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Guys as the title says...
I wanna know what is the difference between desire and will...?
If you can give examples too than it will be great...
Sorry if its a silly question or everybody knows the difference besides me...

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Hi Light,


for me my "will" is what I am wanting to happen in my life on a thoughts level.  It is about my freedom to think up anything I want to happen.  My 'desire" is my 'feelings' about it. Whether I really really really want it or how it makes me feel when I think about it.  When I add my thoughts and my 'feelings', then something will manifest.


So when I am thinking about a 'holiday' I am using my will, both as a wish or an imaginative tool to conjure up a picture of a holiday I would like and I am using my will as my freedom or choice to make that happen.  Then when I allow myself to really 'feel' happy about that choice, I am adding fuel to it and so allowing it to manifest.


Likewise if I am thinking about a 'war" I heard on the news, my free 'will' allows me to ponder on it and to go down the route of making judgements about who I think is right or wrong ....and if I allow the thoughts to last long enough I will start to "Feel" emotions like anger or frustration and then I know that I am in the process of manifesting more bad news or manifesting some involvement in this war or other wars, prejudices or fears.


My WILL always gives me choices on what I think about or concentrate on and whether they are positive or negative, helpful to me or not and my FEELINGS ( could be disgust or could be "Desire" tell me that I am now manifesting them into existence.


Does that help ?


love and light Gen

It a perfect question... it's when we can get these two to line up that we really start to see our desires manifest.


It's really about closing the gap between our desire and our will that brings our desire to us.


For instance, you may have the thought:


I desire a million dollars...


followed immediately with the thought:


but it will never happen to me!


You've expressed a desire and immediately willed it away.

It happens in our minds so quickly, that without being deliberate in our thoughts, we may not even be aware that we are doing so.


In fact... I'd go so far as to say a declaration of our desire, whatever it may be, is always followed, whether spoken or not, with a declaration of our will to allow that desire.


And understand, we play it a bit tricky... but the Universe is never fooled. Our words may say one thing... but our vibrational asking (which is what the Universe is responding to) may be so focused on the absence of our desire, or the unlikeliness of our desire that it doesn't manifest for us. That's because we WILL not allow it until our focus is predominantly on the certainty of having it.


So know... your desire is one thing... and always, in ALL WAYS... thy will be done!

Thanks guys....It makes easier to understand when everybody explains in their own style...:D
the explanation i thought was that...
desire is what we really want...
And will is when we want to get it...And ready to take steps or has taken steps for it...
But i think will is a bit different from my explanation....

Desire = What you 'desire' to manifest (ie. have in your life) 


Will = Your willingness and willpower to take the necessary action to achieve those desires (in the context of connecting it with desire) 


There are other important ingredients to the recipe too however ... 


With Love & Gratitude,

--Sean Patrick Simpson


Now one more question...
Which one is in the right order...?
1.) Desire-> thought -> will
2.)desire-> will-> thought


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