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While I was in bed, I decided to do a quick, five minute meditation that I have on my ipod. When I woke up from the meditation, I felt like this static electricity in me and all I could see was electricity in form or purple lightning bolts. What does it mean?

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Good question, as this has never happened to me in my meditations! Did it feel good? If so I wouldnt' worry too much. However, I think Tolemac (fellow PI member) would be able to answer this one better than I could. I'll PM him and ask him to reply if he could.

I've only seen something similar to this when I went to see a teacher named, Tilak. It seems slightly different from his experiences. I know Marcy followed Tilak for a while, and my best friend is a student of his. I will ask her if anyone experiences this and what it may mean.

But like Jason mentioned, if it feels good..... just go with it.

I've not heard of that either. I guess it could also depend on what meditation you were doing it. Is there a link to it so we could see if it's an unusual meditation?
Not very much the same, but when I meditate I often get a strange kind of staticy feeling where my third eye would be, and occasionally see a moving purple tunnel. I dunno what it means, really, but it`s not unpleasant for me so I`ve never put too much thought into it. I find it a really neat sensation, actually. I`m curious to hear about what`s up with your experience thoughhh if anyone knows.
I've heard Tolemac tell people it might have to do with grounding.

Yep, he'd be a good one to ask. I don't do this stuff. I have enough weird electrical activity going on in my already-crazy-brain; I don't need to add lightning bolts! LOL!

Or had your iPod fallen into some water?
Hello haunt me,

I'd like to get more information from you if you're comfortable doing that. Firstly, what was the meditation you were listening to and how long were you "out" after the meditation finished? How long have you been meditating in general and how long have you been using this particular guided meditation? How long did the symptoms of feeling static and seeing purple last?

Indeed, feelings of static electricity in the body are typically signs of not being grounded. It can also be brought on by your body trying to release stuck energy, and not knowing how to do that. Have you been working on releasing stuck emotions and/or old patterns in your life?

Purple is a very high vibrational color, usually associated with clairvoyance, psychic ability and the higher vibrational realms. Your physical eyes see into different spectrum's when you meditate and lower your brainwave frequency. One of the goals of certain meditations is to be able to have your brain frequency at the Theta level and be able to have your eyes open as well. That's when you can really see someone else's aura, and etheric energy around them, and "see" into different layers of the "reality" around us.

This is as much as I can give you with the information you've provided at the moment. If you can answer my questions, then I can get deeper into the possible cause and pin it down more. In the mean time, I do indeed, as Hooked on Sparkles said, I recommend that you follow my grounding techniques to help relieve the static feeling. =)

Deep Peace,

Ross - Tolemac
This was the precise meditation I used: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJhLCj1f4fE&feature=SeriesPlayLi.... I guess I must have been out for a few minutes. I only forced myself out to turn on my NAP and then I fell asleep. I might add that I had the deepest sleep ever. I haven't been meditating very long. In fact, I don't think I am very good at it or, at least, I don't think I have been doing it right. The feelings lasted for about four or five minutes. They started occurring during the meditation.

I guess I have been trying to get rid of certain emotions regarding my physical appearance and such. I'm trying to use the subconscious power, you see, to change the way I look.
Ok I checked out the meditation, and there's nothing in it that would inherently cause this particular reaction, so let's look at what you are wanting to change in your life. You said you are wanting to change your appearance. This type of affirmation sets up lots of emotion and energy in your body. First off, let me say that any decent meditation is going to begin to activate your body's natural energy flow, yet that rarely presents itself as you described it. Typically, you feel the energy, but not as static. It usually feels like either a warmth or a flow that is going through your energy channels.

When you add deep emotional feeling to this, it can definitely feel staticy at first. The combination of getting your energy moving in this way and the emotional impact of wanting to change your body can produce this feeling as your body is trying to sort out what the heck is going on. Along with the grounding that I recommended in my first post, I'd also suggest some form of counseling or therapy to address the emotional component you are going through in wanting to change your body. This will decrease the static feeling tremendously.

In your third post, you say that you felt a similar feeling again after another meditation, but that this time, your arms and hands felt heavy. This is a more normal feeling, as you are entering into a very deep state of relaxation, typically a high Delta brainwave (Delta is the brainwave state we are in when we sleep) or a low Theta brainwave pattern. With your arms and feet feeling like they were asleep right after the meditation, again, that is fairly normal for someone just getting into meditation, and finding themselves in these deep states. Once you and your body begin to get used to meditating on a regular basis, those feelings will subside.

All in all, I see nothing in what you have posted that would cause me any concern, so unless something else comes up (always a possibility, especially when dealing with our emotions) I would simply allow the body feelings to come up, acknowledge what is happening, and ground out any excess energy. Please do keep us updated on your progress. =)

Deep Peace,

Ross - Tolemac
Now, in regards to your second paragraph, what kind of therapy? I hope you don't mean psychiatric therapy...oh God! Where would I even find the type of therapy you are suggesting?

I'm trying to do the meditation everyday. I don't know if you remember, but in the meditation, there is a part where we are supposed to feel our energy go from our feet, to our face, and feel it surging out of our heads. I felt something almost shooting out of my head over and over. After a while...well, I don't want to say it hurt, but it began to feel uncomfortable. When I woke up from the meditation, I felt really good though and peaceful and joyful.
Also, this is kind of a stupid question, but even though the meditation says to sit down, is it okay if I am laying down while I do it? I find it more comfortable.
See if it happens again.


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