscious level of awareness, but by being aware that this happens, and asking yourself, "Am I really hungry, or am I just bored/tired/sad/frustrated/anxious?" you can circumvent the impulse to eat, replacing it with something that will do you more good--such as a short burst of intense exercise, which releases the same endorphins, increases oxygenation, and gives you a boost of energy.

I worked as a freelance writer and editor for years, which is a real sit-on-your-ass job, and had its moments of boredom and frustration. I gained a lot of weight in the first year of doing it, due to excessive snacking. Once I understood what I was doing, I started using brief bursts of exercise to shake myself out of the doldrums: doing jumping jacks for a couple of minutes or jogging in place next to my desk, or even stepping outside to sprint to the end of the block and back was enough. And I'm not a jock by any means; I've never had a gym membership in my life. 

Weight loss and maintenance is at least 80% due to what you put in your mouth, and how much--I would argue that it's even more than that. There are lots of fat people at the gym, doing lots of cardio, wondering why it's not working. You can't outrun your diet--if you're still eating too much, you're still going to get (and stay) fat. 

When it comes to weight, I find it really, really helpful to leave it alone. Think about the weight you want to be, then drop it. Don't constantly check your weight or stare at your progress in the mirror. Just focus on your health. When you eat, choose food that makes you feel good and healthy. Whether or not they admit it, a lot of people associate their perfect body with health.

I've also read stories about people losing weight, and the thing I've found in common with all of them is that they forgot about it. More than delving into why you're not losing weight, just keep busy. It worked terrifically for me when I was in high school. I was so consumed with other activities, I dropped weight like it was nothing; I can't attribute it to metabolism because before then I could not lose an ounce. It might be action to you, but it's actually just shifting from the mindset of you wanting to lose weight to you being in the body you want to be -- and at the end of the day, that's what works.

This is kind of off topic, but as always there are a multitude of experiences.   A friend of mine is a 'big' girl.  She had troubles fitting in the airplane seat.

She defies pretty much every stereotype of what many consider the life of a 'fat' person to be.  She is super happy, has a beautiful family, healthy, active, successful, good personality, confident and has more friends than anybody I know.

How you see yourself is radically important.

Hello AB,

Here's the thing to remember. Everything that you are experiencing in your life is there because of LoA. It may be things you like and work for you and it may not be. That doesn't matter to the energy that is constantly attracting to you what you're allowing. Change what you're allowing and you'll get different results. =)

Deep Peace

Ross - Tolemac

Conscious Energy Healing

Conscious Energy Meditation

Thanks for advice, it really is encouraging. As for absorbing info without having to study, well, I changed my mind about that, it still fits my desires, but it's kinda more realistic. You see, I'm falling behind my generation for 3 years. People my age are 4th year students right now and I'm 1st year. That is why I originally wanted to learn faster, so I could catch up with them and finish my studies as if I started my med school at the right time. So, since it's hard to believe that I can just absorb stuff without any effort, I came up with something else. What if I asked the Universe for a little push, so I finish my studies faster. That should be fair enough. I want to work, I want to learn, but instead of 6, I want to finish my studies in 2 years. I have the same attitude towards specializing, the sooner, the better. A lot of spiritual teachers say that time is just an illusion and that the Universe doesn't know difference between big or small and that it loves speed, so, that's how I got the idea. I also heard of people finishing college in 2 years, there's a politician from my country that done his doctorate by the age of 22, which is my age at the moment, and so did Lenin. Of course, it's not just about graduating, my goal is to have real knowledge, good and big enough to have top grades and be a brilliant doctor, but I'm also willing to work for it. It would be perfect if I managed to have that and have free time, that would be awesome. I was thinking about opening a thread about it, but since you mentioned it, I said it here, it's not that I want it to just fall in my lap out of nowhere, I'll work for it, I just want it to come faster than it usually does.

Once again, thanks for the advice, best of luck, happy manifesting :)


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