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My best friend is a master manifester. Seriously. She should be teaching it on tv. I ask her and she helps me, I've had some success, but I'm not a natural "visualizer" like she is. I'm more of a writer. Couple that with having experienced depression for most of my life (not anymore,) and a difficult upbringing, how does one learn the skills to manifest properly. I know it's a long process, and as I said, I've had some success when I write things down - maybe doing the vision boards will help.

Just wanted to know if anyone experiences the same thing and what they do about it. :)


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I'm sorry - slipping into meaningless jargon! If we assume that everything vibrates at a particular frequency, and the LoA says that we attract stuff that vibrates at the same frequency we are vibrating at, then we want to vibrate at the frequency of high, light good stuff. We can adjust our vibrational frequency, and our 'point of attraction' by focusing on and thinking about things that vibrate at that frequency - if we think about things that make us feel joy then we attract things \ experiences that make us feel joy.

So, to come back to the writing, if you use your writing talent to create affirmations that make your spirit soar you achieve the same vibrational (and emotional) effect that your friend does by using visualizations. If you are trying to manifest specifics, use your writing to describe these, enhance the details and colour in the same way another might use visualization. Then you can go back to your writing whenever you like to reinforce your 'visualization' and refocus your vibration.

I hope this makes more sense, but just shout if I should clarify.
AHA! Yes, I see what you mean. It makes great sense, so thank you for replying.
Haha! u dont know how well u visualize. Well do this test below and u would know how good u already are. Remember u r NOT learning to visualize. U ALREADY are a perfect visualizer. Let's do ur visualization test.
See in ur mind what u SEE when u read these below
Best Friend

See u saw pictures in ur mind right. Ur visualization is perfect already. Now simply do this below in ur mind.

Think of a Red Dot. Look at in detail. Notice the fine details on the red dot. The roundness, the thickness. How does it feel when u hold it. Its spongeness. The grains on its texture. Look deeply into the ball, its red color. Get fine details of the ball like u seeing it for the 1st time. Go deeper, see deeper, see things in the ball u never seen before.

Well u already doing gr8 with visualziation.

Now as an advanced exercise do this.

Mentally color of the red ball to blue. Do xactly the same as above.
As more advanced exercise.
Imagine how ur best friend would react when she sees the ball. Notice her expressions. Notice how she holds the ball.

U r perfect in ur visualization already. Ur mind is like a super charged battery. Those who know it use powerfully. U know it now so use. U r perfect this moment, a perfect being and this universe has been created just for u, to give u whatever u want.
That's an amazing post. Learning Soul!! I'm going to keep it for reference everyday. Thank you so much for posting. I was doing the list and at first it was superficial, I'd go onto the next one in the list, (I have a very short attention span) but I stuck at it and it worked. I still did notice that I saw words or analyzed in my mind first, not really conjured pictures, but I can see how a little bit really helps. I'll do more. Thank you so so much!!
U r welcome Szangel.
Word work magically. Each word creates a picture.


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