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We all know that one explanation for love, or rather lust, is nature's mechanism to sustain humanity. We are attracted to the opposite sex so that we can reproduce and our genes will live on. That is the physical aspect.

However, why do humans stay together and love each other for decades, perhaps even a century, after getting married? What is the point of marriage, anyway?

What nature needs is just the reproduction of humans, it doesn't need the marriage that connects two people for life. So what role does love play? What makes a person love another person for a lifetime? What keeps this love going?

When we first meet a potential partner, we are attracted by their looks. But what's important is the deeper connection between two humans. Perhaps after some interaction and hanging out, we become attracted to their personality. This is when the connection between two people's essences comes kicking in.
Is it the connection between the two peoples' essences that helps the two love each other for life?

What is love? Is it just something that helps us sustain our genes or is it something that supports us in our search for the meaning of life?

love (the physical aspect of it) is probably THE most significant player in the evolution of life, but with love also comes the deeper connection, or the essence. So what is this essence doing there in midst of the evolution of life? What is it's role?

On a side note: does the love that people experience during their lifetimes, if we reach the conclusion that it IS composed of essence, reach into the afterlife? Is the afterlife made up of essence, if there is one? Do our personalities survive into the afterlife?

Oh last but not least, could someone connect love with the secret more deeply than the book?

Thanks for reading this, everyone! i really appreciate it :)

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L'amour est transparencec'est la puissance de l'un qui provoque la puissance de l'autre, c'est vouloir plonger pour pouvoir ensuite s'envoler. Sylvie Sicotte
"Love is transparency, it's the power of one that provokes the power of the other, it's to want to dive in order to fly then."

L'immagine può contenere: testo

An Amazing example of love, healing together & learning from one another:


Where there is love, do what you will, it will be right action. It will never bring conflict to one's life. In the flame of love, all fear is consumed ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti


L'immagine può contenere: testo

Fantastic quote


    ISness .... Indivisibility

Wait...some of us are NOT attracted to the opposite sex but to the same sex or to nobody or to BOTH sexes (yes and some to any sex/gender)

So IMHO it's wider than that.  Much wider than reproduction, which doesn't happen with every couple anyway, most but not all.

OOH love has many reasons.  

OK recently, it wasn't exactly relationships as such?  But two men have positively influenced my life.  It started with ooh he's cute and he thinks I am!  and there being a connection.  In both cases it started that way.  But...even though it hasn't become a relationship? In both cases it's been a very positive influence!

One was a very calming and lightening up influence in my life for a time when I felt at times like I was going out of my mind with worry.  He cheered me up so much, helped me put things in perspective.  Yes, when he left I had to learn to do that more for myself.

The next one, well, he's helped me get over some trauma.  He doesn't KNOW about this trauma or some fears I had.  But he's helped me heal a lot from them, without even KNOWING he's DOING that.  To face my fears, like some kind of exposure therapy, but also with some of them, show me that they are actually not that bad and I COULD survive them.  Then helping me not to need to.  Helped me trust have to really REALLY trust someone.  A LOT.  And not have that trust taken away from me.  I feel like maybe MAYBE that trust that being more vulnerable will help me when I DO get into a relationship.  Helped me also in an area of life I have struggled with for several years.

SO this is my very long winded example-given way of saying, love can also bring a lot of growth too.  Personal growth.  Profound growth even.  I'm not saying solitude and other kinds of love can't bring growth too, because of COURSE they can!  But that's one beautiful way growth and positive change can come, through love. 


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